The Angband Ladder: Scrotus, the Necromancer, Hobbit Mage by Ashkir

  [Unangband 0.6.4 Character Dump]

 Name   Scrotus, the Necromancer                 Self  SB  EB  TB   Best   Curr
 Sex    Male               Age       36  STR:      15  +0  +9  +0  18/60
 Race   Hobbit             Height  2'11  INT:   18/39  +0  +3  +0  18/69
 Class  Mage               Status    38  WIS!   18/80  +0  +1  +0  18/90
 Style  Necromancy                       DEX:   18/77  +0  +0  +0  18/77
 Title  Conjurer                         Con:   18/15  +0  +1  +0  18/25  18/16
 Home   a room at the Inn in Edoras      CHR:      12  +0  +0  +0     12
 Target the snowy slopes of Caradhras    AGI:      12  +0  +0  +0     12
                                         SIZ:      10  +0  +9  +0  18/10
 Level           33  HP        444/444  Fight    (+12,+4)  Fighting       Awful
 Curr Exp    310532  SP       98/101+8  WShld   (+19,+11)  Shooting        Iffy
 Max Exp     310532  Hit die        16  Bash      [6,+11]  Throwing   Excellent
 Adv Exp     412500  Armor    [19,+42]  Blows  2/turn(x2)  Stealth    Excellent
 Curr Danger Lev 27  Infravis    30 ft  Shoot    (+12,+0)  Save Throw    Heroic
 Max Dungeon Lev 33  Gold       150505  Shots  0/turn(x0)  Disarming     Superb
 Game Turn  7065943  Burden    224 lbs  Throw    (+12,+0)  Devices       Heroic
 Plr Turn    294440  % Burden      74%  Hurls  3/turn(x1)  Searching     Superb
 Act Turn    236093  Speed          -2  Weight     46 lbs  Digging    Excellent

 You are one of several children of a Hobbit Miller.  You are a well liked chil
auburn hair, and a dark complexion.

 This is 8th Laire of the 2890th year of the third age.
 You are on level 27 of the snowy slopes of Caradhras.

  [Last Messages]

> The Giant Rotting corpse scratches you.
> The Giant Rotting corpse scratches you.
> The Giant Rotting corpse scratches you.
> You are no longer bleeding.
> The Giant Rotting corpse scratches you.
> The Giant Rotting corpse misses you.
> The Giant Rotting corpse dissolves!
> The Giant Rotting corpse whispers something.
> The Giant Rotting corpse dissolves!
> The Giant Rotting corpse dissolves!
> You have no room for a Rotting corpse Claw.
> You have no room for a Rotting corpse Claw.
> You miss the Giant Rotting corpse.
> You have no room for a Rotting corpse Claw.
> You have no room for a Rotting corpse Claw.

  [Character Equipment Stat Modifiers, Sustains and Flags]

(+/-)   + +  + +++ 
       /|=="~(()]]]               /|=="~(()]]]
       abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@
   Int:........21...         sInt:..s......s...
   Dex:.............         sDex:..s..........
   Chr:.............         sChr:..s..........
   Agi:.............         sAgi:..s..........
  Acid:1............        Disea:.+........... 
  Elec:1............        Blind:............. 
  Fire:1.......1....        Confu:............. 
  Cold:1............        Sound:............. 
  Pois:.....1.......        Shard:........+.... 
  Fear:.+...........        Nexus:...........+. 
  Lite:.........+...        Nethr:............. 
  Dark:.......+.....        Chaos:............. 
 Water:.............        Disen:............. 
       abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@ 
  Food:..........+..         Save:.............
 Feath:+..........+.        Devic:.............
  Glow:........21...        Steal:1......1.....
 Regen:+............         Sear:....4........
 Telep:....+........        Infra:.............
 Invis:+............         Tunn:.............
 FrAct:+.........+..        Speed:.............
 HLife:............+        Blows:.............
 Activ:.............        Shots:.............
 Throw:.............        Might:.............
 Undea:.............        Healt:1............ 
 Demon:.............         Mana:............. 
   Orc:.............        Exper:............. 
 Troll:.............        Telep:...........x. 
 Giant:.............        Spell:............. 
 Dragn:.............         Evil:............. 
   Man:+............              abcdefghijkl@ 
 Dwarf:.............              /|=="~(()]]]  

