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Make choosing wielded equipment easier

This isn't a bug or anything, and I would be surprised if I were the first one to suggest this, but an idea for discussion:

We can easily look at the properties of each individual item in inventory and/or wielded, but only one at a time. Also, I understand that there is work underway such that you can "remember" what you have at home in the same way.

For early game scenarios, it is easy to choose what equipment to wear based on limited options. For the very endgame, much better artifacts make this a little easier. But in the interim, I spend a fair bit of effort optimizing my gear for the most / best resists, stat bonuses and speed. My thought was that we could have a screen like the character screen that would show a grid with items the character has on one side, abilities on the top, and a * for immunity, a normal mark for resistance, and numbers for bonuses to speed/stealth/AC/to-hit/to-dam/stats. Basically anything that is on the character screen plus (possibly?) slays for weapons. Innate abilities should probably have a line as well. That would make it easier to scan for the best combinations.

I have built a spreadsheet that has a lot of this information for some of the better artifacts, ego items and so on, but it doesn't easily get updated for changes to the artifacts, different speed rings / amulets of magi and so on. And it isn't complete at all, mostly includes things I have found in playing the game. In a few cases things I want to find someday, like Feanor. A screenshot of part of that is attached, I can send the whole thing privately to anyone else who wants it.

In the spreadsheet, I can put a 1 into the column on the left to indicate it is going to be worn, and it will sum all of the abilities to down at the bottom (a 90 indicates immunity, so if the total is double digits it includes an immunity item). I don't think that part would be as important, since it will be limited to the number of items you can have and keep at home, but it could be made interactive as well to select some of the items and see what the total result would be.

My hope is that this would make it a lot easier to determine what to wear to maximize, as well as what to drop / sell vs save for later if it has an obvious rare resist (like rdisenchant. I hate not having rdisenchant). We got lots of new people wondering about equipment optimization in these forums, and this might help them, as well as those of us who know what is going on but want to make sure everything is just right. Someone had a thread recently about accidentally swapping out Free Action just in time for a carrion crawler. Can't save you from that, but if you determine what you need in advance it might help.

Anyway, feel free to tell me I am crazy and I will carry on using my spreadsheet. If people with the ability to commit code think it would be worthwhile, I may start working on hacking something together. No promises though, it has been a while since I coded anything that didn't involve ladder logic.
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That is almost identical to how I do it, haha... I just exclude the price column as it doesn't have any real affect on whether I keep/use something or not.
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NPPangband has a part of the 'C' screen which shows all the resists/flags for the items in your home, which is pretty much exactly what you're asking for.
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
NPPangband has a part of the 'C' screen which shows all the resists/flags for the items in your home, which is pretty much exactly what you're asking for.
IIUC he's asking for a bit more than that - a sort of in-game kit calculator, where you could tick boxes for what you want to wear and see the final effect without wielding and unwielding a dozen things.

The only problem I can see is that we're currently limited to an 80x24 screen, which means that displaying all the kit, the checkboxes (or other method of selection) and the results is going to be tricky. I guess if you just had the kit in the main window, you could rely on the subwindows for seeing the results (but they don't show you brands and slays).
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
NPPangband has a part of the 'C' screen which shows all the resists/flags for the items in your home, which is pretty much exactly what you're asking for.
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