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Quick question about autodestroying in Zangband

So I'm playing ZangbandTK and have enabled autodestroying of known worthless items. Now I'm running a Vampire and would not like the Scrolls of Darkness to be automatically destroyed on pickup. Can I somehow make an exception for just the Scroll of Darkness, or do I have to turn off autodestroying completely?

I tried googling but left unsatisfied, I'd appreciate any help!
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Do you happen to have a copy of Heng/Entro/Cheng/PosChengband? They use the same autodestroyer, and the default has exception like that (such as collecting spikes only for the ninja), so you could try copying that.
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I found the autopick.txt (and the pickpref.prf file in there) after downloading PosChengband but I'm not sure how to use it with Zangband. Copying it to lib\user did nothing for me. I'm not really familiar with how the bands are built so maybe I'm missing something. I just like playing them so far
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If it works like poscheng, I think just writing "scroll of darkness" is enough to make it stop autodestroying those. 'collecting scroll' will also make it autopickup any scroll when at least one of its type is in your inventory.
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I tried copying the pickpref.prf from PosChengband exactly as it is and appending both 'scroll of darkness' and 'collecting scroll' to it but to no avail.

The ZangbandTK I run is not the latest version of Zangband, so maybe it just doesn't work with the one I have (2.4.0r6)? It's a minor issue so it doesn't really bother me if I can't get it to work.

EDIT: I tried it ingame now as well, using the "Enter a user pref command" command (it's what it's called in the help files) but it doesn't seem to do anything.

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