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  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
385190AdrardothMaia Warrior507,050,845  Theme 1.1.33 comments12.10.2005
5550107DrezTroll Warrior433,341,232  Theme 1.1.31 comment22.11.2005 23:50
66242484DrezmanDwarf Warrior38972,347115,06551Angband 3.5.19 comments9.3.2016 04:39drez
9151177Mighty Drezbot the 5thAndroid Warrior30762,938  Entroband 1.7.12 comments10.11.2005 00:06
11539138AndresHuman Warrior2619,273  FuryBand 3.0.05 comments6.3.2006 23:48


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