The Angband Ladder: Croaker, the Dervish, Stone Troll Bard by HallucinationMushroom

  [Unangband 0.6.4 Character Dump]

 Name   Croaker, the Dervish                     Self  SB  EB  TB   Best   Curr
 Sex    Male               Age       35  STR!   18/88  +0 +11  +5 18/248
 Race   Stone Troll        Height 14' 0  INT:       3  +0  +3  +5     11
 Class  Bard               Status     1  WIS:       4  +0  +3  +5     12
 Style  Unarmed                          Dex!  18/103  +0  +8  +0 18/183 18/143
 Title  ***WINNER***                     CON!  18/103  +0  +8  +0 18/183
 Home   Bilbo's House in Rivendell       CHR!   18/80  +0 +14  +5 18/270
 Target the Seat of Morgoth in Angband   AGI:   18/62  +0  +8  +0  18/62
                                         SIZ!   18/96  +0 +11  +5 18/256
 Level           50  HP      2027/2482  Fight   (+55,+27)  Fighting   Legendary
 Curr Exp  18715380  SP     424/454+42  WShld   (+67,+44)  Shooting    Very Bad
 Max Exp   18715380  Hit die        55  Bash      [8,+13]  Throwing      Heroic
 Adv Exp   ********  Armor   [110,+64]  Blows  5/turn(x4)  Stealth         Fair
 Curr Danger Lev 60  Infravis    40 ft  Shoot    (+55,+0)  Save Throw Excellent
 Max Dungeon Lev 60  Gold        53714  Shots  0/turn(x0)  Disarming  Excellent
 Game Turn 16117421  Burden    219 lbs  Throw    (+55,+0)  Devices    Excellent
 Plr Turn    366958  % Burden      73%  Hurls  5/turn(x1)  Searching       Good
 Act Turn    196210  Speed         +11  Weight    590 lbs  Digging    Legendary

 You are formed from Rubble.  You have slime-green eyes, mangy bright red hair,

 This is 15th Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 You are on level 60 of the Seat of Morgoth in Angband.

  [Last Messages]

> You miss Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You cannot reach Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You hit Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You hit Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
> You feel something roll beneath your feet.
> You have won the game!
> You may retire (commit suicide) when you are ready.
> A magical staircase appears...
> The Master Aranea misses you.
> The Master Aranea misses you.
> The Master Aranea misses you.
> The Master Aranea misses you.
> The Old Beholder hive-mother is more dazed.

  [Character Equipment Stat Modifiers, Sustains and Flags]

(+/-)   +++   +++++
       /|=="~[()]]]               /|=="~[()]]]
       abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@
   Str:..41......33.         sStr:...s......s.s
   Int:...1.....2...         sInt:.............
   Wis:...1.....2...         sWis:...s.........
   Dex:..41...3.....         sDex:.............
   Con:..41.......3.         sCon:...s.........
   Chr:.6.1...34....         sChr:...s.........
   Agi:..41...3.....         sAgi:.............
   Siz:..41......33.         sSiz:...s......s.s
  Acid:........1....        Disea:............. 
  Elec:........1....        Blind:.........+... 
  Fire:...*....1....        Confu:......+...... 
  Cold:........1....        Sound:......+.+.... 
  Pois:....1...1....        Shard:......+...... 
  Fear:+.++....+..+.        Nexus:....+........ 
  Lite:.....+......-        Nethr:...+......... 
  Dark:.....+.......        Chaos:......+.+.... 
 Water:.............        Disen:......++..... 
       abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@ 
  Food:...+.........         Save:..4..........
 Feath:.............        Devic:.............
  Glow:.............        Steal:x...2..3.....
 Regen:............+         Sear:....2........
 Telep:.........+...        Infra:....2.1......
 Invis:+..+.+.......         Tunn:.............
 FrAct:+..+......+..        Speed:...12......3.
 HLife:.....+.......        Blows:.............
 Activ:..++.++.+....        Shots:.............
 Throw:.............        Might:.............
 Undea:.............        Healt:............* 
 Demon:.............         Mana:...1......... 
   Orc:.............        Exper:............. 
 Troll:............+        Telep:............. 
 Giant:.............        Spell:............. 
 Dragn:......+......         Evil:............. 
   Man:.............              abcdefghijkl@ 
 Dwarf:.............              /|=="~[()]]]  

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Glaive 'Iluch' (8d6) (+12,+17) [8,+0]
b) a Harp of Charisma (+6)
c) The Ring of Tulkas (+4)
d) The Ring of Power 'Narya' (+6,+5) (+1)
e) a Tortoise Shell Amulet of Trickery (+2)
f) The Arkenstone of Thrain
g) Balance Dragon Scale Mail of Resist Confusion (-2) [30,+19]
h) The Cloak of Hiliellad [1,+6] (+3)
i) The Tower Shield 'Yamoth' (+2) [8,+13] (+4)
j) The Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+7] (+2)
k) a Set of Mithril Gauntlets of Might [5,+10] (+3)
l) The Pair of Steel Shod Boots of Thror [6,+11] (+3)

  [Character inventory]

