Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - Durin's underwear

One adventurer found two randards named "of Durin" in single game...

Durin is a rather famous dwarf... It's not surprising he had an extensive wardrobe filled to the brim with powerful goodies. ;-)

Home life must've been interesting for the hero-types.

"Hey, hon... have you seen the Boxer Shorts of Durin?"
"It's probably in The Dirty Laundry of The Dwarf-Lords with the Socks of Gorlim."


The latest family sitcom! The 5000'-billies!

Morgoth: Son, I'll whup you if you don't pick up yer Socks of Gorlim!
Gothmog: Aww, Dad, they've only been there since I killed Ecthelion. Do I really have to pick them up?
Morgoth: You just shet up yet saucy mouth, Gothy!
Gothmog rolls eyes and picks up the Socks of Gorlim.
Gothmog: By the way, can I go hang out with Shelob tonight?
Morgoth: I'll not have you spending time with that slut! No descendant of mine will associate with Ungoliant's spawn!
Gothmog: You say slut like it's a bad thing.
Morgoth: You heerd me!
Gothmog: Shucks Dad, we's in love. True Love!
Morgoth: That's not how it's supposed to be. When I met yet mother, it was a tryst of convenience. She were pretty for a demon, that Ulbandi. Almost as purty as Eiliniel. Sad I had to kill her. (looks wistful)
Morgoth: But them spiders are bad news, all around. Especially them female ones. I shud know.
Gothmog: But dad! I alriddy got a good movie theater and diner picked out! And they don't refund motel rooms.
Morgoth: That's it! Yer gettin a whuppin, boy! Bend over!

"Father Morgy fought the Valar, and dug down in the ground
Cuz them Valar's rilly nasty and wuz chasin' him around
He dug hisself a dungeon, he dug it way way down
Ond now he lives thar at five thousand feet!"

J. K. Bands

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