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  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
0131Negeleb IIIHalf-Troll64542  Sangband 1.0.024 comments12.7.2007 20:53Bandobras
11568139hadhodDwarf Warrior29100,221  Oangband 1.1.013 comments25.9.2007 22:06Bandobras
1206251Dur-Al-Yld, the GladiatorDruadan Warrior2880,088  Unangband 0.6.221 comments13.6.2008 21:52Bandobras
1404391Agorion IV, the Mage of DruidryDwarf Mage2416,692  Unangband 0.6.25 comments5.2.2008 19:29Bandobras
1427598Agorion, the Mage of DruidryDwarf Mage2313,515  Unangband 0.6.215 comments19.11.2007 17:16Bandobras
14776107Agorion III, the Mage of DruidryDwarf Mage218,785  Unangband 0.6.211 comments31.12.2007 21:58Bandobras
0260Nelegeb IIHalf-Troll2190  Sangband 1.0.01 comment8.6.2007 23:02 updatedBandobras
16779141Agorion II, the Mage of DruidryDwarf Mage10698  Unangband 0.6.22 comments23.12.2007 00:47 updatedBandobras
17240171Wormhole, the DragonslayerShadow Fairy Paladin5177  Unangband 0.6.28 comments27.8.2007 22:55Bandobras


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