a) 2 Song Books of Tunes (Water proof)
b) 2 Song Books of Progressions (Fire proof)
c) 2 Song Books of Drills (Fire proof)
d) a Song Book of Snake Charming (Theft proof)
e) a Song Book of Dirges (Theft proof)
f) 2 Song Books of Pandemonium (Fire proof)
g) 2 Song Books of Discordance (Fire proof)
h) 2 Song Books of Beats (Water proof)
i) 2 Song Books of Chords (Water proof) {25% off}
j) 2 Song Books of Sympathies (Fire proof)
k) a Song Book of Symphonies (Theft proof)
l) 2 Song Books of Soothing (Fire proof)
m) a Magic Bag of Antidotes
 with a) 10 Evervescent Potions of Slow Poison
      b) 13 Hazy Potions of Neutralize Poison
      c) 44 Turgid Potions of Resist Cold
      d) 34 Pink Potions of Resist Heat
      e) 66 Red Speckled Potions of Cure Light Wounds
      f) 20 Light Blue Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
      g) 6 Violet Potions of Restore Life Levels
      i) 7 Cyan Potions of Resist Heat & Cold
      j) 46 Sea-blue Potions of Resist Acid
      k) 4 Grey Speckled Potions of Resist Poison
      m) 13 Azure Potions of Remove Fear & Poison
      n) 15 Caramel Potions of Cure Minor Disease
      o) 16 Puce Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
n) a Magic Bag of Philtres
 with b) 12 Rainbow Potions of Infra-vision
      d) 31 Swirling Potions of Heroism
      e) 10 Silver Speckled Potions of Berserk Strength
      g) 11 Pink Speckled Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
      h) 20 Brown Speckled Potions of Strength and Size
      i) 15 Yellow Speckled Potions of Intelligence and Wisdom
      k) 21 Lincoln Green Potions of Constitution and Charisma
o) a Magic Bag of Elixirs
 with a) 22 Syrupy Potions of Speed
      b) 5 Gloopy Green Potions of Healing
      c) 4 Cloudy Potions of *Healing*
      e) 7 Chartreuse Potions of Restore Mana
      f) 11 Mustard Green Potions of Restore Body
      g) 14 Rosy Potions of Enlightenment
      i) 9 Copper Speckled Potions of Self Knowledge
      k) 14 Green Speckled Potions of Resistance
      l) 2 Sour Potions of Cure Mortal Wounds
      m) 4 Metallic Green Potions of Cure All Wounds
      n) an Amber Potion of *Cure All Wounds*
      o) 3 Gold Potions of Cure Plague
      p) 3 Dark Red Potions of Restore Mind
p) a Magic Bag of Helpful Mushrooms
 with a) 11 White Spotted Mushrooms of Cure Poison
      b) 4 Wrinkled Mushrooms of Cure Blindness
      c) 6 Orange Capped Mushrooms of Cure Paranoia
      d) 6 Leathery Mushrooms of Cure Confusion
      f) 5 Light Green Mushrooms of Restore Strength and Size
      g) 7 Tan Mushrooms of Restore Constitution and Charisma
      h) 12 Purple Blotched Mushrooms of Restoring
      i) 15 Light Blue Mushrooms of Mana
      j) 8 Luminescent Mushrooms of Cure Cuts
      l) 15 Fleshy Mushrooms of Slow Metabolism
      n) 3 Slimy Mushrooms of Bloating
      o) 2 Red Spotted Mushrooms of Haste
q) a Magic Bag of Scrying
 with a) 42 Scrolls titled "agapp wunrog" of Identify
      b) 37 Scrolls titled "unum mungish" of Read Magic
      c) 4 Scrolls titled "sandok wedcre" of Analyze Magic
      e) 15 Scrolls titled "shurea bjor" of Treasure Detection
      f) 6 Scrolls titled "ereblu tab" of Object Detection
      g) 33 Scrolls titled "unapp shuner" of Trap Detection
      h) 50 Scrolls titled "mi urman" of Door/Stair Location
      j) 33 Scrolls titled "rog reaaks" of Detect Magic
      k) 11 Scrolls titled "oxynep um" of Detect Curse
      l) 44 Scrolls titled "jorol flitbie" of Gauge Magic
      m) 54 Scrolls titled "sosna wed" of Legend Lore
      o) 5 Scrolls titled "po pay nagme" of Runic Magic
      q) 10 Scrolls titled "ishapp sonelg" of Feedback
      r) 8 Scrolls titled "eredok satzun" of Sense Magic
      s) 42 Scrolls titled "compvom nerkho" of Test Magic
r) a Magic Bag of Hedge Magics
 with a) 87 Scrolls titled "evs blaa gar" of Phase Door
      b) 11 Scrolls titled "blaaglen" of Teleportation
      c) 19 Scrolls titled "nelgash rhovfu" of Escape
      d) 55 Scrolls titled "creyerg ela" of Word of Recall
      e) 3 Scrolls titled "crenih bekorn" of Recharging
      f) 17 Scrolls titled "denrok ganklis" of Light
      g) 25 Scrolls titled "ner rolulk" of Satisfy Hunger
      i) 12 Scrolls titled "wex whoni" of Holy Chant
      j) 2 Scrolls titled "satrol bit" of Holy Prayer
      k) 2 Scrolls titled "ite poash bie" of Protection from Evil
      l) 14 Scrolls titled "potarze plugre" of Trap/Door Destruction
      m) 13 Scrolls titled "banden ulkulk" of Shielding
      n) 12 Scrolls titled "ersun rolbyt" of Sanctuary
      o) 13 Scrolls titled "wexjo re" of Opening
      p) 3 Scrolls titled "ganit esh so" of Hero's Prayer
      q) 7 Scrolls titled "meorn tatrol" of Concentration
      r) 18 Scrolls titled "eshski thershu" of Door Creation
      s) 11 Scrolls titled "sri ple cos" of Stair Creation
s) a Magic Bag of Eldritch Magics
 with a) 5 Scrolls titled "trolwhon binhe" of *Identify*
      b) a Scroll titled "un jo bit bjor" of *Remove Curse*
      c) 2 Scrolls titled "tabot binseh" of Rune of Protection
      d) 3 Scrolls titled "ulk monion" of *Destruction*
      e) 4 Scrolls titled "um eep mikish" of Dispel Undead
      h) 5 Scrolls titled "buarze nes"
      k) a Scroll titled "plebyt oxyfu" of Cold Snap
      l) a Scroll titled "wunerk friala" of Acid Rain
      m) a Scroll titled "aaus binnag" of Immolation
t) a Magic Bag of Maps {75% off}
 with a) a Map titled 'There and Back Again'
      b) a Map to the citadel of Isengard
      c) a Map to the door to Moria
      d) a Map to the mountain Caradhras
      i) a Map to the temple of Elemental Evil
      j) a Map to the Crystal Castle
      k) a Map to the ruins of Angmar
u) 9 Rosy Potions of Cure Disease

  [Home inventory]

a) a Magic Bag of Supplies
 with a) 35 Flasks of Oil
      c) 25 Flasks of Acid
      d) 4 Wooden Torches
      e) 99 Iron Spikes
      h) 2 empty Cages
      i) 990 feet of Rope
      j) 990 feet of Chain
      l) 5 Flasks of Bile
      n) 4 Flasks of Light
b) a Magic Bag of Provisions
 with b) 5 Hard Biscuits
      c) 9 Strips of Beef Jerky
      d) 82 Rations of Food
      f) 58 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
      g) 30 handfuls of Berries
      h) 30 Apples
      i) 10 Pints of Fine Ale
      j) 4 Pints of Fine Wine
      n) 3 Clear Potions of Water
c) 3 Magic Bags of Philtres
d) a Magic Bag of Elixirs
e) 3 Magic Bags of Helpful Mushrooms
f) 4 Magic Bags of Scrying
g) 2 Magic Bags of Lesser Runes
 with b) 4 Blood Runestones
      c) a Cross Runestone
      e) an Explosive Runestone
      f) 3 Eye Runestones
      h) a Frost Runestone
      i) a Summoning Runestone
      j) 2 Hand Runestones
      k) a Mouth Runestone
      l) a Star Runestone
      n) 2 Earth Runestones
      o) a Wave Runestone
h) a Magic Bag of Greater Runes
 with a) an Arrow Runestone
      b) a Cloud Runestone
      c) a Demon Runestone
      d) 2 Dragon Runestones
      g) 2 Mana Runestones
      h) 2 Moon Runestones
      i) a Shield Runestone
      j) 2 Sword Runestones
      m) 3 Wonder Runestones
i) 2 Magic Bags of Maps {75% off}
j) a Magic Book of Psychic Magic
k) The Ring of Barahir (+1)
l) a Maiden's Hair Amulet of the Serpents (Glowing) (+3)
m) a Brass Lantern of Charisma (with 11384 turns of light) (+5)
n) The Segmented Plate Mail of the Rohirrim [19,+15] (+2)
o) a Tabard of the Quendi [3,+3] (+1) {nexus}
p) The Tower Shield of Anarion [5,+10]
q) The Tower Shield of Hamorthol [8,+13] (+6)
r) The Set of Alchemist's Gloves of Fingolfin (+10,+7) [5,+10] (+4)
s) The Pair of Iron Shod Boots of Gilgael (+3) [3,+8] (+4)
t) a set of Bagpipes of Resist Water
u) a set of Panpipes of Health (+1) {fear, 50% off}
v) a Lance of Bloodlust (3d8) (+6,+5)
w) The Short Bow of Amrod (x2) (+12,+15) (+2)

