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I'll admit, for being a journalistic writer, I really don't have much skill in writing... but maybe you'll get a kick out of this anyways:

It is a little known fact that Gandalf had a brother. Somewhat less-famous, less-intelligent and less-wizardly, Gabdolf remains in the shadow of Gandalf to this day.

The Real Story: Gabdolf and The Hobbit:

During his travels, Gabdolf once took 13 midgets and a hobo on a quest to slay a dragon. They got bored half-way through the quest, and quit. The hobo, however, got lost while looking for a bathroom and came upon a magic ring!

It was a strange, ring, made out of plastic. When put onto a finger, it would make the wielder think he was invisible!

After getting bored and going home, the hobo (named Billy Bo) held onto it for weeks afterwords.

The Real Story: Gabdolf and the Fellowship of the One Ring:

On his Eventy-First (12th) birthday, Gabdolf came to Billy and told him to give the ring to his younger brother's friend, Flodo.

Billy liked the ring, and didn't want to share it with the other kids. Gabdolf came and told him he was a bad boy, and tossed the ring into the fireplace.

Suddenly, mysterious words appeared on the outside of the ring. A rough transcription is as follows: /\/\/\|><- |/\/ <|-||/\//\

Gabdolf understood what the ring was, and said the translation aloud: "Made In China!"

Gabdolf claimed the ring was called the "One Ring", from a fantasy work by some minor English writer, although this is disputed by his older brother. While Gabdolf was looking up the quote to prove it, the ring melted in the fireplace.

Astounded by this turn of events, Gabdolf claimed victory over the Dark Lord Sauron and went on a cruise around the world with some Elvis impersonators.

Gabdolf was last seen, singing "Jailhouse Rock" in a small bar outside Las Vegas.

The Sorceror's Duel of Gabdolf versus Saurolin:

One day, Gabdolf went over to Saurolin's house. Saurolin was one of Gabdolf's best friends. Saurolin said he was invited to a new, exclusive club. Gabdolf wanted to join too, but Saurolin said it was for "People whose names start with 'S' only"! Gabdolf got mad, and tossed a rock at Saurolin. Saurolin pushed Gabdolf down, and he started crying.

Gabdolf then ran home, and went to his room. He wasn't seen for several days.

Gabdolf versus the Balgrog!

One of Gabdolf's greatest exploits was his fight against the Balgrog. One winter's eve, as Flodo and some friends were wandering around looking for something to do, Gabdolf suggested they go explore his basement. Unfortunately, Gabdolf forgot the key, and spent several hours looking for where he left it. Once they finally got inside, Gabdolf and his friends wandered around a bit longer.

Eventually,they came to a small bridge. Flodo and company walked across, but when Gabdorf looked back, he saw an enormous bottle of Balgrog lying by the wall. He told the others to hurry across, as the Balgrog was coming to get them. They took his advice and fled, while Gabdolf helped himself to a fine holiday drink.

As Flodo and company returned to look for Gabdolf, they saw him and the bottle of Balgrog fall off the bridge onto the ground a few inches below. They mourned the plight of the fallen, drunk Gabdolf, and took him to his room. He woke up several hours later with a nasty headache.

The end. :)

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