Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - The Day The Jelly Moved

>> 3) The "does not deign to chase intruders" text has always amused me. Today, as PC was resting near a jelly for mana to finish it off, it occured to me that some "not deign" monsters might just decide it is time to start moving when they are near dead. Either a few do it, or all have a very small chance

> Or maybe they could just move very very rarely.

<dramatic voice>It was a day like any others... or was it? For on this day, something happened that only happens very, very rarely. So rarely, that no *band player could ever testify for having seen it happen before. Yes, it was a very special day, a very special day indeed, for it was -



</dramatic voice>

Ok, sue me, I'm bored.

Eytan Zweig

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