  [House of Elrond inventory]

a) a Magic Bag of Maps {75% off}
b) 3 Song Books of Tunes (Fire proof)
c) 2 Song Books of Soothing (Fire proof)
d) 4 Song Books of Drills (Fire proof)
e) 2 Song Books of Discordance
f) 2 Song Books of Chords
g) 4 Song Books of Sympathies (Fire proof)
h) 2 Magic Books of Shapeshifting (Fire proof)
i) a Magic Book of Shapechanging (Theft proof)
j) a Scroll titled "iontue snobek" of Vampirism
k) 2 Tanzanite Rings of Strength and Size (Glowing) (+3)
l) 2 Copper-Plated Rings of Damage (Glowing) (+14) (+1)
m) a Bronze Amulet of the Magi [+7] (+1)
n) The Hard Leather Armour of Himring [6,+11]
o) a Fur Cloak of the Quendi [3,+3] (+1) {blind}
p) The Riveted Leather Coat of Errahtal (-2) [8,+13] (+3)
q) The Round Shield of Thorin [3,+8] (+2)
r) a Tower Shield of Resist Blindness [8,+12]
s) a Mithril Shield of Resist Water [10,+13]
t) The Iron Helm 'Hamril' [5,+10]
u) a Dragon Helm [8,+12]
v) a Pair of Iron Shod Boots [3,+8] <3 Wheels>
w) a set of Panpipes of Telepathy

  [House of Beorn inventory]

a) a Strip of Beef Jerky
b) 2 Rations of Food
c) 2 Pints of Fine Ale
d) a Pint of Fine Wine
e) Beorn, the Shape-Changer's Corpse {Comfy throw rug}

  [vault of the city of Erebor inventory]

a) a Song Book of Beats
b) a Song Book of Chords
c) a Prayer Book of Abjurations
d) 2 Scrolls titled "plesna byt kli" of Remove Curse
e) a Scroll titled "iontue snobek" of Vampirism
f) a Dragon's Claw Amulet of Weaponmastery (+2,+4) (+1)
g) Red Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [30,+27]

  [vault of the city of Erebor inventory]

a) a Song Book of Shanties
b) 11 Javelins of Extra Might (1d6) (+4,+4) (+2)

  [vault of the city of Erebor inventory]

a) a Golden Crown of Purity [0,+19] (+1)

  [newly erected statue in your honor inventory]

a) a Magic Bag of Scrying
b) a Magic Bag of Enchantments
c) a Magic Bag of Elements
d) The Phial of Galadriel
e) a Set of Gauntlets of Execute Dragon [3,+3]

  [the branches of an Ent inventory]

a) an Eucalyptus Staff of *Destruction* (1d6) (+9,+5) (4 charges)
b) Mithril Plate Armour of Speed (-3) [35,+9] (+1)
c) a Cloak [1,+3]
d) a Leather Coat (Acid proof) (-1) [5,+8]

  [the branches of an Ent inventory]

a) a Prayer Book of Laying of Hands
b) 3 Rosewood Staffs of Speed (1d7) (+6,+11) (12 charges) (+2)
c) a Brass Lantern of Sustain Strength and Size (with 1499 turns of light)
d) Augmented Chain Mail of Strength and Size (-2) [18,+9] (+1)

  [the branches of an Ent inventory]

a) a Prayer Book of Accursed Ways
b) 2 Rations of Food
c) a Mallorn Staff of Wondrous Magics (1d6) (+9,+9) (8 charges)
d) a Blade of Chaos of Light (6d5) (+6,+7) (+1)

  [the branches of an Ent inventory]

a) a Magic Book of Storm Magic
b) Metal Scale Mail of Resistance (-3) [15,+19]
c) Mithril Plate Armour of Sense Giants (-3) [35,+11]
d) a Cloak of Sustain Constitution [1,+7]
e) 10 Throwing Axes (Theft proof) (2d3) (+12,+5)

  [the branches of an Ent inventory]

a) 7 Light Blue Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
b) an Aluminum-Plated Rod of Acid Balls
c) 3 Willow Staffs of Earthquakes (2d6) (+12,+11) (8 charges)
d) a Lochaber Axe (3d4) (+12,+6)

  [the Mirror of Galadriel inventory]

a) 2 Prayer Books of Inquisition
b) a Magic Book of Glyphs
c) a Magic Book of Invocations
d) a Magic Book of Prestidigitation
e) 6 Pints of Fine Ale {Stayin' cool}
f) Green Dragon Scale Mail of Resist Disenchantment (-2) [30,+20]
g) Balance Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [30,+18] (charging)
h) a Fur Cloak of the Quendi [3,+1] (+1) {fear}

  [Storeroom inventory]

a) a Flask of Oil
b) a Red Speckled Potion of Cure Light Wounds
c) a Scroll titled "wex whoni" of Holy Chant

  [Storeroom inventory]

a) a Strip of Beef Jerky
b) a Scroll titled "wex whoni" of Holy Chant

  [Storeroom inventory]

a) a Hard Biscuit
b) a Strip of Beef Jerky
c) 2 Rations of Food
d) a Scroll titled "oxynep um" of Detect Curse

  [Storeroom inventory]

a) a Strip of Beef Jerky
b) a Ration of Food
c) an Apple
d) a Brass Lantern (with 7500 turns of light)

  [pavilion of the Army of the West inventory]

a) Augmented Chain Mail of Stealth (-2) [18,+9] (+1)
b) a Steel Helm of Dexterity and Agility [6,+10] (+1)
c) a Cutlass of Gondolin (1d7) (+12,+8) [2,+3] (+1)
d) a Short Bow (x2) (+7,+4)

  [pavilion of the Army of the West inventory]

a) 2 Eucalyptus Staffs of *Destruction* (1d6) (+11,+10) (8 charges)
b) 4 Lebethron Staffs of Cure Mortal Wounds (1d6) (+12,+5) (11 charges) (+4)
c) a Long Bow of Execute Demon (x3) (+4,+5)
d) 17 Seeker Arrows of Execute Undead (4d6) (+6,+3)

  [pavilion of the Army of the West inventory]

a) a Mallorn Staff of Wondrous Magics (1d6) (+9,+6) (6 charges)
b) a Beaked Axe (3d6) (+12,+8)
c) a Gnomish Shovel of Extra Might (1d2) (+12,+4) (+6)
d) 24 Steel Bolts (2d7) (+8,+9)
e) 22 Seeker Arrows (4d6) (+11,+2)

  [pavilion of the Army of the West inventory]

a) a Cloak of Sense Nature [1,+7]
b) a Round Shield of Resist Light [4,+10]
c) a Dwarven Shovel of Slay Nature (1d3) (+5,+6) (+4)

  [the White Tree inventory]

a) Copper Dragon Scale Mail of See Invisible (-2) [30,+19]
b) a Buckler of Searching [2,+8] (+3)
c) a Pair of Leather Sandals of Health Regeneration [1,+5] (+1)
d) a Dwarven Pick of Earthquakes (1d4) (+12,+9) (+3)

