Angband is a freeware, text-based rogue-like dungeon exploration computer game.
Your quest is to defeat monsters, collect powerful artifacts, and finally kill Morgoth.

The News

Angband 4.1.0 released (home page)
The new version of Angband is finally out, with big changes to ID, traps, curses, dungeon generation and many other areas. For more details, see the announcement post.
25.6.2017 12:28.

Poschengband 5.0.5 released (home page)
The latest release of ubervariant Poschengband introduces The Skillmaster! See the announcement post for more details.
31.1.2017 11:30.

UnAngband 0.6.5c released (home page)
After many years of maintenance by Andrew Doull, Unangband now has a new maintanier, DGoldDragon28 ! Download the source of this exciting new release here.
31.1.2017 11:29.

NPPAngband and NPPMoria 8.0.0 released 15th January 2016 (home page)
A new version of NPP hits the streets, featuring an amazing new Qt interface and a major rewrite of code from C to C++. Read the announcement thread, or download the shiny new games for Windows, OS X or as source.
17.1.2016 08:32.

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21:24Marcel winnerComPosbandL50 Devicemaster HumanSideways

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