Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - OSAngband

Of course, the day after I make the announcement post, I realize that OSAngband (old school Angband) would have been a *much* better name. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Jeff Greene, NPPAngband maintainer

No, that has to be saved for "Operating System: Angband", where to delete a file, you have to hunt it down and kill it. Where various programs are invoked through your "spellbooks" and installing a new piece of hardware requires successful use your "Device Skill". Sure, it'll be a challenge to use, but isn't the challenge what we love about Angband in the first place?

R. Dan Henry

Plus, every time you re-boot your computer it would randomly re-arrange the whole file directory.

I would still prefer it to Windows ME.

Jeff Greene

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