Angband Fan Fiction - Satud by Craig Oliver

"Welcome back, sister," the barkeep said as Satud collapsed onto the stool. "What'll you have?"

She smiled and straightened her priestly robes. Her sharp teeth, black hair and dark complexion made her stand out in town, but she was comely even for a half-orc. "My usual, T. A pint of fine ale and some beef jerky."

Tonias grinned and reached behind the bar. "Used to be, you'd be in here stocking up on traveling rations before going down those accursed stairs."

Satud nodded. "My prayers sustain me now." She gnawed gratefully on the hard meat. "But it is good to put some food in my stomach. How are things in the town?"

"It's the same since we were walled in. 'Most nobody left but the fools and idiots... and the old veterans too scared to go down. We shopkeeps are still turning a good business, though. And old Farmer Maggot, bless him. I see him now and then. He wouldn't hurt a soul. Nasty business about his dogs. Have you seen them down there?"

"Briefly," Satud said into her ale.

"Aye. Well, I'm glad you're still in one piece. I can't count how many of your ancestors we've lost down there. How goes the hunt?"

"I've seen some horrors, Tonias. Harowen the Black Hand, the fiery Uriel, and Ancalagon the Great."

"And you got away?"

"They are dead. With Eru's blessings and the armor of my ancestors, they are dead. Many times I thought I would never return to drink your ale. Harowen and Ancalagon were hard battles, but Uriel was the worst."

"But isn't Uriel an angel?" Tonias nodded to the aimless merchant wandering by the door. "Surely you worked together?"

Satud frowned. "I know not what Uriel was," she mused, "but he was no servant of the Valar. He bathed me in fire and summoned seas of his kind to slay me. Fortunately I had found the boots of the great ranger Carsil; with them on, the fire barely warmed me. Still, he cast terrible magics and threw me about the dungeon like a straw doll. For hours I wrestled with him and his minions. Hours. It was terrible."

Tonias refilled her mug. Satud dropped another gold piece on the bar. "They're so fast, T. So much faster than I."

"I hear Lo-Hak has some speed potions," Tonias said.

"No, that's not enough. They make me faster, but not fast enough."

"Drink two at once, then?"

She smiled. "That makes the speed last longer, that's all. I need something more permanent. Something that will put me on an even standing with the horrors that remain between me and Morgoth. When I go down, I am nearly three thousand feet beneath this barstool, Tonias. I fear to descend any further as I am. I have brushed the curtain of death too many times."

"Another ale?"

Satud drew herself wearily to her feet. "Thank you, Tonias, but no. I must stop by the temple and return some prayer books I found in the dungeon. But before I go, I wanted to show you this." She unfolded from her pack a long silvery cloak.

"I know that cloak! That is the cloak 'Garchond!'"

"Do you know it? I know none of the artifacts I find down there. They seem to all have... changed. It is very strange." She laid the cloak on the table. "I wish to sell it to you."

"It is a treasure!" breathed Tonias. "It is worth tens of thousands of gold pieces!" He looked chagrined. "But I can offer you only two hundred for it."

"Fine," Satud said. "I no longer have any need of the money or this cloak. I wanted to thank you for all the meals you've offered me... and the shoulders."

Tonias looked in wonder at the unique cloak before him.

"It will help you hide from your foes," she explained. "And it will make you more nimble. Wear it in good health. Or sell it. I care not." She smiled at Tonias and turned for the door.

"Good luck, sister," he called after her. "I hope you find what you are looking for."

Satud is speed +3, +13 hasted. I'm at 2950' and finding the danger level increasing dramatically. I could shift my armor around to increase my speed a little, but at the cost of aggravation or loss of 0% fail on my spells. Can anyone offer any suggestions on Satud's kit?

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