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Near Death Experience

Well, that was... exciting. Confronted a Colbran and was really not ready for it, even tho I'm wielding Careth Asdriag. I left my rLightning ring at home cause there'd been so little if any lightning hazards up till now and I prefer cycling between ring of resist fire, poison and permanently wearing FrAct. So I quickly gobble through my critical potions (I stupidly entered level 28 with 1/3 of my full health). After all my critical health potions were used up, I was in a pickle. I try to phase door out of the situation a few times but it's just bopping me around the room and I don't have enough mana for portal. Quickly my health is down into the 80s again and Colbran is bolting me with lightning like nobody's business. My last phase door places me right next to the Colbran as well as Shagrat the orc captain!

There comes the low hitpoint warning and still the lightning bolts come. When the Colbran and orc captain are done with their business, I have 0 health. That's not too good. In all of this my mana has recovered slightly to 7. I think awhile what to do. I could heal myself light wounds but it wouldn't restore enough hitpoints to survive the next round. I consider force quitting the program and loading my last save but the last save was kind of a while ago and so I rather decide to see if somehow (how, tho?) I can get out of the situation... ...alive.... I decide the only viable option is to try portal. I have a 10% chance of failure normally, and who knows what it is when trying without all the mana required (I have 7 mana, and need 8). It works! I am still alive, but I faint from the effort as well as damage my health (and not die?), and am in a room full of amber colored p's and Algaroths.

Again I contemplate what I can do now. I could try to tip toe out of there, but would probably wake one of the soldiers. I think if I have any rings or other equipment that might improve my stealth (I often pick up and hold onto rings of the mouse since they can sell for a lot) but I don't have any now. Yes! Now is the time to phase door. It's unlikely I will phase door somewhere in the midst of those ugly trolls. Hopefully I will finally be placed in a place of safety.

Yes! Finally I am out of immediate danger! I quaff a potion of speed and read a scroll of recall and move very slowly up the passageway. I see no one so I search the wall to boost my health and mana a bit. I use up my 2 mana to heal light wounds and get my health up to 55hp. Then I am confused! (46hp) An imp has approached me. I zap my rod of curing but it fails.. and fails... I fire one of my excellent arrows of flame at the imp and it retreats, I chase after it to slay the bastard and zap my rod again, and it fails, and then I feel myself being yanked upward! still confused, but having miraculously survived.

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Nice story - thanks for that!

Damaging health is regarding con statdrain rather than HP IIRC.
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Okay, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Just died on dl32. Killed again by a Trapper.
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Stories like that are what make this game great. I've had dozens of those experiences and about 95% of them end up in death, so surviving is really sweet.

Thanks for taking the time to post it.
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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