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Varagon, the high-elf Rogue.

Playing my second or third rogue character, it seems to splice nicely with the high-elf class. The game's moving pretty slowly, I'm clvl 31, need some source of rPois and hopefully a +speed. I'm moving pretty slowly at the moment. Waiting to find a dungeon spellbook or two, those could come in handy.

Got any tips? I was planning on playing a mage but they're too weak for me to play until I'm a little more experienced playing Angband.

Here's a dump of my churrent char:
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Ick, that was close. Too close. I tried to take on Medusa -- didn't go so well. I lost a lot of consumables and drank both my healing potions and about half my CCWs.

I started by digging a twisty corridor to avoid her summoning her minions. Killed an 11 headed hydra (yeah, I need rPois *badly*) and then Medusa showed up. We took turns hacking at each other, but she had the best of it. Not only does she have an XP-draining melee, but a ferocious array of offensive spells. She took me down to about 150 HP in about three turns, before I panicked and TP'd away -- right next to a Demonologist (sp?), who immediately starting casting spells at me. I phase door'd right next to him and hacked his head off -- that's what you get for hitting Varagon while he's down. Drank a few CCW's to get my health back, rested for the rest of the way.

Then I went back to Medusa for round 2. Dug another twisty corridor, lured her in. Like before, she drained a bunch of XP and took me down to 130 something HP before I TP'd the heck outta there. Not going to be trying that again until I have rPois, more healing potions, and a good weapon.

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