The Angband Ladder: Ordinary Stuff, Draconian Weaponsmith by chris

  [Chengband 0.0.85 Character Dump]

                          Name  : Ordinary Stuff

 Sex      : Male             Age               102   STR!:  18/***
 Race     : Draconian        Height             75   INT!:  18/110
 Class    : Weaponsmith      Weight            156   WIS!:   18/70
                             Social Class       53   DEX!:  18/110
                             Align            Evil   CON!:  18/***
                                                     CHR!:  18/100

 Right hand      (+59,+52)   Hit point   1148/1148   Fighting   : Legendary[10]
                             SP (Mana)      0/   0   Bows/Throw : Legendary[12]
 Blows/Round           5+0                           SavingThrow: Superb
 AverageDmg/Rnd      350+0   Level              50   Stealth    : Poor
                             Experience   12003031   Perception : Good
 Shooting        (+66,+20)   Max Exp      12003031   Searching  : Good
 Multiplier          x4.80   Exp to Adv      *****   Disarming  : Superb
 Shots/Round          2.25   Gold         11310006   MagicDevice: Heroic
                                                     SpellPower : +0%
 AC              [55,+121]   Time     Day 52  9:57   DevicePower: +0%
 Speed            (+26+10)   Play time    24:21:37   Infravision: 100 feet

                         (Character Background)
          You are the youngest child of a Draconian Noble.  You have
          blue wings, blue skin, and a cyan belly.

          ...You retired from the adventure after the winning.

 Sex   : Male          Stat    BaseRacClaPerMod ActualCurrent  abcdefghijkl@
 Race  : Draconian     STR!: 18/130  2  3  0  5 18/***         .......3..2..
 Class : Weaponsmith   INT!: 18/110  1 -1  0  0 18/110         .............
 Level : 50            WIS!:  18/70  1 -1  0  0  18/70         .............
 Hits  : 1148/1148     DEX!:  18/90  1  1  0  0 18/110         .............
 Mana  : 0/0           CON!:  18/80  2  0  0 13 18/***         ..5....3...5.
                       CHR!: 18/120 -1 -1  0  0 18/100         .............
                 (  ]                     (  ]                         (  ]
         abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@                abcdefghijkl@
 Acid  : ...........+#    Sound : ..........+..    Speed     : .+..+...++..#
 Elec  : ...........+#    Nether: ...........+.    FreeAction: +............
 Fire  : ...........+#    Nexus : +............    SeeInvisi.: .............
 Cold  : ............#    Chaos : +............    Hold Life : .............
 Poison: ...........+#    Disnch: +............    Warning   : .............
 Light : .............    Fear  : .............    SlowDigest: +............
 Dark  : ........+....    Reflct: .+...........    Regene.   : +............
 Shard : ........+..+.    AuFire: .............    Levitation: ........+...+
 Blind : ........+....    AuElec: .............    Perm Lite : .............
 Conf  : .......+.....    AuCold: .............    Cursed    : .+.........+.

                                        (  ]                           (  ]
             ab@                abcdefghijkl@                  abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Evil : +..    Telepathy : .....+.......    Add Blows   : .............
 Slay Und. : ...    ESP Evil  : .............    Add Tunnel  : .............
 Slay Demon: ...    ESP Noliv.: .............    Add Infra   : .........+...
 Slay Drag.: ...    ESP Good  : .............    Add Device  : .............
 Slay Human: ...    ESP Undead: .............    Add Stealth : .............
 Slay Anim.: ...    ESP Demon : .............    Add Search  : +............
 Slay Orc  : ...    ESP Dragon: .............
 Slay Troll: ...    ESP Human : .............    Riding      : .............
 Slay Giant: ...    ESP Animal: .............    Throw       : .............
 Acid Brand: ...    ESP Orc   : .............    Blessed     : .............
 Elec Brand: ...    ESP Troll : .............    No Teleport : .............
 Fire Brand: ...    ESP Giant : .............    Anti Magic  : .............
 Cold Brand: ...                                 Econom. Mana: .............
 Poison Brd: ...    Sust Str  : .............
 Sharpness : ...    Sust Int  : .............    Drain Exp   : .............
 Quake     : ...    Sust Wis  : .............    Rnd.Teleport: +............
 Vampiric  : +..    Sust Dex  : .............    Aggravate   : .............
 Chaotic   : ...    Sust Con  : .............    TY Curse    : .............
 Force Wep.: ...    Sust Chr  : .............

