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Were Potions of Lost Memories recently re-instituted into the game? I just found one on the latest 3.5-dev nightly, and I can't remember the last time I came across one in any of my games since coming back to Angband.
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As far as I'm aware, they've always been in the game. They're one of the few remaining bad potions.
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Ahh ok, I guess I've just been fortunate enough to not get any in my recent games, or perhaps I found them late enough to where I was already able to just identify everything I got on pickup and didn't remember. This one came pretty early so it was ID'd it by use.
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Has anyone found these ?

Ringil -> Lead-Filled Mace of Mornur
Feanor -> Whip 'Daithissa'
Deathwreaker -> Battle Axe 'Anolmen'
Bladeturner -> Power Dragon Scale Mail of Palvan
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Competition 138 is now officially over; congratulations to fizzix for winning, and to clouded and Estie for game wins, and an honorable mention to myshkin for just running out of time with a potential winner.
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