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The Sparrow
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I dont suppose this quite counts but I am in a dungeon I have mostly cleared and I run into the Queen Ant. After getting beaten a bit I decide to use my staff of Teleportation. Which promptly teleported me directly into the center of 8 two-headed trolls with a pack of Vibration Hounds in the same room. Needless to say I was dead before I even got a chance to move. And looking at the map, I'm fairly sure that was the only room I had yet to enter on that entire dungeon.
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Ah, the classic "out of the frying pan, into the blast furnace" teleporter tragedy. Happens to us all.
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It has been a few times where I have been surrounded by nasties, cast teleport, landed in another batch of nasties, and cast teleport again and landed nearly exactly back where I came from. This has happened so much that I start to think there's something in the code that makes a higher chance to return where you came from... >_<
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