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PWMAngband 1.4.0 released

For those unfamiliar with PWMAngband, it's a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.x with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions: new races, classes, monsters and items.

This release mainly ports the monster changes from Vanilla 4.2.x.

See for the downloads.

To play on a PWMAngband server or start your own server, download the binaries and unzip the files (client and server are both in the same zip file now). And enjoy!
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Here's the complete changelist since 1.3.0 (warning -- that's a lot to read!):

User interface

Angband 4.2.x:

- Add line for fragility in describe_curses()
- Some font improvements
- Take all rock colors down a shade
- Treasure in quartz as yellow
- Add some missing object descriptions
- Change stealing command to 's'
- Add option to play again on death
- Enlarge character resist display
- Add light level meter
- Adjust some player race heights
- Harmonise plurals of hydra
- Change order of messages when taking items off
- Add j/k keys for scrolling help text
- Grammatical and spelling fixes
- Arrange town shops along streets
- Light hidden squares in town
- Make sure every extra projection effect has a message
- Show plater grid trap or terrain on status line
- Add browsing of player abilities
- Add movement speed to status line
- Add menu for throwing items
- Adjust monster speed in lore
- Sort slays/brands by damage
- Give the teleportation curse a message
- Make winners appear first in hall of fame
- Add option to sort monsters by experience instead of depth in the monster list
- Allow alter command to close doors and open chests
- Only describe brands and slays that come from the object
- Don't automatically repeat the digging command if there's no chance to clear
the obstacle
- Use a white asterisk rather than an orange asterisk for detected gold lying
on the floor
- Add terrain configuration items to help phrase messages for looking/targeting


- Remove Shockbolt tileset
- Pressing another macro clears choice menu when a first macro lacks item
- Exclude cookies from ignoring setup
- New option: Use single items from floor instantly
- Remove prompt when taking single items from home
- Drop all items in a stack by default
- Add missing tiles, remap tileset
- Implement custom symbols for displaying towns on the world minimap
- Add option to disable the Enter menu
- Add option to hide terrain description on status line
- Normalize sounds and ensure they're at least 0.25s long
- Add custom door features to dungeon.txt
- Add custom permawall features, stairs and rubbles to dungeon.txt
- Add "!" option on character birth screen to show race/class stat gains and
- Display the cursor under the player on the minimap
- Add custom fountains to dungeon.txt
- Add "ascii_mon" option to display monsters using ASCII symbols instead
of tiles when using a tileset
- Add message when using chargeable items from the ground
- Add message for projected damage if show_damage option is set
- Add time limit of 7 days on Expensive Black Market orders
- Add preferred price info (BM price) when inspecting identified items
- Use "askprice" for worthless items when selling in player shops
- Add LEVEL_FEELINGS server option to hide or limit level feelings

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.2.x:

