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  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
72161328Twelve ReturnsTroll Loremaster424,397,746  ToME 2.3.52 comments26.11.2011
74881383Twelve XCOPYTroll Loremaster413,225,182  ToME 2.3.54 comments27.11.2011
77441434Hugo the GreatTroll Sorceror402,511,100  ToME 2.3.55 comments26.11.2011
84191548Lord NSB IITroll Sorceror371,717,246  ToME 2.3.54 comments15.11.2011
97271777Lord NSBTroll Sorceror33642,704  ToME 2.3.52 comments13.11.2011
97751790Super HugoTroll Sorceror33557,336  ToME 2.3.51 comment26.11.2011 08:16
102221862NSB IXTroll Sorceror32408,987  ToME 2.3.52 comments19.11.2011
102381871NSB 64Troll Sorceror32395,148  ToME 2.3.51 comment22.11.2011 04:45
102681875Sugoi!Troll Sorceror32379,911  ToME 2.3.52 comments6.11.2011
106461950NSB 37Troll Sorceror31322,660  ToME 2.3.52 comments19.11.2011 23:59
113162059NSB VITroll Sorceror30219,859  ToME 2.3.52 comments18.11.2011
129192326NSB XVITroll Sorceror2782,465  ToME 2.3.53 comments19.11.2011


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