Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - 3.0.0 suggestions

I personally think that V300 should be written in java, and released under the QPL licence. It also should have an option for you to wear multiple rings, as wells as optional Oangband, Diablo and Freeciv combat systems. It should be in perspective 3d, and you should be able to restart the level whenever you die. It also should be massively multiplayer, and secretly hosted on someone elses server so we don't have to pay bandwidth costs. Various new options should allow us to end world hunger and to take over the UN by stealth. As wells as all this, I'm sanctioning a shift to the EBCDIC character system, instead of ASCII.

V300 should have hooks for Perl, Ada, and Forth, as well as having monster AI written in Redcode. It should only run on the latest machines. Any machine with under 2Gb of ram is simply too archaic for this beasty. All of the Tolkienian monsters should be replaced with their equivalent from Larry Nivens 'Tales of known space' series, and the dungeon should be inverted into the form of a tower. In keeping with this new and improved theme, all the artifacts should be renamed after early nineteenth century Polish explorers.

All of this will not come without lots of time and effort. So I'm suggesting that everyone send Robert cheques for 50 zorkmids. You know you want to...

Steven (Secretly slipping on Narya and leaving the room.)
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