- Monsters can whip or spit on the player from nearby
- Monster groups act more as a group, with leaders and sometimes bodyguards
- Monster shapechanges
- Innate spells and cast spells have separate frequencies
- Tweak resist fraction and damage cap for high elements
- Add extra effects for some projection types
- Major overhaul of the monster list
- Deeper in the dungeon shallow monsters are less likely to appear
- Spiders can weave webs
- Monsters can teleport to the player
- Variable light and darkness are created by monsters, player gear and player
spells, and the player has a meter to measure the light level on their
- Monsters can have innate darkness around them
- Traps added that trigger on leaving their square
- Monster spells can have different levels depending on monster spell power
- Unify wounding spells
- Unify arrow spells, add shot and bolt spells
- Add shard balls
- Add SMASH_WALL, changes to SHATTER blow effect
- Nerf randarts
- Unnerf no_selling gold drops on early levels
- Adjust first cast experience for lots of spells
- New mode where all races gain experience at the same rate, except for
humans who are faster, and high-elves who are slower (PWMAngband: define
CLASSIC_EXP_FACTOR = false in mangband.cfg to activate this mode -- yeeks
are still faster and ents/thunderlords/dragons are still slower)
- The player now has a hunger meter, and food is more important
- Fancy lighting
- Replace Lose Memories
- Add throwing weapons
- Add extra moves and damage reduction
- Make _Starlight more useful, replace Door Destruction with Darkness
- Make timed healing fast metabolism, adjust nature spells
- Make stores always accept items with unknown runes in no-selling
- Make stealing a bit easier
- Add Mushrooms of Shadows
- Track number of thefts, reduce drops of uniques accordingly
- Replace Satisfy Hunger with Remove Hunger
- Add new foods
- Nerf rings of Escaping
- Make being teleported wake monsters
- Add trap immunity, move speed and damage reduction as possible randart
- Increase bigger weapon dice chance
- V-combat throwing
- Modify some artifacts
- Nerf Recharge effect
- Make stunning kill fastcast, tap devices stun
- Halve device damage boosts
- Give some monsters orb of draining
- Give Alchemist's gloves better armor
- Make items with random resists also ignore that element
- Allow player to be pushed into traps, webs or objects by earthquakes
- Nerf to Mana Channel
- Make Cover Tracks reduce monster hearing and sight as well as smell
- Major changes to blackguards
- Make birth_ai_learn learn from breath attacks
- Make birth_ai_learn on by default
- Make monsters at preferred range more likely to cast spells
- Changed to allow sense/detect objects to remove marks on the map for
locations detected as empty
- Major changes to blackguard
- Allow "=g<number>" inscription to limit the number of items automatically
picked up
- Adjust digestion rates, add mushrooms of Purging in the General Store
- Drop grid target after a monster vanishes from view
- Make more things wake monsters
- Enable turning labyrinths and moria levels off completely
- Make curse activation disturb the player
- Reduce food value of healing potions
- Use to-hit skill instead of player level in critical calculation
- Add 'line of sight' through rock, improve PASS_WALL monster behaviour near
permanent walls
- Use ARC for wands of Dragon's Breath etc, allowing device boost
- Drop the empty lantern after refueling if there's no room in the pack
- Allow confused monster to move into non-passable terrain (+ message)
- Allow monster to hit player/decoy standing in non-passable terrain
- Allow a monster's confusion to affect breath targeting
- Increase the damage on Dispel Evil and Undead
- Increase chest frequency
- Make healing potions that used to add to food cost food
- Stop trampling of uniques
- For spell decisions in mon-attack.c, use the decoy position, if it is present
- Set so smart monsters won't use TELE_SELF_TO when next to the target
- Turn fear into hold if a monster has nowhere to run
- Don't allow a monster to cast if the player cannot witness the attack


- Add a dummy golem in base town for target practice
- Make Fortune Cookies single items in stores
- New Hydra race
- Change vegetal monster base symbol to 'l', add 'l' monsters to the Old Forest
- Add aquatic monsters
- Nerf death wings/golems
- Remove Unlife pits
- Replace specific skeletons with general skeletons, rework Raise effect
- Allow more that 3 types of terrain for dungeons
- Make breathing consume food
- Wipe townies every dawn (for towns: only if the number of townies has reached
the max for that town)
- Decrease satiation in town areas if full
- Add NO_STAIRS flag on terrain to prevent generating stairs
- Allow multiple "force-locations" for monsters
- Remove mean-looking mercenaries and battle-scarred veterans from Hobbiton
- Add GOLD_DROP_VANILLA server option to manage gold drops on no_selling
- Add NO_GENERATION flag on terrain to prevent generating monsters/objects
and teleporting
- Add new DF_STREAMS flag to allow magma/quartz veins in dungeons
- Allow generic "#R" inscription on items and spellbooks to ask for recall depth
- Add 1-2 mushroom drop to Farmer Maggot
- Make DRAIN_EXP only drain experience when the player is not idle
- Rework FAST_THROW so it gives extra might instead of extra shots, give it to
dragons and hydras
- Give magic shots, rocks, shurikens and boomerangs the THROWING flag
- New dungeon: The Ettenmoors (home of trolls)
- Make TMD_BOWBRAND work on missiles only (both fired and thrown)
- Make class brands work on ranged attacks
- Rework magic mapping/enlightenment to take into account custom walls
- Make acquirement generate the item in the inventory (if pack is not full)
if the floor around the character isn't suitable for objects
- Remove speed penalty from being Full when calculating food digestion rate
to avoid double penalty
- Add custom number of stairs for dungeons
- Replace hardcoded QUIT_TIMEOUT with mangband.cfg server option
- Keep player active during disconnection timeout
- Don't wipe items on the surface at dawn if there are players on the level
- Allow "fire at nearest" command to throw missiles when no launcher is equipped
- Add HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE server option to limit the size of object piles in houses
- Make ego torches more common
- Remove 2x XBM price cap on items for sale in player shops
- Add store:home-inven-max in constants.txt to set home capacity on servers
with access to houses
- Add lab-depth parameter in constants.txt to set the depth where labyrinths
start to be generated unlit/unknown

