Angband is a freeware, text-based rogue-like dungeon exploration computer game.
Your quest is to defeat monsters, collect powerful artifacts, and finally kill Morgoth.

The News

Poschengband 5.0.5 released (home page)
The latest release of ubervariant Poschengband introduces The Skillmaster! See the announcement post for more details.
31.1.2017 11:30.

UnAngband 0.6.5c released (home page)
After many years of maintenance by Andrew Doull, Unangband now has a new maintanier, DGoldDragon28 ! Download the source of this exciting new release here.
31.1.2017 11:29.

NPPAngband and NPPMoria 8.0.0 released 15th January 2016 (home page)
A new version of NPP hits the streets, featuring an amazing new Qt interface and a major rewrite of code from C to C++. Read the announcement thread, or download the shiny new games for Windows, OS X or as source.
17.1.2016 08:32.

PWMAngband 1.1.11 released 5th January 2016
PWMAngband is a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.1.2. For this version PowerWyrm has completed the massive task of porting all the Angband 3.5-4.0 changes, as well as introducing numerous other changes. See the announcment thread for more details and the mighty changelist, or download binaries or source code.
6.1.2016 11:26.

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New character dumps

20:52Yolda updatedPosChengbandL46 Force-Trainer Vampirewobbly42 comments, last 20:53
20:34Heritage 65 updatedPosChengbandL50 Skillmaster TonberryHugoTheGreat201144 comments, last 21:03
19:20ElmarSil17m Noldor FeanorThraalbee1 comment, last 19:20
14:51Kaboom updated deadPosChengbandL39 Blue-Mage Dwarfmurphy23 comments, last 18:03
08:14REEEEEAAAARRGHH winnerPosChengbandL50 Rage-Mage Half-Titangomen_gomen5 comments, last 21:52
07:24Darklight updatedPosChengbandL18 Monster PossessorTheQuest5 comments, last 07:26
01:34GalacirSil8m Naugrim Nogrodprotopulse10 comments, last 17:36

New screenshots

00:15Heritage 65: Oberon's deadPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
22:46Heritage 65: Death trapPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
21:33Heritage 65 - Melee damage pose...1904 Normal damagePosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
20:35Heritage 65 - Clvl 50 @ 41 hour 20 min mark (chardump)PosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
19:33Heritage 65: Cyberdemon armyPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
19:05Heritage 65: Conquered the Arena [dungeon]PosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
18:23Heritage 65: Victorious in the ArenaPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
18:06Heritage 65: Back in Tonberry formPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
17:32Heritage 65: Boots of FeanorPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
17:27Heritage 65: For collectionsPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
17:24Heritage 65: Slain GWOPPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
17:19Heritage 65: Last OlympianPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011
09:22[6.0.0] Weaponmaster display bugPosChengbandHugoTheGreat2011

Active threads on forum

00:44Monster path finding in 4.0.5AntoineVanilla
22:39Interesting scroll names.kandrcVanilla
20:28Low HPDerakonVanilla
19:00[Announce] PosChengband 6.0.0 ReleasedMITZEVariants
17:15Missing Resources error on startup on MacsooheonSil
09:08[PosChengband 6.0.0] Game-breaking bugHugoTheGreat2011Variants
04:43Different Character Archetypes?HugoTheGreat2011Sil

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