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Artifacts: The Staff of Tim the Sorceror (Souped up rod of Fire Balls), Holy Hand Grenade, Explosive TV, the Trojan Bunny
Uniques: Vicious White Rabbit, Penguins who sit on TV's
New book: Book of Prayers [The Book of Armaments]
Monsters: Knights who say "Nee!", Knights who until recently said "Nee!", Three Headed Giants, French knights, African Swallows, European Swallows


More monsters: Albatross, The Larch
More uniques: Mr Creosote, Weginald the Wobber, The Blancmange from Andromeda
Non spam food: Crunchy Frog

Brendon :P

and the Water Thin Mint!

Chris Jeris

> More monsters:
siamese bats?
> More uniques:
the sillywalks man
> Non spam food:
and Rat tart


Don't forget the Lumberjack, That lady who lures milkmen into her closet, Lemming of the BDA, The Dr. Strangelove-type guy from the same skit as Lemming... maybe the girls from Castle Anthrax..

I suppose we would have to have various fresh fruits as weapons, as well as guns, tigers, and 500 ton weights

Perhaps the "Wink wink nudge nudge" guy?


Too say nothing about the sheep in the walls, the dead parrot, the cheese shop and the upper class twit.


or the Spam and the Vikings.
but we'd probably forget the Spanish Inquisition (because nobody expects them)


NOOOOOO-ONE expects the SPANISH INQUISITION. Our weapon is surprise, surprise and fear ... our two weapons are ...

Oh, I will post again in a minute ...

Spanish Inquisitor

make all the food spam. like spam, beans and spam, spam eggs and spam.spam of unhealth, spam of restore strength.

{in my mod i replaced the scroll of mass genocide with the funniest joke in the world.}

other possible characters/monsters: the bishop, dinsdale, atilla the hun. spanish inquisitor, parts of the body (replace hounds, chaos/nexua hounds would be the naughty bits).


Please, please, not the Cheese Shop.

Alex Gurney

Um, lessee.

Drinks: Dog turd and tonic, Chateau le Chassieer, something with a squeeze of lemming.

Fixed Quests: Find the Holy Grail, Expedition to Lake Pahoe.

Instead of Games Shops, you've got to win an argument. No you haven't! Yes, you have!

Uniques: King Arthur of the Britons, The Black Knight, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the not-quite-so-Brave, Sir Bedevere, the guy in the Bookshop, Brian, Judith, Crack Suicide Commandos of the People's Front of Judea, the Judean Popular Front and the Popular Front of Judea, Eric the half-a-bee

Monsters: lots of Bruces, all the cheeses, horrible things wiv teef, firemen wanting your shoes, the Pepperpot Ladies, Biggles

Artifacts: The Comfy Chair

Of course, we must include John Cleese, Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland as uniques

And the Gumbys.


Don't forget Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Game, which would never be generated! ;)

Scott Holder

Hmm... I didn't realize that there was so much roguelike material in the Monty Python stuff. I may have to start my own variant, CNTAngband, (Completely Non-Tolkienian Angband) which in due time will resemble KaMBand in it's dementedness.

Instead of the normal dungeon system, (one or four main dungeons with little side dungeons) I contemplate many specialized dungeons like The Tower of London, The Big University, The Real World and The Flying Circus. There would be no *main* level, just one huge, more realistic wilderness. It would be much more possible to gain experience in a non-violent way. Also, perhaps I could put in real occupations, not just the wide variety of occupations that involve killing monsters:

{Monster-Slayer of the Unabashed and Direct Variety; Religion-Mocking Monster-Slayer; Monster-Slayer who Has Mana and is Too Wimpy to stand next to his victims; Monster-Slayer who Has a Bow and Is Too wimpy To stand Next to his Victims}

I mean real occupations like lumberjacks, farmers, blacksmiths, doctors, lawyers, and criminals and combinations of these, (lawyer/criminals come to mind).


Well, to avoid any unintended risque meanings--I'd vote for the name "NotBand" (since most of the standard creatures, items, races, etc. are NOT going to be in it).

Ingeborg S. Norden

How about SCDAngband (Something Completely Different) or even NFSCDAngband (you figure it out). You could even use the German version in the German episode they did, UJFEGAAngband.

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