  [tomb of Durin inventory]

a) a Hawthorn Wand of Striking (5 charges)
b) an Iron Crown [0,+12]
c) a Set of Mithril Gauntlets of Might [5,+9] (+1)
d) a Two-Handed Sword of Execute Demon (3d6) (+6,+2)
e) 23 Grappling Bolts of Slay Dragon (1d7) (+4,+7)

  [Dungeons Explored]

You emerged victorious from deep under Tyrn Gorthad (10-23).
You emerged victorious from the dump outside Bree (0-4).
You emerged victorious from the Troll Cave in Trollshaws Forest (4-6).
You emerged victorious from the Midgewater Marshes (10-17).
You emerged victorious from the tower of Weathertop (17-30).
You cleared the passage through the Ford to Rivendell (8).
You emerged victorious from the Big Cavern under Misty Mountains (5-13).
You cleared the passage through the house of Beorn (15).
You emerged victorious from the Woodmen Village (10-13).
You cleared the passage through the ruins of Lake-town (17).
You emerged victorious from the Bottommost Hall under Lonely Mountain (26-36).
You cleared the passage through the Battle of Five Armies (30).
You emerged victorious from Dol Guldur (36-48).
You emerged victorious from Dunland in war rage (22-37).
You cleared the passage through Isengard war-ready (21-40).
You emerged victorious from emptied Isengard (30-45).
You cleared the passage through the Fangorn Forest (20).
You cleared the passage through Fangorn aflame (27).
You cleared the passage through the Ent Moot (21).
You emerged victorious from the town of Edoras (8-27).
You emerged victorious from Hornburg (22-40).
You emerged victorious from west gates of Moria (33-36).
You emerged victorious from the mines of Moria (22-30).
You cleared the passage through the east gates of Moria (36).
You emerged victorious from Khazad-Dum (30-40).
You emerged victorious from Ogre Camp beneath Redhorn pass (7-33).
You emerged victorious from the peak of Caradhras (20-40).
You fought through to the other side of Parth Galen (20-40).
You emerged victorious from Minas Tirith (0-48).
You cleared the passage through the Battle of Pelennor Fields (43).
You emerged victorious from Ithilien (20-21).
You cleared the passage through Dead Marshes (41).
You cleared the passage through Morannon (40-53).
You emerged victorious from Udun (54-58).
You cleared the passage through Isenmouthe (55).
You emerged victorious from beneath the Plains of Gorgoroth (48-54).
You emerged victorious from Orodruin (54-59).
You opened the passage through Barad-dur (48-59).
You cleared the passage through the Battle of Black-Gate (45).
You emerged victorious from the ruins of Angmar (30-51).
You cleared the passage through the siege of Osgiliath (40).
You emerged victorious from the Seat of Morgoth in Angband (0-60).
You have visited the town of Hobbiton.
You have visited the East Road.
You have visited the stronghold of Rivendell.
You reached level 25 in the Storage Cellars under Mirkwood the Great (13-26).
You have visited Lake-town.
You have visited that marketplace of the Dale.
You have visited the vaults of Erebor.
You have visited Dunland.
You reached level 30 in Isengard (3-33).
You have visited the door to Moria.
You have visited Lothlorien.
You have visited southern slopes of Mount Mindolluin.
You have visited Minas Morgul (42-57).
You reached level 22 in depths of the Temple of Elemental Evil (21-40).
You have visited the Crystal Castle (30-45).
You have visited Army of the West.


You are temporarily stronger.  You are temporarily smarter.  You are
 temporarily wiser.  You are temporarily more dextrous.  You are temporarily
 healthier.  You are temporarily cuter  You are temporarily more agile.  You
 are temporarily larger.  You are temporarily more fumble fingered.  You are
 temporarily sick.  You are temporarily more clumsy.  You are temporarily
 hasted.  You are in a berserk rage.  You are temporarily protected from acid. 

 You are temporarily protected from electricity.  You are temporarily protected
 from fire.  You are temporarily protected from cold.  You are temporarily
 protected from poison.  You are afflicted with black brain.  It must be
 by the appropriate remedy, or you can treat the symptoms to cure the disease. 

 You are carrying equipment that you have not fully identified.  It sustains 

  [Game Statistics]

Total monsters killed: 6456
Total uniques killed: 72
Deepest unique killed: Morgoth, Lord of Darkness (normally at 60)
Total uniques left alive: 64
Top 5 monsters killed (by depth, excluding uniques and townsfolk):
 2 Great wyrm of Powers
 an Archlich
 a Horned Reaper
 3 Great Aether Wyrms
 8 Minor Deaths
Top 5 monsters killed (by number, excluding uniques):
 146 Orc captains
 137 Ogres
 118 Swamp ogres
 114 Cave orcs
 110 Mountain orcs

  [Spells Learnt]

Benediction              Bless                    Cure Light Wounds
Detect Evil              Guided Blow              Confuse Monster
Guided Throw             Light Area               Find Hidden Traps/Doors
Slow Poison              Cure Moderate Wounds     Cure Serious Wounds
Resist Poison            Satisfy Hunger           Mighty Blow
Resist Fire              Heroism                  Haste Self
Lion's Roar              Trap/Door Destruction    Stone Tell
Sound Bolt               Change into Bear         Change into Cheetah
Detect Monsters          Treasure Detection       Detect Curse
Object Detection         Sense Invisible          Detection
Detect Magic             Phase Door               Teleport Self
Teleport Other           Escape                   Fear
Polymorph Other          Berserker                Ent's Seeds
Shield                   Concentration            Hero's Prayer
Resistance               Righteous Fury           Perception
Legend Lore              Word of Recall           Dark Rituals
Confusion                Phantasmal Force         Temporary Displacement
Mighty Throw             Deadly Throw             Banish Evil
Enchant Armour           Enchant Weapon           Word of Destruction
Power Word Sleep         Raise Dead               Clashing Chords
Scare Monster            Phlogiston               Sleep Monster
Neutralize Poison        Radiant Blow             Fiery Blow
Sanctuary                Word of Opening          Alter Reality
Smite Demon              Smite Undead             Deadly Blow
Holy Blow                Smite Dragon             Rain of Blows
Detect Life              Infravision              Charm Bird or Mammal
Summon Animal            Charm Reptile            Lion's Mane
Dragonscales             Charm Monster            Dragon's Maw
Summon Dragon            Light Chambers           Animate Dead
Summon Spirit            Remembrance              


Randomize all of the artifacts, even fixed   : no  (adult_randarts)
Restrict the use of stairs/recall            : no  (adult_ironman)
Restrict the use of stores/home              : no  (adult_no_stores)
Restrict creation of artifacts               : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Don't stack objects on the floor             : no  (adult_no_stacking)
Don't generate connected stairs              : no  (adult_no_stairs)
Play in Lord of the Rings campaign           : yes (adult_campaign)
Haggle in stores                             : no  (adult_haggle)
Start the game with almost no birth choices  : no  (adult_beginner)
Reduce the number of birth choices           : no  (adult_intermediate)
Ask all birth setup question at start        : no  (adult_first_time)
Reseed random artifacts on death             : yes (adult_reseed_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)
Score: Know complete artifact/ego info       : no  (score_lore)
Score: Auto-inscribe items as if known       : no  (score_auto)
Score: Show false colours for walls          : no  (score_wall)

Posted on 2.6.2011 16:11
Last updated on 15.6.2011 15:40

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1985. on the Ladder (of 18570)
9. on the Unangband Ladder (of 189)
Second best for this player (out of 47)

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On 2.6.2011 16:11 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Behold the power of the singing fist! I really wanted to sit back and enjoy some roguelike role playing and Unangband is a natural choice for that. That being said, my initial idea was a classical bard archetype, but after the third or fourth frail poet type got squished I reached for something stronger, and more fun!

