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Are all heros mad? Inconsistencies in Angband.

When any sensible adventurer goes adventuring they consider their kit carefully: A good piece of body armour is a necessity; Heads are a potential weak spot so helms/caps are good; Gloves are useful, but not for mage types; Shields are heavy and mainly useful if you rely on melee; And who could dispute the use of a good pair of boots.

What about trousers?!?! It gets cold when you go underground. Boots are usually justified as "buy as soon as you can afford" due to frost-bite (unless you're a hobbit or something with hooves). How will the bold champion with no trousers deal with the drafty dungeon? It all seems a bit uncomfortable. I can accept the arguments for one hand, one ring, but this is madness!!!

I propose we introduce the Trouser slot to V300. Starting with "Slacks" and "Pants" heading to "Flares of Elvenkind" etc. How about "Combat Trousers of Combat"? Obviously there will be races which can't wear trousers. Fawns, Centaurs and Goat Legged Demons will have their own leg AC which advances with levels.

Maybe "Trousers of Insulation" to give rFire and rCold.

Also I don't believe that elastic was a prominent product in Middle Earth. Surely Hobbits use gloves as hats and Half-Trolls use them as finger puppets? Shields have adjustable straps and so should boots, but helms? I'm sorry, but anyone with a small head would be risking blindness. And baggy trousers? You might use a belt, but they'd still restrict movement. Trousers are sheer madness! The person who suggested them should be shot.

We should use kilts. And woad.


But what about these:

Jeans - +x to your Chr
Rhinestoned Jeans of Galveston - -x to your Chr, cursed, Aggravate Monster, make you move erratically, but in a rhythmic way.
Scarves - rCold
Footy Scarves - ????
Deans - extra slots, -DEX :-) Reference there to Soul Music
Trousers with Spikes
How would a Klackon wear them? Six-legged? And what about Monks?

.... the list goes on...


>>> slacks? pants?....ah....american words.... young words.... young man, back in the days of yore, people wore 'trews',...which also solves the 'trousers' v 'pants' argument...

>> heh
>> round these parts, we call em 'britches' which leads me to ask, 'what exactly is a britch?'
>> ;-)

> I'm still waiting to find out what a "trouser" might be ;-)

Well, the Concise Oxford Dictionary I keep on my desk defines trouser (n) as a synonym of "a pair of trousters".

However, a much more interesting definition can be found in the Encarta Pocket Dictionary, which defines trouser (adj) as "associated with trousers". Which, once we add trousers to the game, will allow us to have them guarded by monsters which we can call "trouser guards" (i.e. guards associated with trousers). Of course, deeper in the dungeon ego-trousers can be guarded by "trouserer guards" (i.e. guards even more associated with trousers), and the ultimate artifact trousers can be guarded by the "trouserest guard", an evil unique third in power only to Sauron and Morgoth.

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