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It would be nice to finally get an English translation... I'd love to try and continue with Hengband, but alas it's broken in terms of Mountain Lion and above so I'm stuck using Windows when I can be bothered to fire up the Netbook.
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The instructions in readme_eng.txt say to compile from the source with Borland (BCC), using makefile.bcc .. and to just uncomment 'ANGBAND_RC = ang_eng.rc' .. to recompile for English.

I downloaded the free Borland C++ 5.5, and tried to make, but only got many errors.

Fatal: 'artifact.obj' does not exist - don't know how to make it.
the result from:
make -f c:\Borland\BCC55\Bin\new2\hengband=9bcb54f\src\mak efile.bcc hengband.exe
Any ideas?

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Originally Posted by Calandor View Post
Any ideas?
I compile ver2.1.5 with cygwin today,but something is deleted,so it may be broken.

just modify the makefile.std
SRCS = \
	z-util.c z-virt.c z-form.c z-rand.c z-term.c \
	variable.c tables.c util.c cave.c \
	object1.c object2.c monster1.c monster2.c \
	xtra1.c xtra2.c spells1.c spells2.c \
	melee1.c melee2.c save.c files.c floors.c \
	cmd1.c cmd2.c cmd3.c cmd4.c cmd5.c cmd6.c \
	do-spell.c store.c birth.c load.c \
	wizard1.c wizard2.c grid.c streams.c rooms.c \
	generate.c dungeon.c init1.c init2.c \
	effects.c racial.c inet.c report.c snipe.c hex.c \
	artifact.c autopick.c mutation.c flavor.c spells3.c \
	mspells1.c mspells2.c scores.c mind.c mane.c hissatsu.c \
	bldg.c obj_kind.c wild.c avatar.c mspells3.c mspells4.c \
	readdib.c japanese.c main-win.c main-xaw.c main.c chuukei.c

OBJS = \
	angband.res \
	z-util.o z-virt.o z-form.o z-rand.o z-term.o \
	variable.o tables.o util.o cave.o \
	object1.o object2.o monster1.o monster2.o \
	xtra1.o xtra2.o spells1.o spells2.o \
	melee1.o melee2.o save.o files.o floors.o \
	cmd1.o cmd2.o cmd3.o cmd4.o cmd5.o cmd6.o \
	do-spell.o store.o birth.o load.o \
	wizard1.o wizard2.o grid.o streams.o rooms.o \
	generate.o dungeon.o init1.o init2.o \
	effects.o racial.o inet.o report.o snipe.o hex.o \
	artifact.o autopick.o mutation.o flavor.o spells3.o \
	mspells1.o mspells2.o scores.o mind.o mane.o hissatsu.o \
	bldg.o obj_kind.o wild.o avatar.o mspells3.o mspells4.o \
	readdib.o japanese.o main-win.o main-xaw.o main.o chuukei.o

CC = i686-w64-mingw32-gcc-4.9.2

CFLAGS = -Wall -O2 -fno-strength-reduce -DUSE_TRANSPARENCY -DWIN32 
LIBS = -s -mwindows -e _mainCRTStartup -lwinmm
CYGDIR	=	D:/cygwin
INCDIRS = -I$(CYGDIR)/usr/include

install: hengband
	cp hengband ..

WRES		=	windres
angband.res : angband.rc
	$(WRES) $< -O coff -o $@

hengband: $(OBJS)
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o hengband $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS) $(INCDIRS) $(LIBDIRS) $(LIBS)  -lws2_32

	-\rm -f *.bak *.o

	makedepend -D__MAKEDEPEND__ $(SRCS)

HDRS = \
	h-basic.h \
	h-define.h h-type.h h-system.h h-config.h

INCS = \
	angband.h \
	z-config.h defines.h types.h externs.h \
	z-term.h z-rand.h z-util.h z-virt.h z-form.h $(HDRS)

artifact.o: artifact.c $(INCS)
avatar.o: avatar.c $(INCS)
bldg.o: bldg.c $(INCS)
birth.o: birth.c $(INCS)
cave.o: cave.c $(INCS)
chuukei.o: chuukei.c $(INCS)
cmd1.o: cmd1.c $(INCS)
cmd2.o: cmd2.c $(INCS)
cmd3.o: cmd3.c $(INCS)
cmd4.o: cmd4.c $(INCS)
cmd5.o: cmd5.c $(INCS)
cmd6.o: cmd6.c $(INCS)
do-spell.o: do-spell.c $(INCS)
dungeon.o: dungeon.c $(INCS)
effects.o: effects.c $(INCS)
files.o: files.c $(INCS)
flavor.o: flavor.c $(INCS)
generate.o: generate.c $(INCS) generate.h grid.h rooms.h streams.h
grid.o: grid.c $(INCS) grid.h generate.h
rooms.o: rooms.c $(INCS) grid.h rooms.h generate.h
streams.o: streams.c $(INCS) grid.h generate.h
hissatsu.o: hissatsu.c $(INCS)
hex.o: hex.c $(INCS)
inet.o: inet.c $(INCS)
init1.o: init1.c $(INCS)
init2.o: init2.c $(INCS)
japanese.o: japanese.c $(INCS) 
load.o: load.c $(INCS)
readdib.o: readdib.c $(INCS)
main-gcu.o: main-gcu.c $(INCS)
main-win.o: main-win.c $(INCS)
main-xaw.o: main-xaw.c $(INCS)
main.o: main.c $(INCS)
mane.o: mane.c $(INCS)
melee1.o: melee1.c $(INCS)
melee2.o: melee2.c $(INCS)
mind.o: mind.c $(INCS) mindtips.h
monster1.o: monster1.c $(INCS)
monster2.o: monster2.c $(INCS)
mspells1.o: mspells1.c $(INCS)
mspells2.o: mspells2.c $(INCS)
mspells3.o: mspells3.c $(INCS)
mspells4.o: mspells4.c $(INCS)
mutation.o: mutation.c $(INCS)
object1.o: object1.c $(INCS)
object2.o: object2.c $(INCS) kajitips.h
obj_kind.o: obj_kind.c $(INCS)
racial.o: racial.c $(INCS)
report.o: report.c $(INCS)
scores.o: scores.c $(INCS)
save.o: save.c $(INCS)
snipe.o: snipe.c $(INCS)
spells1.o: spells1.c $(INCS)
spells2.o: spells2.c $(INCS)
spells3.o: spells3.c $(INCS)
store.o: store.c $(INCS)
tables.o: tables.c $(INCS)
util.o: util.c $(INCS)
variable.o: variable.c $(INCS)
wild.o: wild.c $(INCS)
wizard1.o: wizard1.c $(INCS)
wizard2.o: wizard2.c $(INCS)
xtra1.o: xtra1.c $(INCS)
xtra2.o: xtra2.c $(INCS)
z-form.o: z-form.c $(HDRS) z-form.h z-util.h z-virt.h
z-rand.o: z-rand.c $(HDRS) z-rand.h
z-term.o: z-term.c $(HDRS) z-term.h z-virt.h
z-util.o: z-util.c $(HDRS) z-util.h
z-virt.o: z-virt.c $(HDRS) z-virt.h z-util.h
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