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Perhaps instead of new abilities leave them to the current values but chain them for more versatility- make them more enticing for 2hndrs. Amend Charge to give +5 str and dex for 2hnd weapons and +3 for everything else. For Momentum keep it as it is for 1 or hand and a half weapons but instead of the .5lb/str buff for a 2hnd make it a constant +2/3 str and dex bonus. Or do something like that with power so that there is a more definitive split between the pros and cons of Power vs Finesse. This would make choosing heavier weapons more viable. 3/4 native str + 5 (charge)+2/3 (Momentum) is already 10-12 more damage. (3d17) for greatswords. (2d21 polearm) and (4d16) not including if you buff Power for 2hnd or the +2/3 str you get from rings/ gloves. This should split the crit vs damage argument.

Last edited by Shadowfire; June 24, 2016 at 01:40. Reason: Edit- Not sure if Sil.1.3 already tended to the issue
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