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Post How to start Gumband 2.3.2 on Linux

Gumband is the only Angband variant to feature elements from Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion sword and sorcery tales, so it would be a pitty if people skipped it only because they are on Linux and don't know how to compile (I don't). The trick I'm using works for all DOS games. Feel free to suggest a more simple or more geekish approach.

Pav, could you link to this thread on the Gumband download page?

DOSBox 0.74 on Ubuntu 12.04
  1. Download and install DOSBox from the Ubuntu Software Center. Meanwhile, get the Gumband DOS compile.
  2. Open DOSBox, then close it again (to create a configuration file).
  3. Go to your home folder, open .dosbox (press ctrl-h if it is invisible) and open the config file.
  4. Find the line
    and replace "false" with "true".*
  5. If you are using a non-UK and non-US keyboard, go to the line saying
    and replace "auto" with your regional layout code.* For example, if you are using a Belgian keyboard, the line should look like this:
  6. Save the changes and close the file.
  7. Go to usr/share/applications, right click on DOSBox Emulator and make a copy on your desktop.
  8. Unpack and open your Gumband folder, then drag and drop GUMBAND.EXE from inside the folder onto the DOSBox icon on your desktop.
  9. When you're finished playing, press alt-Enter to toggle full screen mode, or type "exit".

* These are workarounds for bugs that I encountered. They may be unnecessary for different operating systems (confirmed for Vista) and DOSBox versions.
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Thank you for doing this.
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