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Idle thoughts on uniques

Does it seem to anyone else that Huan really should be on your side?

Also, if Huan and Carcharoth spawn on the same level, they should definitely fight it out! Of course there's probably no mechanism in the game to make that happen, but still...

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thought #1:

If character wears something with Silmarill then Morgoth should scream something like "Give it back", etc.
And fight even more violently.

thought #2:

There are few goals: to kill Sauron and to kill Morgoth.
But after winning there is possibility to go deeper.

Then *whooh* and Silmarills (from crown, for example) dissapears.
And what if then player have to find all the Silmarills to achieve "supreme winning".
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Wearing something with a Silmaril? That would be the Necklace of the Dwarves, which is already severely underpowered for what it is. If wearing that artifact into battle with Morgoth had any consequences more significant than an amusing message, people simply wouldn't do so except as a challenge.
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Just as an easter egg maybe? It's pretty fun (in my opinion) for Tolkien fans.
My misspelling - wearing or having in inventory.
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