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.2.x:

- Many fixes to bugs and memory leaks


- Add missing Shapechanger spells
- Make Dragons and Monks learn obvious object properties on carry
- Fix incorrect number of bytes read from Packet_scanf() calls
- Reimplement missing messages
- Remove missiles from the list of wieldable items
- Reimplement MSG_NOTICE for sensed objects
- Reimplement MSG_FLEE
- Fix townies being generated on FLOOR_SAFE terrain
- Fix creeping coins so they drop the same amount of money as the object
they're mimicking
- Fix space in race name preventing proper race preset to be displayed
- Fix floor not updated when the DM generates a randart from a floor item
- Use custom dungeon floors when destroying a door or digging a wall
- Fix crash in rd_objects_aux()
- Allow fuzzy kind searching to use exact name by prefixing the search with '#'
- Fix item combination not redrawing the floor
- Fix crash in rd_player_traps()
- Fix not automatically learning curses after using curse weapon/armor
- Fix pickup menu not properly allowing to pickup items one by one
- Prevent recalling on harmful terrain
- Use custom floor under a mimic when it is revealed or deleted
- Fix critical bug that made wraithed players totally invisible to monsters
- Fix ghostly powers for deceased warriors/unbelievers/monks
- Fix OPP_CONF timed effect not ending properly
- Fix ID-by-use not working on Identify scrolls
- Fix a mon->cdis instance used in MvM code instead of target_m_dis
- Fix water resistance not being able to be learned as a rune
- Fix broken ENLIGHTENMENT effect
- Fix level feeling squares not set for a player entering a level with another
player on it
- Add hack to try fixing keypresses not being processed in some cases

Coding changes

Angband 4.2.x:

- Tidying and documenting of monster allocation
- Remove TMD_CUT_ constants
- Expand properties line in object.txt to level, weight, cost
- Expand combat line in object.txt to attack and armor
- Simplify saved subwindow preferences
- Expand properties line in artifact.txt to level, weight, cost
- Expand combat line in artifact.txt to attack and armor
- Reorganise player-attack
- Simplify Term_fresh
- Replace hardcoded flicker table with one from a config file
- Implement color cycling
- Add player_property.txt
- Changed Term_resize() to handle all of the saved stack of terminals
- Redo chest traps, make chest_trap.txt
- Add check in parse_monster_spells() to ensure innate/spell frequency is set
if necessary
- Tidying up of projection effects
- Improve some information
- Changed message_color_define() so there's only one entry per message type for
the color
- Stack items when dropping
- Add whether a projection wakes a monster to struct projections
- Use SetWindowPlacement when re-opening the game in Windows
- Remove disturb() argument
- Tightened code for unique generation
- Small optimisation for resting
- Add sval validity check in parse_ego_item()
- Only forget floors when going dark in cave_illuminate()
- Add check for failed ego search in brand_object()
- Move describe_effect() code to effects-info.c
- Add handling for unrevealed mimics in push_object()
- Change names of BLOWS and MOVES modifiers


