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2 questions on playing as a sword

First of all can I never reforge? and if I can when and or how and second don't my weapon proficiency go up swinging myself? I'm I'm at beg 1 prof on longswords at clv 20 on poschengband 6.1.0

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You should specify what variant you're playing. Poschengband?
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If you're talking about death-swords in PosChengband: no, you can't reforge, because chris hates fun.

Regarding proficiencies, I don't think your to-hit is affected by the weapon profciencies that player characters use; instead, I think death-swords have an innate 'swing' or something, like dragons have a 'claw' and 'bite'. Your skill with it should go up as you fight more dangerous enemies.
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I believe poschengband death-swords DO count as equipping themselves. Their attacks work like normal sword swings with a normal proficiency system, not like dragons' innate attacks.
If you're not gaining proficiency fast enough for your liking, try heading to a deeper dungeon level.
Note that before level 10 or 15 (I don't remember when the evolution was), you started off as a "broken death sword", so you would've been earning proficiency for the separate "broken sword" item instead instead of for longswords.
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ok thanks that may have been the problem I was wimping out on low levels trying to get some resists and such up probably why my prof wasn't going up fast
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