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Trident of Numenor (4d3) (+7,+7) [4,+8] (+1)
b) a set of Bagpipes of Health worth 26950 gold pieces (+1)
c) an Aluminium Ring of Sustaining {10% off}
d) an Iron Ring of Strength and Size (+3)
e) a Bronze Amulet of ESP (+4) {10% off}
f) a Brass Lantern of Resist Poison (with 4526 turns of light left) {10% off}
g) Soft Leather Armour of Strength and Size [4,+3] (+2)
h) a Cloak of Shadows [1,-1] (+1)
i) The Knight's Shield 'Oionur' (+1,+3) [6,+11] (+2)
j) a Hard Leather Cap of Brilliance [2,+6] (+1)
k) a Set of Alchemist's Gloves of Might [0,+0] (+2)
l) a Pair of Leather Boots of Stability [2,+2]

  [Character Equipment -- Quiver]

n) 20 Grappling Bolts (1d7) {excellent}
o) 27 Steel-tipped Arrows (2d6) {excellent}
p) a Dart of Holy Light (1d3) (+8,+4) (+1)

  [Character inventory]

a) a Magic Book of Necromancy
b) a Magic Book of Curses (Fire proof) {@m1@b1@G1!d!k!v, 25% off}
c) a Magic Book of Summoning (Fire proof) {@m2@b2@G2!d!k!v, 40% off}
d) a Magic Book of Invocations (Fire proof) {@m3@b3@G3!d!k!v}
e) a Magic Book of Mastery (Fire proof) {@m4@b4@G4!d!k!v}
f) a Magic Bag of Supplies
 with a) 88 Flasks of Oil
      b) 10 empty Flasks
      c) a Flask of Acid
      d) 2 Wooden Torches
      e) 22 Iron Spikes
      i) 990 feet of Rope
      j) 330 feet of Chain
      t) 5 Flasks of Web
g) a Magic Bag of Scrying
 with a) 8 Scrolls titled "nihox engtrol" of Identify
      b) 5 Scrolls titled "satso doebek" of Read Magic
      c) 19 Scrolls titled "otox opet" of Analyze Magic
      d) 13 Scrolls titled "akswah pot" of Magic Mapping
      e) 16 Scrolls titled "riesh cre for" of Treasure Detection
      f) 19 Scrolls titled "oxyban snikite" of Object Detection
      g) 15 Scrolls titled "sneala wahyerg" of Trap Detection
      h) 39 Scrolls titled "ti denhe" of Door/Stair Location
      i) 44 Scrolls titled "ri blaader" of Detect Life
      j) 4 Scrolls titled "grevly vomx" of Detect Magic
      k) a Scroll titled "iongan nelgme" of Detect Curse
      l) 9 Scrolls titled "klisur mijo" of Gauge Magic
      m) 16 Scrolls titled "larhov an" of Legend Lore
      p) 28 Scrolls titled "nag temtox" of Value Magic
      r) 13 Scrolls titled "glen satgar" of Sense Magic
      s) 49 Scrolls titled "klitab compi" of Test Magic
h) 10 Rations of Food
i) 10 Cyan Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {10% off}
j) a Map to the mountain Caradhras
k) 10 Scrolls titled "wun ban snikhe" of Phase Door {40% off}
l) 8 Scrolls titled "sansa nernep" of Word of Recall {25% off}
m) a Mithril Rod of Object Location
n) a Black Rod of Detect Life {50% off}
o) 2 Aluminium Rings of Sustaining
p) an Emerald Ring of Flames
q) a Zinc Ring of Sustain Mind
r) Double Chain Mail (-2) [16,+11]
s) a Chain Mail Coat [13] {ego item}
t) a Tower Shield [8,+10]
u) a Jewel Encrusted Crown of Device Mastery [0,+17] (+1)
v) a Dwarven Shovel (1d3) (+0,+0) (+3)

  [Home inventory]

a) 2 Magic Books of Curses {@m1@b1@G1!d!k!v, 25% off}
b) 2 Magic Books of Invocations {@m3@b3@G3!d!k!v}
c) 2 Magic Books of Mastery
d) 2 Magic Books of Devilry {10% off}
e) 61 Rations of Food
f) 20 Cyan Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {10% off}
g) 2 Golden Brown Potions of Cure Mortal Wounds
h) 16 Scrolls titled "wun ban snikhe" of Phase Door {40% off}
i) 4 Scrolls titled "nin gargre" of Teleportation
j) 10 Scrolls titled "sansa nernep" of Word of Recall {25% off}
k) 3 Scrolls titled "sefite werg" of *Identify*
l) a Scroll titled "sneeep ivdok" of Remove Curse
m) a Scroll titled "boti iv" of Satisfy Hunger
n) a Brass Lantern of Free Action
o) Chain Mail of the Khazad (-2) [14,+18] (+2)
p) Double Chain Mail of the Quendi (-2) [16,+11] (+1)
q) Hard Studded Leather of Resistance (-1) [7,+8]
r) a Buckler of Stealth [2,+2] (+5)
s) a Buckler of Resist Blindness [2,+0]
t) a Pair of Leather Sandals of Mana Regeneration [1,+5] (+1)
u) a Hand Crossbow of Intelligence (x2) (+5,+12) (+3)