Un's bard spell system requires three attributes. Dexterity, for number of spells, charisma for manapool and constitution for fail rate. It might be the nastiest clumsiest most guttural horriblest song you ever heard, but Croaker can sustain it FOREVER, or at least until he pummels you to death.

Now, a singing troll is crazy enough... but I have coupled that with martial arts, at least for now. The choices of specialty are somewhat limited and of the ones a bard can choose martial arts is the only one that anywhere resembles my playstyle. My original concept for a successful bard was to find a high charging weapon and use the bard spells for increasing charging damage and simply phase run charge while singing for hp when necessary. I might still resort to this tactic, but for now, nothing says fun like a flying kick to gnome academic's face.

On 2.6.2011 17:59 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Currently climbing up both Edoras and Isenguard's towers kung-fu Pagoda style.

On 2.6.2011 23:37 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
The haste self song came just in time for the fight with Theoden. It was rough and cost me most of my healing potions and he survived through all the stanzas of my bonnie lies over the ocean. It must've been quite a sight to watch Theoden running madly away from a singing troll only to get a flying kick in the back when he arrived at a closed door.

On 3.6.2011 17:05 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Okay, so I have been sporting my Blanka impersonation, but now I have evolved into a beautiful Felicia from Darkstalkers with the cheetah shapechange spell. I tried to do some shopping in this form but Middle Earth denizens, like most fickle fighting gamers, do not like Felicia and promptly hit me with brooms. One nice old lady fed me a scrap before she put me out. I love little touches like these. The mice don't want you to leave, indeed. Good stuff. So... yeah. Mirkwood has been really fun. I didn't know, or forgot, that there is a town level near the bottom that had a really cool library. I wished I worked at that one instead of the one I do. At the end I had a fun fight with Ibun and Khim simultaneously. I dazed Ibun with a sound bolt which obviously confounded him because he just stood there for a good 6 rounds as I hit him with a flying kick, retreated, and flying kicked him again until his brother showed up. They could only scratch me but I could do only the same. Since the fight took so long all my stuff got disenchanted rather nicely. Good thing I don't care about any of it too much. I also had a couple of simuls with Beruthiel's cats. All in all still having fun with this character.

On 4.6.2011 02:58 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Alright, thanks to cough syrup, I can truly appreciate the insanity. I found a soccer ball vault that the Elf King likes to live in. It even had traps ^ to spangle the panels like the ball they used in the UEFA championship match. Anyway, I get close to the ball and I start hearing the loudest racket. People summoning hellish adversaries and elves screaming in anguish. That's what you get, Elf-King, for living with a bunch of cultists in a soccer ball. Anyway, the Elf-King had enough of the screeching and wandered through his usual exit and we had a nice chat. Something had already bitten a piece of him off and I can only imagine what kind of day he had. He is dead now. I am going to bed.

On 4.6.2011 20:21 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Redhorn pass is awesome, how come I've never come here before? The ice levels are nice and so are the tons of orcs goblins and ogres that are fun to squish with few pesky incorporeal monsters to worry about.

My resistances have suddenly taken a good turn! I now have the elements, fa+si, nexus (with teleport allowed) and two personal favorites, confusion and blindness. I have a helm of poison resistance but I have a song that covers that if I know beforehand to sing it.

I need more damage. Two big bonus damage rings would be welcome additions to my current wig-getting. I've dropped in some str and size rings to help somewhat. I'm really looking forward to getting to level 30 with hopefully another attack a round.

I've yet to break through to the next-phase part of the game. I keep treading and retreading danger level 20 - 30, but now with more resistances I might be able to take on the end of Redhorn and Isenguard. Isenguard nearly killed me last time I teleported to my highest reached level.

On 5.6.2011 04:07 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Survived through some pretty silly mistakes today... I'd like to blame my head cold but I feel I would've done them anyway. I went toe to toe with the Redhorn guardian only to realize the reason I hadn't taken a star off of him after 7 attack rounds was because I forgot to take off my sword when I was shuffling around while doing my shopping. I found a new spellbook, yah! It went in slot A., but I kept gleefully spamming my old spell key combinations in total ignorance. Hey, why am I surrounded by a bunch of really nasty looking ogres, I just cast detect evil and the coast was supposed to be clear. Ohhhhhh. A trapper nearly killed me also, being completely invisible or a . or something I don't know. I did manage to get another showdown with the Redhorn guardian but when I got him down to 3 stars I didn't have enough healing to outlast... not to mention the 40 gabillion ogres right behind him. Time to rethink, replan. I know, I'll buy a damage ring for 83,000 gp! Doh! I don't think it applies to my unarmed combat, after checking my unarmed status. I thought that would likely happen when I bought it because the description explicitly states it applies to whatever hand I'm using... and I'm using both hands and feet. Perhaps if I find another damage ring and wear both something will happen but I seriously doubt it. Whew. I think I'm going to have to go back to the Isenguard pagoda and use my new detect magic spell to find nice piles of tasty potions. Now that I've got a lot of resistances I might be able to survive the initial drop zone at 26, or whatever. It's a right nasty tower.

On 5.6.2011 20:24 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Alright, a worthy glaive has fallen into the hands of someone who can appreciate it, and snuggle it closely at night. It's like a glaive of pain sister weapon, but with execute dragon!!! x5 against dragons baby. Native x4 charging bonus. Resist paralysis is nice too. Burdens me with aggravate. How cute, as if I care. Bring on the wiggins!!! I can always take it off to go back to the flying kick style, but for now I'm going to give the charging glaive of coolness tactic a trial run, on the Redhorn guardian's face! I'm packed to the eye-teeth and I've got a good feeling about our upcoming third encounter...

On 5.6.2011 22:00 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Yes! Ogre-face was a pushover. I charged into to take off a star on the very first attack, then proceeded to take at least another star for every attack round. I think I used one potion of berserk rage for healing. That, was satisfying.

But, not quite as satisfying as throwing Smaug's corpse to the ground. I barricaded myself in a room of doors and proceeded to drink my resist heat potions, resistance potions, str + size potions (which bumps me to 2! attacks a round) shield scrolls, haste and man who knows what else but I was prepared! Using my detect evil song I opened the door and charged right out just in time to take off two stars on my intitial charge! That might blow song is really nice, which bumps my charging multiplier by x2 and helps with regular attacks too. Smaug never really recovered. I ate his sack lunch even faster than Ogreface's. He dropped a useful bag of scrying and my new dragonscale armor, along with some other junk. I wanted to heave his corpse back to my home but it weighs 500 pounds! Damn! Screw that. Well, I guess I have to get to the bottom of the Lonely Mountain to clear out the vaults of goodies... If I recall correctly there are at least 5 rooms with a good chance of producing something nice. I once found Hurin's axe there, I believe.

