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Development version of PWMAngband 1.1.12 released for testing

This version will port the features from the vanilla Angband 4.1 series. Here's the list of changes that have been implemented up to now:

User interface

Angband 4.1.x:

- Add ?? inscription for unknown runes
- Improve player screen object property grid
- Add rune knowledge screen
- Give messages on learning jewelry and ego types
- Remove trap detect edge
- Add shimmer to shimmering monsters
- Add flicker to blink dogs, phase spiders

MAngband 1.2:

- Add Walls of the World messages
- Add "-v" version output to server


- Remove a few obsolete hints
- Display real damage dice/base armor class if known, otherwise display
damage dice/base armor class from object kind
- Display header in red on the player screen object property grid for
- Add an extra panel for ESP flags on the player screen object property grid
(press 'm' to switch between skills/history, equipment flags and ESP flags)
- Dungeon Master Menu: add a debug command allowing creation of traps

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.1.x:

- Don't notice brands on wield (only notice when hitting a monster susceptible
to the brand)
- Transfer object knowledge on walkover
- Don't learn the flavor of jewelry with obvious properties until all of them
are learned
- Remove IDENTIFY activation
- Remove staves and rods of Identify, scrolls of Identify still exist but are
not sold in the Alchemy Shop anymore
- Remove IDENTIFY_PACK effect (from potions of *Enlightenment*)
- Remove pseudo-id (PWMAngband: remove PSEUDO_ID_IMPROV, make pseudo-id
automatic and immediate on walkover, keep feeling message but remove
feeling inscriptions, simplify quality ignoring)
- Temporarily swap all stats around when hit by nexus in addition to teleporting
- Make dice and ac (runes) known at birth
- Make IDENTIFY effect (scroll + spell) identify an unknown rune on an item
- ID flavored consumables on first use
- Make basic lights and diggers have innate not magical properties
- Make *Slay*s have a random power or base resist
- Learn sustains if their item also boosts the stat
- Identify obvious effects on abort (IDENTIFY, RECHARGE...)
- Make devices that affect monsters require a target to ID
- Make standard body armor to-hit penalties not part of the to-hit rune
- Make searching foolproof, remove search command and searching status
(PWMAngband: 'Toggle search mode' becomes 'Toggle stealth mode' for Rogues)
- Remove searching and search frequency skills
- Introduce trapsafe status and trap disabling, change trap destruction spells
- Secret doors only inside rooms
- Only set traps in corridors, replace some tunnel junction doors with traps
- Make door detection miss secret doors, generate many fewer secret doors
- Nomad's new template rooms with placed traps
- Split disarm skill to physical and magical
- Add new traps, improving effects where necessary
- Add rubble fall effect
- Allow summon effect to have an added out of depth element
- Change pit behaviour
- Make chests rarer and more valuable
- Add DRAIN_LIGHT effect
- Remove SEARCH modifier
- New curses: defined by power (0 = easily breakable, 100 = permanent),
to_a/to_h/to_d values, object flags/modifiers/elements, effect, tval
- New curse system: implement curses as runes, update object info and
description, restore curse removal, allow branding of cursed items, know
curses on wield (instead of pickup), turn cursed egos into curses, replace
OF_TELEPORT with OF_NO_TELEPORT, redo teleportation jewelry as cursed


- Port and adapt object knowledge from Angband: transfer player knowledge
(automatically notice damage dice and base armor class), set ego type if
known, notice artifacts, apply auto-id, "assess" objects, ignore items
eligible for ignoring
- Replace activation on Eriril by DETECT_TREASURE
- Remove Greater Identify and Knowledge Explosion spells
- Sorcerors learn the Telepathy spell at level 34 (instead of 36)
- Remove scrolls of *Identify*
- Prevent probability travel on grids with items
- Prevent earthquakes placing players and monsters on grids with items
- Rename Identify spell back to Perception for Priests and Paladins
- Give Dungeon Master full knowledge of runes
- Scale physical and magical disarm skill with racial DEX/INT
- Increase digging repeat count from 10 to 20
- Assess jewelry on walkover

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.1.x:

- Make dwarf gold detection more update-efficient
- Fix 'dependant' typo


- Learn the ego when branding an item, not the brand itself
- Display temporary effect (resistance, ESP) with a light green '!' on the
player screen object property grid instead of using the green header which is
reserved for immunity
- Fix typo that prevented displaying temporary resistance to cold on the player
screen object property grid (temporary resistance to fire was displayed twice)
- Make sure the object still exists when ignoring an object from the ignore menu
to avoid crashing the client (corpses may have decomposed, ...)
- Display "It can be aimed" for all unaware rods
- Update quiver count when dropping a partial stack of missiles
- Don't draw breath effect over the breather
- Fix "resist acid" element/rune learned when hit by a Darkness spell
- Take a turn if device/spell failed due to antimagic field
- Fix incorrect frequency for immunities leading to them appearing too often on

Coding changes

Angband 4.1.x:

- Rename obj-identify module to obj-knowledge
- Add rune module
- Handle non-magical object properties with flags
- Warning cleanup
- Remove special trap effects, make traps use other effects
- Add DUNGEON_LEVEL to effect expressions
- Renumber trap.txt
- Split aggravate effect into wake and haste
- Rewrite drop_near()
- Nuke forget_view and PU_FORGET_VIEW
- Remove unnecessary screen updates in detection effects

MAngband 1.2:

- Improve console command handling


- Remove OF_ESP_POWER (use ESP flags directly)


Angband 4.1.x:

- Fixed spelling errors in help
- Document trap.txt


- Update help files

Files updated: binaries and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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