Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - to the tune of Sheryl Crow

... to the tune of Sheryl Crow

Hit it!
This ain't no shooter
It ain't no graphics game either
This is Angband!

"All I wanna do is get a little CON before I die,"
Says the hobbit next to me out of nowhere
It's apropos
Of nothing
He says his name's Peregrine but I'm sure,
He's Pip or Pippin or Perry
And he's underequipped to me
And I wonder if he's ever had a potion of CON in his whole life
We are drinking beer at noon on Tuesday
In a bar that faces the Temple
The adventurers of the world are enchanting their armor
Between quests, reading and chanting
As best they can in helms with visors

They wear their shiny chain mails and shields
Back to the dungeon, to get killed by Kavlax
Well, they're nothing like Pippin and me, cause

All I wanna do is get some CON
I got a feeling I'm not the only one
All I wanna do is get some CON
I got a feeling I'm not the only one
All I wanna do is get some CON
Until my hitpoints stop me from being killed by manastorms

I like a Potion of Berserk Strength early in the morning
And Pippin likes to brand his bolts
Using Holy Infusions
He recalls into the dungeon
Then takes his bolts from his quiver
Shooting each one at a vampire in the corner
that's pointing and cursing at him
And he's watching the Bolts of Flame as they spin in the air

And a pair of dragons enters the room
Dangerously close to one another
Pippin takes them out with his crossbow


Otherwise the dungeon is ours,
The pits and the vaults and the corridors too
The bolts and the potions and the armors and helms
The floor and the roof but


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