Ahh, I think I've finally progressed to the next phase. West of the mountains is opening game, but east of the mountains are where the big boys play. I hope I can hang tough. I reached level 30 when I killed Smaug and this was the first time I passed on upping my charisma. I hope I don't regret that later, but for now I think I'm going to focus on getting my strength up. I do get 4 attacks in unarmed combat, so that will be a good option for edged weapon immunities.

On 6.6.2011 00:28 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Okay, things aren't quite what I remember. Maybe I need to do the battle of five armies before I can get to the treasure vaults... or perhaps those vaults belong somewhere else? Man, who knows with my memory. One thing for sure though, after traversing to the bottom of the lonely mountain I emerge in Dale and the statue is booby-trapped. When I go to claim my prize out of the statue the game crashes. I think the Laketown citizens are rightfully pissed about me setting off the chain of events that led to their town being burned down and left me a nice present! Luckily, I had saved not long before that so I felt justified in a little level scumming to quickly get back to Dale. I have a save game set aside where my character is about to drop down to Dale for the first time if this proves helpful to anybody. I'll do the battle of five armies next and then try the statue again.

On 6.6.2011 01:21 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
At the battle of five armies I was given a large unit of trolls to command into battle. I coordinated my troll forces to attack yonder hill... and they did! They shuffled out of the starting encampment in polite single file manner as I played a calming tune. Then, the bloodshed started and I switched to a song that only a troll could love. Bolg quickly jumped in front of his forces which proved to be a fatal mistake.

On the glitchy side of things, however, I cannot open any of the vaults in Erebor. The game does the same thing it does when I try to go inside the statue... it simply crashes.

On 6.6.2011 01:48 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Bonus pts! I got the situation resolved. I loaded up my savefile onto the Unangbad I carry around with me on my flash drive and I was able to go into the vaults and the statue. So, I don't know why I can't go into the vaults or statue on my at-home computer version, but I don't much care now. I'll just play on my thumb drive version.

On 6.6.2011 02:39 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Alright, after all that fuss and muss there was hardly anything in the vaults or the statue. Oh well, time to gear up for the next adventures!

On 6.6.2011 05:38 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Decided to take a gander at a few of the story threads I had never seen before. I led a band of trolls to the Hornburg (but couldn't make them drink) and eventually found my way into helms deep? and killed the guardian there. The tower kept going up to level 40 but I chickened out and went on to the Ent Moot instead. Having already killed Radagast, poor Radagast, I checked out some tree stumps and found the Arkenstone! My lantern of +5 charisma is pretty nice though, but I'm going to give the Arkenstone a trial run since I don't use much mana anyway. I'm going to snuggy up to my new glaive tonight and sleep on where to go next. I'm wishing now that I had given the lonely mountain a few more passes with my execute dragon glaive. Ahhhh. Dragons. ZzzZzzzzZzzzzzz

On 6.6.2011 16:31 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Okay, I'm pretty sure I keep choosing cold themed areas because it's so damn hot outside. I narrowly survived a couple of more really bad decisions. Upon arriving at level 39 of Caradrhas, I detect Intangast. My eyes immediately dialate. I stare at my glaive, it stares at me... we know what to do, don't we, oh yes.
I charge in the hall where he is... WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM!!!! Silly me, All I saw was Intangast and didn't notice the, I don't know, some odd thirty water elementals palling around with their King. The ensuing tidal waves fortunately pushed me all the way to the edge of the room, luckily near a hallway. In my infinite wisdom, I have not brought along any way of teleporting. Progressions? Bah, who needs it?! Luckily, I'm fast as hell, so I create doors, read a scroll of word of recall and make a mad dash for the hallway, WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM, create doors, run run run run!! Door opens, create doors, run run run run!! Okay, new plan, stay in normal form now that my native speed is +5 just to keep some extra mana in the old fuel tank, and put back on my lantern of charisma. Oh yeah, and I managed to lose my shoes somewhere. I'm pretty sure when I found a pair of slay evil boots, I identified them on the floor, dropped my boots of stankfoot attack and simply did not pick up the slay evil boots. FACEPALM.

On 6.6.2011 20:24 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Grinding doesn't feel like work when you're at work doing it. :) I'm guilty of a little level scumming but damned if it isn't tempting to spam detect magic to find good treasure and tasty dragons to smite. Plus, when I see a level with ghosts, drujs and mimics I just turn right around, screw that. I got in a tussle with Eol who nearly killed me who of course got in the way between me and Intangast. Things are looking really up though, with the addition of Thranduil, Rohirrim and Arunruth. I can have 5 attacks with Arunruth! I never thought I'd see the day. I now get 3 attacks with the glaive.

On 7.6.2011 02:32 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
The Shadow was a good fight. He didn't put me into hitpoint danger level, but we must've fought for 40 or 50 attack rounds. I mostly ran around charging with my glaive and it helped when he flung me away from him.

Ha! They think I'm a true hero in Lothlorien. Suckers. I dropped my crap in Galadriel's pool because I'm headin' to Parth Galen next and need someplace to store my junk. The irreverence is delicious.

I'm going to give the ring of acid a try. It says it's x3 but x1 less? x2 or x3 applied to 8d6 is just fine by me, thanks. Oh yeah, and four attacks a round! Why the hell did I not boost str up faster, gah. Oh yeah, the songs. I think I have a little more than the bare minimum for the mana I need which is a-ok.

On 7.6.2011 18:05 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Roller coaster goes up, roller coaster goes down.

Finally skewered Intangast and started feeling like king of the world. +5 to awesomeness, start singing troll versions of I'm a little teapot and I got a Glaive by Jim Croce.

Decided to fight the Elf King at the dead marshes and suffered a very close defeat. He pulled out some disease attacks at the critical junction and I simply couldn't deal the deathblow. -2 to morale and lost most of my healing.

Now, I remember Grima being one tough sunvabitch, and barely holding on to a thread of life after defeating him once before, but man is that little bastard TOUGH. Ugh. -20 to morale, lost all decent healing and 2 spellbooks to water based attacks. On the bright side, at least I now know those books can be destroyed and they were the two I use the least.

Sigh, back at the bottom of Parth Galen to look for major healing and book backups. Why didn't I nab that extra copy of shapechanging?!

Now that I've been knocked back down into place, perhaps I'll live a little longer.

I'm a little stone troll
tall and stout
here is my glaive
and here is my snout
when i get all pissed off
hear me shout
gut you open
and pour you out

On 8.6.2011 11:18 Ashkir wrote:
Great to see some more tales of derring-do from my favourite variant. I have never, in many attempts, ever managed to get the better of Wormtongue in Un. Not even close. Another arch enemy of mine is the Mouth of Sauron, both of those sods have me running for the hills in a sorry state of disrepair whenever our paths cross.

Don't get the chance to play as often as I used to but have been inspired to start a new Dwarf Troll Slayer and dust off my hobbit mage Vermin who has got as far a taking out a couple of Ringwraiths before sitting under a shady tree in Rivendell and taking a prolonged nap!!

On 8.6.2011 17:07 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Cool! Those shade trees sure are lovely, plus you can always take a swim in the river or fish off the bridge if you have a fishing rod. I had to sell mine earlier because it activated for acid bolt which DNR didn't approve of.

