Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights) - YAFM (Yet Another Funny Message)

> The green mold hits you.
> The princess whines "I need your help oh great hero."
> You are terrified.

Stephen Carter

> Examining a Long Sword (2d5) {special}...
> You see nothing special.

Jack Wise

In Unangband:
> You see a set of broken teeth {broken}.

And from Cth, where level feelings kick in after you've been on a level for a while:
> You have no more scrolls of remove curse.
> You feel nervous.

Stephen Chester

> The Halberd of Morgul (-19,-13) [-3] {cursed} hits the Air hound.
> It was the great hit!
> The Air hound is unharmed.

J. K. Banks

> Saruman the Many-Colored points at you and screams "DIE"!
> You die.

> You have disarmed the chest. You no longer feel safe from evil.

Something tells me I shouldn't open this chest. :)

Craig Oliver

> Pick up a Heavy Crossbow (heavy)? [y/n/k]

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