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  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
103874066HondoHobbit Priest32212,465  Angband 3.0.33 comments28.1.2004
98353875Magnus the DeathlessDwarf Paladin33372,007  Angband 3.0.31 comment5.1.2004 05:06
101543983DaraelHigh-Elf Priest32392,446  Angband 3.0.32 comments4.2.2004
94403758GussGnome Mage34483,138  Angband 3.0.32 comments26.1.2004
61082548BomberDwarf Paladin474,829,982  Angband 3.0.32 comments20.1.2004
129844793AnnatarHigh-Elf Mage2759,266  Angband 3.0.31 comment7.1.2004


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