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Originally Posted by Monkey Face View Post
What about keeping the scores based on experience but adding a penalty for dying and an extra reward for winning, so most of the time, winning scores will beat losing scores.
That still means that the winner who grinds or milks their results is going to score higher than the one who doesn't. Is that really what anyone wants? At least, the reward for winning should be higher the faster you achieve it, or there should be some other factor to compensate for just pointlessly increasing your score.
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The higher the score, the more grinding. So for a winning game, score is backwards as a measure of performance (Winning underlevelled is a better display of skill).

worst        lowest losing score
  .                  .
  .                  .
  .                  .
  .          highest losing score
  .          highest winning score
  .                  .
  .                  .
  .                  .
best         lowest winning score
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So after a certain point, additional Strength is meaningless for carrying purposes?

I'm 34.1 lbs overweight both at 18:110 and while wearing a RoS +5 (18:160). No changes in Speed either.
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