  [House of Elrond inventory]

a) a Cross Runestone
b) a Door Runestone
c) an Elven Runestone
d) a Summoning Runestone
e) a Hand Runestone
f) a Star Runestone
g) a Storm Runestone
h) a Wave Runestone
i) 3 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
j) a Map to the sunken city of Numenor
k) a Map to the temple of Elemental Evil
l) Rusty Chain Mail of the Quendi (-5) [14,+8] (+1)
m) The Set of Leather Gloves 'Marno' (+1) [1,+6] (+2)

  [House of Beorn inventory]

a) 2 Hard Biscuits
b) a Strip of Beef Jerky
c) a Pint of Fine Wine

  [Dungeons Explored]

You emerged victorious from Barrow-downs (4-17).
You emerged victorious from the dump outside Bree (0-4).
You emerged victorious from the Troll Cave in Trollshaws Forest (4-6).
You emerged victorious from the Big Cavern under Misty Mountains (5-13).
You cleared the passage through the house of Beorn (15).
You emerged victorious from the Great Hall under Mirkwood the Great (13-26).
You cleared the passage through the Fangorn Forest (20).
You emerged victorious from the town of Edoras (8-27).
You emerged victorious from west Moria entrance (6-24).
You emerged victorious from east Moria entrance (13-24).
You emerged victorious from Ogre Camp beneath Redhorn pass (7-33).
You have visited the town of Hobbiton.
You have visited the East Road.
You reached level 20 in the tower of Weathertop (17-30).
You have visited the Ford to Rivendell.
You have visited the stronghold of Rivendell.
You have visited the Woodmen Village (10-13).
You have visited Lake-town.
You have visited the ruins of Lake-town.
You reached level 28 in the tunnels of Lonely Mountain (26-36).
You have visited Dunland.
You reached level 21 in Isengard (3-33).
You broke through to level 27 in the snowy slopes of Caradhras (20-40).


You suffer from no afflictions.  You can learn some spells/prayers.  

  [Game Statistics]

Total monsters killed: 5225
Total uniques killed: 25
Deepest unique killed: Scatha the Worm (normally at 39)
Total uniques left alive: 111
Top 5 monsters killed (by depth, excluding uniques and townsfolk):
 a Manticore
 a Mountain giant
 an Eldrak
 a Mature grey dragon
 2 Sylphs
Top 5 monsters killed (by number, excluding uniques):
 365 Giant brown rats
 102 Mountain ogres
 90 Forest orcs
 86 Uruks
 77 Orc sergeants

  [Spells Learnt]

Chill                    Sting                    Blood Binding
Find Familiar            Detect Traps             Stinking Cloud
Detect Evil              Poison Missile           Animate Dead
Wizard Eye               Air Spirit               Curse Monster
Fire Spirit              Darkness                 Shadowstep
Slip into Shadows        Sense Magic              Curse Monsters
Darkness Bolt            Vampiric Drain           Create Golem
Earth Spirit             Plague of Insects        Change into Bat
Dispel Undead            Disrupt Undead           Dark Rituals
Summon Spirit            Phantasmal Force         Summon Lemure
Water Spirit             Mass Curse               Darkness Ball
Rend Soul                Swallowed by Shadow      


Your familiar is a bat.

