Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - Some crude comments on Perl

Dunno about him, but for me, it's the fact that it looks like line noise, and its syntaxes (note the plural) are weird, twisted, and unpredictable. (at least to the uninitiated.)

Gotta love a language where constructs like @{${$_[0]}{data}} are not something constructed by a sick, twisted mind, but was the first way I came up with to do something without a bunch of temp variables. (OK, so that does make it the product of a sick, twisted mind, but I didn't mean to be evil.)

Julian Lighton

Perl is not ONLY a horrendous syntactic abortion, it's also a design nightmare.

William "Billy" Tanksley

Yes, a lot of people use Perl, Cobol, Basic, and other spawns of the crawling chaos. People do all kind of horrible things, but why should I?

Robert Ruehlmann

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think ``I know, I'll use regular expressions.'' Now they have two problems.

William "Billy" Tanksley

If we're on the subject of computer languages that Should Not Exist, it's hard to beat the Intercal manual for humor value.

David H. Thornley

It is an impressive work. I've seen strong men break down in tears only a few chapters in.

Julian Lighton

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