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Re-thinking running (away)

Back in the day, when all my characters died at or before DL10, thanks to FA's wilderness, and my own utter incompetence, I had a grand scheme for 'running away' that that was way overcomplicated and nearly impossible to implement. Since that time, my play has improved somewhat, but there's still part of me that wants to 'run', so here we go again. Feel free to (once again) to pick this apart and point me to variants where it has already been implemented.

The premise. During 'normal' dungeon exploration, it seems safe to assume that one takes a certain amount of care to remain stealthy, find hidden traps and doors and, in general, be prepared for a fight. This, additional care would be manifested as a slower pace (which, for purposes of this idea, would be normal speed: speed 10) than than could be achieved if one were to cast these concerns aside. So, if one were willing to sacrifice certain abilities to one extent or another, then presumably one could move more quickly.

The implementation. A toggle option (off and 1-5) that would allow thee character to move faster than normal, (speed +1) to (speed +5), with the following penalties.
speed +1: stealth -1, detection -1, AC -2, burden +5%
speed +2: stealth -2, detection -2, AC -4, burden +10%
speed +3: stealth -3, detection -4, AC -8, burden +15%
speed +4: stealth -5, detection -8, AC-16, burden +20%
speed +5: stealth -10, detection -10, AC-32, burden +25%

and finally, the prohibitions.
Can be used only for movement.
Takes zero energy to activate, but one turn of rest (paralysis) is initiated upon cancellation, before any other action may be taken.
Any successful attack against you cancels the action and initiates he mandatory one turn of rest (severely hampering run-and-shoot, hopefully).
May not be me activated when immediately adjacent to an enemy (can't be used to flee melee).
May not be used beyond the extent where the modified burden would exceed 100%, or any other modified ability score falls below zero.

The main intention is just to be able to more a different pace, should you desire to. I presume that it would be used most often in the +1 to +3 range, by a lightly encumbered character who is in a relatively safe area, who it just passing through. Obviously the stealth and detection penalties may need to be tweaked as I don't even know what a normal (numerical) stealth/detection rating is. I'm basing my numbers on items that give similar bonuses. Is it a god idea? I don't know, but having presented it here, I can now stop thinking about it. I'm sure there are things that I've left out, that I meant to include but just weren't present in my mind at the time of this post. I think it would be fairly easy to implement, add a little flavor, and retain balance. Furthermore, assuming the idea as a whole goes nowhere, maybe items bearing such properties could be crafted as a poor man's (low level) '??? of speed', similar to V's new Rings of Escaping.
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d) Lotho Sackville-Baggins' Ring of Cowardice (+10) {cursed}

+10 speed activated only when in flight.
Flight is triggered when 'afraid' or when you fall to 30% hitpoints or below.
Flight uses a variant on the 'monster runs away' code (not player controlled). It's cancelled when no monsters are in sight, and there is also a chance of recovery per round (WIS bonus applies).
The Ring of cowardice cancels resistance to fear.
May be activated for short-teleport every 1d10 + 10 turns.

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Pete Mack
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If you want a (stealth+search) vs speed trade-off, presumably you can play ToME...

When I played ToME, I made macros for automatically going to the character screen and setting speed to "run" then returning to the main screen, and another for resetting it to "normal". (Same for cowardly vs brave).

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