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  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
406873AdwelatlanHobbit Jedi509,209,387 72FuryBand 5.0.34 comments21.2.2021 20:55techiem2
792795Pigoand The CorruptedRohanKnight Jedi392,643,706 69FuryBand 5.0.35 comments17.2.2021 02:16techiem2
9687113IbiraderEthereal Dragon Berserker33644,653 45FuryBand 5.0.32 comments17.2.2021 19:04techiem2
10542120Nealin The Corrupted IIRohanKnight Jedi31413,343 45FuryBand 5.0.33 comments15.2.2021 03:47techiem2
10668122AgraegordEthereal Dragon Master31287,159 27FuryBand 5.0.31 comment22.2.2021 12:48 updatedtechiem2
11341127Legireden The WiseEthereal Dragon Jedi30187,985 10FuryBand 5.0.33 comments21.2.2021 22:54techiem2
18260162Nealin the CorruptedRohanKnight Jedi10 1FuryBand 5.0.32 comments14.2.2021 22:40 updatedtechiem2


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