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Lurker + items == untouchable lurker?

Is this a bug?

The system on which I encountered this is 3.1.1, but I do not know how to test this intentionally on my system running the latest release, so I cannot verify whether it would be a problem still.

I believe that this started when I encountered a lurker that was in a space already containing a stack of items.

I walked through the space at least once (I think!) but my auto-attack was never triggered. All I knew was that something kept dealing me damage in that area of a double-wide corridor.

After walking through the area twice, I cast a Shock Wave in the direction of the damage dealing entity and was subsequently informed that the lurker died and the Potion of Healing was destroyed (ouch!)

If a Lurker is in the same space as an item or a stack of items, should it be immune to attack-by-direction-key? Or did I simply not walk through the space it was in?
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Sounds like a bug, but I think??? that the + key (followed by a direction) is the actual attack command. I'd try that if you find yourself in a similar situation n the future.

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