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[3.3.0] Bug with squelching unknown flavours

Okay, so this is going to be rather convoluted to explain...

I was playing as a kobold warrior, IDing potions by quaffing them. I'd already ID'd Boldness, so when I tried another potion with no visible result, I knew it must be either Neutralize Poison or Restore Mana, and so squelched that flavour of potions without bothering to identify it further.

Later, in town, I bought a potion of Neutralize Poison from the store to ID that flavour. On buying the potion, I received the message, "You bought a Potion of Neutralize Poison {squelch} for 97 gold." so it was obviously the unknown potion I'd squelched earlier.

This message was followed immediately after by "You bought a Potion of Neutralize Poison.", this time with no {squelch} tag shown. The potion didn't auto squelch, so I sold it back to the store and went on with the game.

Then later, exploring the dungeon, I came upon a potion of Neutralize Poison. I figured that, whoops, buying and IDing it after I'd squelched the unidentified version must have undone the squelch, so I used the 'k' command to squelch it again. However, instead of the usual options, I got this:


a) This item only
b) Unignore all Potions of Neutralize Poison
Inspecting the menu settings, neither the knowledge menu nor item squelch settings showed Neutralize Poison as being squelched. After choosing to unignore it, I was able to use k again and ignore it as normal.

So basically, it seems that if you squelch an unidentified flavour and then ID that flavour by buying it, the identified version ends up effectively unsquelched, but the k command still thinks it's squelched.

...How's that for an obscure bug?
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Brilliant!! Thank you. Opened as #1505.
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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