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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
You can 'I'nspect the weapon to see how much damage you'd deal with it. Totila almost certainly does more damage because of its higher enchantment and bigger dice (which translates into more effect from its slays and brands). At this point it comes down to how badly you need See Invisible (remember you have a spell that grants temporary SI in your third spellbook) and how reliant you are on melee vs. spells. I can't answer that for you.
This wasn't implemented in 3.0.9b though, to my knowledge. Is there any reason in particular you're playing an old version, OP? There have been massive UI improvements in the later versions which I would miss immensely if I played an older version again. Assuming all blows hit and my math being correct, this is how much damage each weapon should do:

HA Small Sword:
3 * ((3 * 3.5) + 18) = 85.5 avg. dmg/round VS demons and undead.
3 * ((2 * 3.5) + 18) = 75 avg. dmg/round VS evil creatures.
3 * (3.5 + 18) = 64,5 avg. dmg/round VS others

2 * ((3 * 10.5) + 13) = 89 avg. dmg/round VS creatures not resistant to fire.
2 * ((2 * 10.5) + 13) = 68 avg. dmg/round VS evil creatures.
2 * (10.5 + 13) = 47 avg. dmg/round VS others.

So damage wise the Small Sword actually beats Totila except in the cases where the fire brand applies. This will probably change shortly though, when your stats get higher and you get more blows.

The question really is whether you need rConf or sInvis most at the moment. You can get by without neither for at least a while longer with good detection or usage of the spell Derakon mentioned. Personally I would probably choose the Small Sword and keep an eye open for confusers. They don't really become a major problem until a bit deeper in the dungeon.
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Thanks for the analysis. I am using 3.09b because I started using that with a download from rephial, and it was the oldest stable version at the time. I plan to try 3.20 after this character wins or dies (the quiver sounds like a great improvement).

Since I have Godly Insights, I use Detection a bit. I have been surprised, but after getting confused, switched to Totila so I would not get confused again and wait the first section out. I hope to get Thengel or the artifact helm with ESP before I go down much further.
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You should be carrying Cure Critical Wounds potions (purchasable at the temple) so you don't have to wait out status ailments. If you get confused, switch to Totila and chug a potion and you'll be back in action that much faster.

If you absolutely cannot take the two turns needed to clear your confusion, carry a Staff of Teleport; it can be used (albeit with an increased failure rate) even when confused.
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