Whew, finally, a win. I got the watcher of the water and avenged one of two other serious attempts at winning this game. The watcher is pretty nasty. In fact, all these guardians seem to be very nasty.

I've made it to a place I don't remember seeing before, the siege camp of Angband. This will be a nice time to sort of get away from it all and relax. Hah, seriously though. After climbing mountains and fighting in stinking swamps and conquering towers and getting stuck in mudpits and falling down chasms and God knows what else some good old Angband spelunking will be like chicken soup for the rougelike player's soul. I'll prolly venture out again to find Durin's Bane and fish my six pack out of Galadriel's mirror but for now I'm staying put at least until I start getting my as handed back to me again.

On 9.6.2011 03:51 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Awww, cute. I can summon ghosties! The strength of the ghosties depends on my depth, it appears. Now if only they were corporeal they could make me a sandwich. I think I'm going to summon a gazillion ghosts just to torment wormtongue with if I ever get the chance. It's nice being able to tell them where to go with the click of a mouse. Maybe they'll make a good distraction later.

The escape spell is interesting. It either rains rocks down from the ceiling or breaks a hole in the floor. If I move off of my current square then move back it acts like teleport level, or a an automatic staircase??.. an escalator! It's a summon escalator spell. But, if you don't get on the escalator quickly it becomes either a rubble pile or a broken floor tile permanently. Bonus points. You can stand on rubble to reach tall monsters and cookie jars, and to disrupt line of sight. I like being able to set up my battlegrounds before big battles and this is a good discovery. The point of the spell is nice too, I was able to get to the 40's in Angband rather quickly, but you wouldn't be able to rely on it like teleport level to save your neck.

On 10.6.2011 17:09 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Oh frabjous day! I found a fortress full of succulent ancient dragon flesh to munch on - om nom nom nom nom. Finally, a bag of hedge magics and elixirs and one I did not expect, eldritch magics... woo hoo! I can finally breathe a little in my inventory. Now if only I could find a portable library! The dragons also coughed up a bag of six demons and 4 winds, my new shield of more manapoints, Barahir's ring, the Star of Elendil, Amulet of Carlammas, and a slew of ego items, of which I only kept the +3 ring of size and str and the crown of might. It took maybe a half an hour of gametime to clear, and about an hour and a half of marching all over Middle Earth to feed my packrat compulsion.

Turns out I need a map to find Durin's Bane. I'll have to keep a lookout. Had a nasty encounter with something that afflicted me with palsy. Not being able to move is not-so-good. If I stay in troll form and switch in my charisma lantern and Barahir's ring I can have 250 manapoints! Amazing. Oh yeah, and I now have 5 attacks with the glaive. I didn't know I would be able to get that many... I wasn't sure what to expect, actually.

On 10.6.2011 20:22 JohnCW9 wrote:
How do you know what bag a item goes into?

On 10.6.2011 20:50 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
It happens automatically. For example, if I have a bag of helpful mushrooms and I pick up a mushroom of restoration it just goes straight in the bag. I know if a mushroom is harmful in some way if it doesn't automatically go in the bag. When I found the bag of hedge magic my word of recall and phase door scrolls both just magically got sucked in. An interesting note on bags that I've discovered is that the inventory of a specific type of bag is permanent, like a house. If I go on an adventure and drop my bag of scrying I simply lose access, not the items themselves. My bag at home still contains all the contents. The bags are more like portkeys to specific homes if that makes any sense. Nothing happened when I picked up the 4 winds or 6 demons bags so I figured they must have to do with wands or staves or stuff like that since I never carry any of those around.

On 10.6.2011 20:51 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
There's also some kind of scroll or spell that will general type an item is. Provisional, elixir, scrying, etc... Sense magic? Gauge magic? I don't remember... one of those scrying scrolls does it.

On 11.6.2011 20:13 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Khamul showed up and I managed to dispatch him fairly handily. Thuringwethil was tougher it seemed. She summoned nasty liches that got in my way while Khamul only conjured one weak wraith. When she got low on hitpoints she ran, or flew, as fast as her bat wings could take her but came to a chasm and seemed reluctant to cross. She made a final stand but she perished as well.

Came across a complete level devoted to ancient wyrms. Suffice it to say that if only I had a magical freezer and blessed greased bag of holding I could open up a dragon themed restaurant and feed armies upon armies of trolls and still have lots of dragon meat left over.

Even though I've chosen a kit that only gives 1700ish hitpoints (I've one setup with 2000+) I have all the resists covered save nether and water, all sustains, +12 speed while retaining regular form and a good pool of mana which has proved vital to retain for my heavy cost spells such as teleport other.

After killing all those dragons I'm hungry as hell. I just bought a big old pack of ribs and hamburger meat and hot dogs and it's time to drink and grill. Happy Father's day for you procreators out there.

On 12.6.2011 22:55 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Came across a couple of lucrative vaults. The one I really wanted to crack into had the crown of Numenor, along with maybe 6 other artifacts and randarts and a slew of interesting looking ego weapons. Damn you, Allatar et al, for barring entry. Luckily the artifacts aren't lost forever since I didn't identify them. At least, that's what I figure since they are not showing up on my arty list. I was able to get into an identical vault, but this one had a much less glamorous artifact list, but did have Thror's boots. Got Glaurung, he wasn't too bad. Took a look at the Witch King and he immediately summoned wyrms of space time, galaxy and other incredibly daunting sounding monsters. I bolted. I wonder how important sustains and resist disease are. I have an astounding amount of mana and hitpoints. Going to try for the Witch King again soon, but this time with an asc.

On 13.6.2011 17:21 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Lots of things happening with Ol' Croaker these last 2 days...

Perfunctory boring updates: Killed the Witch King and Glaurung rather easily. Reached level 50. Killed Grima, the jerk-face. Found a new song book, Symphonies.

Amusing note: I'm just now noticing that my songs that replenish hitpoints must be basing their percentages on hit points lost, and not total hp.

Note on dragons: Dragons summoned don't seem to take orders and don't seem to care that the server admin left friendly fire ticked on. Dammit, asshole, that acid breathe hurts, yo.

Insane ramblings: So, I go back to the Dead Marshes for a third try at landing the deathblow on old Elf guy but damned if he isn't already dead. I must've inflicted such heavy bleeding the last go around that he ran off somewhere and DID NOT HEAL ON PURPOSE, just so he could die and prevent me from getting his drops. Well played, sir.

Ridiculousness: So, time to take on Saruman. I get to his level rather easily and immediately destruct and buff up and... summon ghosties! Go go gadget ghosts! I command them to torment Saruman where he proceeds to do precisely nothing to stop them from ruining him. The level was cluttered with random other monsters that would kill my ghosties, but Saruman couldn't be bothered to swat the flies. After his brain got munched to where his hitpoints got in the halfway range he would teleport and so I would redirect my ghosties who would get blasted en-route. Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of the level surrounded by rock doing my Zamfir impression and just watching the madness unfold with telepathy. I finally come out and start killing all the random monsters and go back to my hidey-hole and summon more ghosties, which would become half-successful then die while Saruman healed up again. At this point I noticed that the level wasn't spawning more monsters, and it had been quite a while. Hmmmmm. Also, my summon ghosties spell would maybe only succeed about 5% of the time because it was either reaching for ghosts that were too weak or too strong for level 45 presumably. I got really rather hungry quite a few times summoning up my elite armada of 9 minor deaths. Go ghosties, go get him! Man, those ghosts just chewed him up and spit him out. He teleported many times to try and heal up but with the level cleared out he couldn't buy enough time before I could redirect my swarm of ghosties to gnaw on him again. It was quite delightful fun, and I have no misgivings about it either. It serves him right for teleporting all over the damn place. If I had something like the Anchor of Space Time, or a song of stasis I might feel differently, but it was damn near a religious experience after watching unique after unique bounce around like a wounded jackrabbit to avoid death.