While serving you it has gained the following abilities:
  increase range of senses
  become hidden to infravision
  communicate with you silently
  gain an additional attack
  make attack drain health
  become harder to hit
  immunity to poison
  immunity to acid
  magically probe an opponent
  make attack poisonous
  make attack drain health
  increase hit points
  cause slowness
  cause confusion
  become harder to hit
  become harder to hit


Randomize all of the artifacts, even fixed   : no  (adult_randarts)
Restrict the use of stairs/recall            : no  (adult_ironman)
Restrict the use of stores/home              : no  (adult_no_stores)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Don't stack objects on the floor             : no  (adult_no_stacking)
Don't generate connected stairs              : no  (adult_no_stairs)
Play in Lord of the Rings campaign           : yes (adult_campaign)
Haggle in stores                             : no  (adult_haggle)
Start the game with almost no birth choices  : no  (adult_beginner)
Reduce the number of birth choices           : no  (adult_intermediate)
Ask all birth setup question at start        : no  (adult_first_time)
Reseed random artifacts on death             : yes (adult_reseed_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)
Score: Know complete artifact/ego info       : no  (score_lore)
Score: Auto-inscribe items as if known       : no  (score_auto)
Score: Show false colours for walls          : no  (score_wall)

Posted on 12.5.2010 14:23
Last updated on 10.6.2010 17:25

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On 12.5.2010 14:23 Ashkir wrote:
Early days yet, but loving my Necro in Un. Makes me laugh watching my 4 re-animated zombies pile into the opposition and dish out the pain. Sometimes it's hardwork as many things I run into are immune to cold and poison but once I take out something I can re-animate, things really take off. Lots of fun!! One question. I ended up with a bat as a familiar. I understand it can be used as a scout and has been useful a few times as an early warning system. The last level gain it actually managed to hit something for the very first time and the drain life ability is great as I was beginning to despair that it would ever whack even a mouse!!! Is there any other benefit to having a familiar around? Is there some subtle bonus I'm unaware of behind the scenes as at low levels he is pretty useless. One more question. Can you rename familiars, pets etc?? Or is that impossible.

On 12.5.2010 14:49 andrewdoull wrote:
Most familiars only become useful at level 10 when they get attacks - prior to then you've probably got about as much use from a bat as possible. From memory, a bat would have helped you fight invisible monsters as well.

Naming familiars is on the to do list.

On 12.5.2010 16:06 Bandobras wrote:
Hobbits rule! Wait, a Necromancer? The youngsters these days...

On 12.5.2010 16:18 Ashkir wrote:
He's only pretending to be a bad guy!!! ;0)

He still loves his old mum and won't re-animate her if something untoward should happen to her.....Honest guv !!

On 12.5.2010 17:21 Bandobras wrote:
How about reanimating her much loved doggie?

But really Hobbits are quite overpowered in this variant: you quickly pump up the few particularly bad stats (HP mainly), but you get great abilities (who cares about the puny Fighting and Bows, when you have excellent Throwing!).

On 12.5.2010 17:31 Ashkir wrote:
Agreed, they are. Their excellent stealth helps too. Once poor old Scrotus bites the dust I promise to play a harder combo. Roleplaying wise, I really want a shot at an Undead Necro ( the race of man whose name eludes me at the moment )

Another question for you guys. Just tried to resummon my familiar after it had left my service and getting the No such monster exists on this level message. I get this when animating corpses too. I thought, fair enough with the animate dead spell, but thought my own familiar would answer my summons every time?? I haven't gotten him in any real danger or upset him. Is this working as intended???

On 15.5.2010 11:00 andrewdoull wrote:
Re: summoning familiar. Probably not. It should appear every time it is alive, unless it is already in the dungeon.

On 18.5.2010 14:14 Bandobras wrote:
Was the Barrow-wight very difficult? How did you fight it?

On 18.5.2010 14:30 Ashkir wrote:
No, not so far as I recall. By the time I stumbled across him I had quite an undead following in tow. If you can imagine the poor Barrow-wight minding his own business then jumping out his skin as his front door got booted down and a horde of re-animated hooligans charging him while an annoying midget zapped him with lightning from a stick I think you will then get the picture :0)

On 20.5.2010 02:22 Bandobras wrote:
Shouldn't the undead rather listen to him? I think player slaves should have a chance of switching allegiance if they fight a much stronger monster with the same flags (probably UNDEAD and EVIL in this case, perhaps also RESIS_POISON, etc.). Then you'd have to summon animals to fight undead, elves to fight demons and plants to fight dragons. Necromancers would then have a tough time agains undead, but that's why you have a choice of dungeons... Anyway, good luck!

On 20.5.2010 02:48 wrote:
Bandobras: I was thinking of letting the summon flag also charm your followers away from you.

On 20.5.2010 02:50 wrote:
Ashkir: I hope your ability to change into a bat, and having a bat as a familiar doesn't result in the love that dare not speak its name...

