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How many swear words am I allowed if...?

This is one of those cases where there's nothing you can do but laugh, swear, or both: Playing ZAngband, had just finished clearing out a massively out of depth vault at level 47, picking up and IDing things to take with me (including I believe four random artifacts, one of which looked like it might have been nice).

I'm on my way to the stairs when I see a forest troll-not any kind of credible threat; I use pulverize on it, get an incredibly strange looking error message, and the game crashes. This is around the point where I remember that I hadn't turned on an autosave option for this character, and the last time I had saved was at the beginning of the previous dungeon level...

Add your fun moments that make you swear, stand up, and walk slowly away from the computer so that you don't break it
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I spotted the Necronomicon (rarest Necro book in FA) in a greater vault. Having cleared most of it - but before reaching the book - I triggered a hex of world-changing which regenerated the level...
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I have actually done the classic - finished a huge long battle with a player ghost (this was NPP I think, it was a hell of a fight), got the kill with a missile, and saw it drop an artifact. I forget which artifact, but it was a very nice and instantly recognisable one - Longsword (4d5) kind of thing. Walked over to pick it up, and fell through a trap door on the way ...

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