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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta3 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta3 !

This release improves many aspects of the game, adds new content after
Tol Falas, introduces a new unlockable class, the Sun Paladin.

Note: the windows binaries are now compiled in debug mode, so people
who experienced random crash please run it under gdb for me (see this

Note2: When you’ll have unlocked sun paladins you’ll probably notice
they do not start in a "logical" location, that’s normal I’ll implement
it later but I wanted people to try them.

OSX binaries will come hopefully tomorrow and this time around we fixed

Changes in no particular order:
* many fixes
* when attacking the assassins in the special encounter they get
* some more info in the savefile description for ToME
* tells the player when he spotted an hostile while running/resting
what it is and if it is offscreen
* Escape works in quantity prompts
* 4 difficulty settings: Easy/Normal/Nightmare/Insane
* toned down the starting traps damage
* Forest level generator
* Level generator now ensures connectivity from entrance to exit
and to level guardian usnig A*
* Trollshaws switch to “Forest” generator, using fBm noise
* add Cavern level generator, also based simplex noise and some
* Keybind screen scrolls correctly on 800×600
* many typo fixes
* player profiles, replacing some settings, achievements wont
transfer but unlocks will
* BSP generic class
* Town map generator
* better particle engine; particles can follow an actor
* many new spell effects
* scroll of shielding
* fix phase door & teleport to not be stopped by LOS
* fixed savefiles for OSX
* fireflash effect
* extended quest line after tol falas, moria is now available
* most talents now warn the player when self-targetting
* cannot die in the ambush of tol falas
* killing ukruk is now supported in tol falas ambush
* all sustained talents deactivate if the ressource they depend on
reaches 0
* changed all speed mods to be a percent and compute them right
(+100% means twice as fast not infinitely faster)
* reduced shadowstrike damage
* all crits are now 150% instead of 200%
* stun/freeze/slow/pinned/confusion/blind durations reduced based
on rank and physical/mental/spell resistance
* Freeze cooldown increased to 5
* “hit warning” displays the direction of incomming ranged attacks
* nasty surprise for the Master
* monster can now have escorts
* 2 new unique random boss
* Monsters that can open door can now .. open doors
* Anacondas dont stun, they constrict
* New quest in the far east for access to the Gates of Morning
* Added Gates of Morning (copy of bree for now, sorry!)
* New zone: Ardhungol, lair of spiders
* Sun Paladin class available

Have fun!
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