On 21.5.2010 09:57 Ashkir wrote:
Andrew : I tend to avoid shape shifting into a bat at the moment to avoid distracting my familiar in the heat of combat and therefore avoiding potentially embarrassing misunderstandings and death!!! The idea of having minions charmed away from you is an interesting and challenging one, gets my vote.

Bandobras : My personal view of Necros is that they are masters of death and undeath and as such they should be more effective against such creatures. Not taking away anything from my enjoyment of the class in Un but I am finding undead opponents to be my achilles heel at the moment.

On 28.5.2010 18:45 Bandobras wrote:
Hmm, you are not the tourist type. High level, plenty of dungeons finished or mostly finished, but not so many visited or just started. And only one home's worth of personal junk? That's what I call a frugal life style! No confusion resist. I bet you don't do a lot of shopping either, though your home town has a few interesting shops, IIRC, and they continuously import new stuff, hoping such a successful adventurer will shop in his home town from time to time... Where to next?

On 31.5.2010 10:10 Ashkir wrote:
I am the tourist type, too much so. I like to take my time and see everything. Been my downfall in many games!! Being extra careful with this @ . The 1st Necro in any variant I've had past level 15 and he's a bit fragile so taking it slowly.

I haven't come across any stuff worth having ( my own opinion ) either while exploring or in the shops. Haven't seen any confusion resistance gear yet that I can comfortably lug around or use without losing too much other resists/abilities from swapping with something else.

I browse the shops everytime I recall out of a dungeon, but most of my gold goes on consumables, spellbooks etc ...... and the only things that have caught my eye I already have covered elsewhere.

The reason I'm exploring the few early dungeons is 1 ) to give the bosses a good kicking and gain a bit of kudos that way and 2 ) I've seen on the dungeon map that other paths open from areas I have previously explored ( Moria to Khazad Dum for example ) and am trying to unlock these areas. Am I way off the mark here? Will they become available to me at a much later stage or not at all as I'm on a wrong storyline??

My next big push will be Lonely Mountain though when I went to travel there it gave me the 'are you sure' question that made me pause. I don't want to get stuck somewhere I can't get back to a town from. I guess I could read the spoilers but having a good time learning by experience at the moment. Thats also the reason I didn't press on into Fangorn in Flames.

Lemme kick some ass in Edoras then I'll bite the bullet. I'm just kinda attatched to this little fella !!!

On 4.6.2010 11:50 Bandobras wrote:
AFAIK there are no story branches and blocked returns without quite obvious warnings, like the travel system warning about Lonely Mountain or some pretty obvious hints in wilderness description texts (like one about Maggot's Farm). The less important a storyline change (e.g. an event happens a tiny bit earlier than it would otherwise), the less obvious the warning. And in the end it mostly all converges so that you can kill almost all bosses, whatever you do (except dying). Bad guys don't retire just because you've insulted them by ignoring them at first. :)

Yes, killing bosses may unlock dungeons and almost always you can unlock almost all of them, whatever you do in the game. The main difference is how much time you leave yourself to explore those dungeons that are replaced by the new ones. IIRC Fangorn in Flames triggers such a replacement.

If you want to see a lot, then it may be wise to be a bit more of a tourist, before the evil times wipe out some of the easier dungeons. Just make sure to back off at the first hint of trouble in the wilderness location description, so that you don't trigger the wiping yourself.

BTW, you can see in your dungeon lore menu what exactly the travel system warns you about, e.g., where are the no-return routes. And for sure you can see it in all the menu after you maneuver yourself into a dead end. :)

On 11.6.2010 11:00 Bandobras wrote:
> % Burden 74%
> You have no room for a Rotting corpse Claw.
> Speed -2

Oh yeah, speed is overrated and you never know how useful a fine Rotting corpse Claw may turn out in the future. :D

On 11.6.2010 11:09 Ashkir wrote:
Hmmmmmm. Your comment just made me think. Can't remember off the top of my head how much skulls and limbs weigh. Would be a drag to carry dead bodies around obviously, but smaller body parts must be doable and would provide instant access to components needed for Animate Dead. Could be useful in a pinch!!!

Now I'm thinking along those lines, a magical bag that stores corpses etc would be awesome lol And for my next trick I will pull a dead troll out of my bag and zombify him!! Great stuff!!

On a more serious note. Did you see my post in the forums regarding my Scatha kill?

On 15.6.2010 13:30 Bandobras wrote:
Ha, you can't even make a joke without stumbling into some emergent behaviour. :)

About your fortunate victory over Scatha, I deem it lucky and terribly evil magic, very fitting for a hobbit and a necromancer.

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