On 14.6.2011 05:15 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Croaker's been tear-assing all over Middle Earth. Killed the Mouth with a ridiculous amount of summoned dragons and ghosts. The dragons obeyed me this time, they apparently like Berlioz better than Verdi. I now suspect the destructed environs must have messed up their pathing earlier. Drove Denethor even more insane with ghosts. He was confused by the ghost attacks and couldn't seem to teleport any more, poor thing, as I stabbed away with the pointy end. Immoliating oneself and jumping down 100 stories is perhaps a preferable death. Killed Ancalagon in a one on one duel. Gothmog also perished, finally, after running away like a ninny several times before I finally was able to land the deathstrike. Lets see... who else is dead? Oh yes, the sorcerer got caught in a particularly nasty siege engine trap attack. It took me from 2000 to 1400 when I went to grab the treasure. Traps look pretty badass in Unangband when you have the delay speed set to 9 like I do. You can just hear the pain being shot out while you watch the asterisks glide across the screen over and over again. Narya was waiting for me inside the White Tree. Now, what would Smokey the bear say? Mighty risky if you ask me, putting the ring of fire up in there... that's just asking for trouble.

On 14.6.2011 20:58 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I feel like Croaker just bought a whole bunch of random D&D campaigns and didn't bother to look at the recommended character levels! He killed off a slew of old quest threads for pretty much no purpose. In truth, I wasn't sure if some of those quests barred the way to other, more interesting quests.

Carcharoth was a tough fight, but Huan wasn't. Lungorthin is also dead, and he must get lost when he visits his brother in Khazad Dhum as well, because he or one of his guard dropped the map I needed. I also killed Morgoth's snuggy, Ogre woman. She's a brickhouse. She's mighty mighty. Croaker left it all hanging out. Maeglin is also toast. I'm about to check out Orodruin for the first time.

The dark rituals song in Dirges is proving really nice for keeping my stockpile of restore mana. It allows me to pretty much stay in a state of buffed up, that being: berserk, haste, hero, bless, shield, resistance.

On 15.6.2011 04:55 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
The fight with Sauron was interesting and entertaining.

He was a scant 6 squares away in wolf form when I showed up at the bottom of Orudruin. Since I'm on a staircase anyway I might as well go through the motions of buffing up to get a taste of what he can dish out. Typical buffing plus I drink a potion of augmentation that makes me like Super-Croaker Deluxe. He actually starts to sound good when I drink those, and what he is singing is the CSW song. (8d5% hitpoint gain based on hp lost, 10 mana cost, 5%fail) Sauron starts with fire but learns immediately I've got Narya and switches to nether, which Narya also helps with, thanks white tree. We fight for many rounds but he can't really dip my hitpoints below 1500. Since I have 2600ish hp, once I dip into the mere 1000's range of hp my song really kicks into gear. He needs something stronger than his 300-400 attack round damage to take ol' Croaker down. Sensing this, Sauron, only at a loss of 2 stars, starts acting as if he's already close to death and blinks away. Perhaps he's out of mana or he's going for the old rope-a-dope. He summons balrogs and ancient wyrms in an adjacent chamber. Dammit! I'm annoyed because we were having a good 1v1 romp and he goes and ruins it. So, if he's going to bring friends, I'm going to bring friends. I summoned ghosties to attack his summons and Sauron blinks again. I track him down while our summons have their own battle. He changes into a vampire this time. We fight some more and I fling a few teleport away spells at Allatar, or was it Pallando, a balrog or two then he TELEPORTS. Grrrr, the nerve of these damn uniques with their persistence on staying alive. I can teleport too, so I start to look for him. Damn, he used a 75-100 teleport it turns out after several teleports, and I can only teleport clear across the galaxy. I burn some more banishment since we're meeting up in new territory but not far from our original encounter. It looks like his balrogs are going to win the summon fight so I send some more ghosties to help... I can't afford to have a swarm of balrogs getting close. I catch up again and this time he is in regular form and doesn't really put up much more of a fight. I deftly used shift+move to push past Sauron at one point to position myself perfectly in a corridor to teleport away 2 liches and an ancient dragon coming to help. After several more attack rounds Sauron simply fell over dead.

On 15.6.2011 05:11 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Lol, HM summons WALL OF TEXT for 20d10 damage. I get all excited after a fun kill and write too much, hehe.

On 15.6.2011 15:40 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Croaker sang for his supper! Except for a beholder who summoned a few Maiar, it was a no summons fight for either side, and no sissy running away. Morgoth's best attacks were the ones that left me encased in rock at speed zero, but he couldn't break me down lower than 1700hp. I drank one regular cure-all-wounds potion, 3 or 4 restore mana, the 1 potion of augmentation and ate 3 mushrooms of restoration. I wasn't inflicting much damage but it didn't matter, Croaker eventually wore him down!

On 15.6.2011 16:36 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Man, I'm ecstatic! This is a very challenging variant and one I didn't think I'd ever win. I mainly fire up Un for the atmosphere and the first half of the game is my favorite, all the way up to Smaug. It doesn't hurt that my kitchen table roleplaying experiences have almost all been MERP or Rolemaster... it's like retreading old, familiar ground.

On 15.6.2011 19:13 JohnCW9 wrote:
Congulations on your win.

On 16.6.2011 09:46 Psi wrote:
Well done HM - an entertaining read as ever!

On 16.6.2011 14:43 andrewdoull wrote:
You've probably figured out I've enjoyed this as well. Congratulations...

On 16.6.2011 16:25 wrote:
I'm a little stone troll
tall and stout
here is my glaive
and here is my snout
when i get all pissed off
hear me shout
gut you open
and pour you out

I love the story. The details are as good as playing myself!

Keep us informed of your adventures!

On 16.6.2011 16:47 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Hey, thanks for all the kind words! I've actually already plowed a couple of new Un characters into the ground. I've obviously become very spoiled the hp and ac of trolls! If I can get to a respectable distance I'll post a new character but I'm mainly playing for fun which means I do a lot of low-percentage play.

I've found myself with tons of time to kill at work and between Un and Nethack (I finally ascended my first 2 characters!) I have managed to stay sane. Well, relatively sane, anyway.

Hehe, I've been screwing up the words to all sorts of songs lately to stay in-character and I ought to completely rewrite I got a Name by Jim Croce. I would mutter these few stanzas and my wife would roll her eyes even though it was her idea that glaive would perfectly replace name.

I got a glaive, I got a glaive
and I carry it with me and I sing real loud
and if it gets me to Nowhere Town
I'll go there proud

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