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Object Stacking bug 309

Anyone else notice an object stacking bug in 309? I found that I was picking up !CCW and had 2 piles of them in my inventory. One pile was qty 5 and the other was qty 11. I tried dropping some from each pile and picking them up, and they would return to their respective piles. These potions did not have any inscriptions on them (none visable, anyway). I don't remember if they had inscriptions previously and later erased that inscription.

I noticed this same stack bug with some Staffs of Teleportation. Same type of thing, when dropping a staff into the home, the exisiting home stack would not absorb the new staff, leaving me with 2 stacks of staves.

Is this a known issue, or did you want to me debug it.?

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Something like this happened to me and to some other people.
It may be related to identify / *identify* flags... someone already couldnīt
stack mage books because half of them were identified and half werent.
Try the debug object examination to confirm this!
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I had the same issue a while ago: Item stacking prob

Seems as if takkaria has not yet found time to look at that.

I guess the issue results from upgrading with a pre-3.0.9 savefile to 3.0.9. After a while, all the pre-3.0.9 items in my inventory were used up and everything stacked smoothly again as it should.
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I had a similar problem when I transfered a save file over. A few daggers in shop and Phase door were called indestructible and wouldn't stack. When they were used everything went back to normal.
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