- Implement temporary monster flags (CAMOUFLAGE, AWARE, HANDLED)
- Un-hardcode hybrid monsters by adding a HYBRID flag
- Don't load features when getting a dump from server
- Un-hardcode admin equipment
- Un-hardcode barehanded attacks
- Change floor/wall/door/rule lines in dungeon.txt from a percentage chance to
a 1/10000 chance
- Split Send_play into multiple parts to avoid "Send_feat_struct_info write
error" when too many features
- Replace fake permawall terrain with SQUARE_FAKE flag
- Switch tval/sval pair from byte to u16b
- Don't close VERSION_BETA servers if an object cannot be placed, but just
discard the object
- Don't generate custom stores in the base town
- Put gold drop rates for no_selling servers into level_golds.txt
- Save player id counter + player names in a separate file
- Check saved password vs provided password when loading player savefile
- Remove duplicates from the player name database when loading player names
- Use new player id if player id already exists in the player name database
when player logs in
- Move decrease_timeouts() before process_pending_commands() to make effects
last the proper amount of turns


- Restore UNIX support
- Add README file
- Update help
- Improve datafile documentation
- Upgrade FREETYPE to version 2.10.2
- Upgrade PYTHON to version 2.7.18
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New PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 2 relased!

Quick fix for some pathing error + convenience features.

List of changes:

- Fix makefile.bcc (missing effects-info file)
- Allow shimmering of multi-hued monsters when using a tileset with "ASCII monsters" option active
- Fix monsters not able to path around damaging terrain
- Change hint when choosing sex during birth phase to something more meaningful
- Don't apply disturb_icky option when self-buffs end

See for the downloads.
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Just not to forget:
- steams can cross pits, opening them with non-wall tiles, which should never happen
- equipping dagger of *slay animal* + ring of mouse says "average damage: , and 0 vs others"
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New PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 3 relased!

Bugfix version + some refactoring

List of changes:

- Fix party members not always visible when LIMITED_ESP is on
- Fix stupid door mimic generation bug
- Allow negative value for BLOWS
- Activate DAM_RED as a race/class modifier
- Remove positive restriction on MIGHT, add lower cap of 1 on shooters
- Activate MOVES as a race/class modifier, add lower cap of 1
- Fix description of branded weapon when resulting damage is zero for all brands
- Don't convert pit walls when building streamers
- Don't customize pit/vault walls with passable or projectable terrain
- Refactor feature customization using a generic function
- Fix dungeon boss monsters not always being generated
- Add custom wall features for "core" walls to dungeon.txt
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Concerning the last point, I changed how custom walls are generated after looking at Abandoned Manor in Tangaria and seeing all those portraits and other silly features embedded into rock.

1) the "wall" line is now only used for walls that are not surrounded by 8 other walls (mainly for walls that delimit rooms and corridors)

2) for the other walls, a new "fill" line has been added that is used exactly the same way; if no "fill" line exists for a dungeon, corresponding "wall" lines are used

For custom dungeons, it is fine to have dozens of "wall" lines to improve the "look" of the dungeon from the player's perspective, but the number of "fill" lines should be kept minimal, and optimally should be 1.
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New PWMAngband 1.4.0 build 4 relased!

List of changes:

- Adjust food again
- Changed some vaults and interesting rooms so the tunneling code can always connect them properly
- Implement water and tree tiles in vaults
- Add CHALLENGING_LEVELS server option to make dungeon levels more challenging
- Activate "hard centre", "lair" and "gauntlet" dungeon profiles
- Add a facility to dump a level (as HTML) for post-mortem analysis
- When loading a savefile discovers a mimic with no mimicked object, just delete the mimic instead of making a new object
- Allow negative MOVES
- Adjust damage per mana value of some spells

See for the downloads.
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