  [*Winning* Message]

  Artless Victory!!!

  [Option Settings]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Small Levels:       OFF
 Arena Levels:       OFF
 No Artifacts:       ENABLED

  [Recall Depth]

    Angband         : level 100
    Yeek cave       : level   5
   !Labyrinth       : level  18
    Dragon's lair   : level  60
    Mountain        : level  36

  [Quest Information]

< Completed Quest >
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level  3
  Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman             (Dungeon level:   2) - level 11
  Dailai Dongzhu, the Captain of Southerings (Dungeon level:   4) - level 11
  Warg problem                             (Danger  level:   5) - level 11
  King Duosi, the Chief of Southerings     (Dungeon level:   6) - level 11
  The Borshin                              (Dungeon level:   8) - level 12
  Lady Zhurong, the Avater of Flame Spirit (Dungeon level:  10) - level 13
  Shagrat, the Orc Captain                 (Dungeon level:  12) - level 22
  The Ghost 'Q'                            (Dungeon level:  14) - level 22
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 22
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 23
  Doom Quest 1                             (Danger  level:  15) - level 23
  Lugdush, the Uruk                        (Dungeon level:  16) - level 25
  It                                       (Dungeon level:  18) - level 25
  Kharis the Powerslave                    (Dungeon level:  20) - level 25
  Red Helm, the King of Bear               (Dungeon level:  22) - level 25
  Tengu and Death Swords                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 25
  The Mimic's Treasure                     (Danger  level:  25) - level 25
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 29
  Alberich the Nibelung King               (Dungeon level:  24) - level 29
  Dark Elven Lords Quest                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 29
  The Barrow Downs                         (Danger  level:  35) - level 29
  Rich, the Thief                          (Dungeon level:  26) - level 30
  Ulfang the Black                         (Dungeon level:  28) - level 30
  Bert the Stone Troll                     (Dungeon level:  30) - level 30
  Vapor Quest                              (Danger  level:  25) - level 34
  Rogrog the Black Troll                   (Dungeon level:  32) - level 34
  Botei-Building, the Emperor              (Dungeon level:  34) - level 34
  Eol, the Dark Elven Smith                (Dungeon level:  36) - level 34
  Sleipnir, the Odin's Steed               (Dungeon level:  40) - level 35
  Smaug the Golden                         (Dungeon level:  42) - level 37
  Zhar the Twin Obscenity                  (Dungeon level:  44) - level 37
  The Lonely Mountain                      (Danger  level:  45) - level 37
  The Cloning Pits                         (Danger  level:  45) - level 37
  Walken                                   (Dungeon level:  46) - level 38
  Madame Debby                             (Dungeon level:  48) - level 38
  Dworkin Barimen                          (Dungeon level:  50) - level 38
  The Old Castle                           (Danger  level:  50) - level 38
  Nyogtha, the Thing that Should not Be    (Dungeon level:  52) - level 39
  Caine, the Conspirator                   (Dungeon level:  62) - level 44
  Raou the Conqueror                       (Dungeon level:  54) - level 45
  Brand, Mad Visionary of Amber            (Dungeon level:  56) - level 45
  Dio Brando                               (Dungeon level:  58) - level 45
  Flying Spaghetti Monster                 (Dungeon level:  60) - level 45
  Fiona the Sorceress                      (Dungeon level:  64) - level 46
  Yig, Father of Serpents                  (Dungeon level:  66) - level 46
  Uriel, Angel of Fire                     (Dungeon level:  68) - level 46
  Corwin, Lord of Avalon                   (Dungeon level:  70) - level 46
  Pazuzu, Lord of Air                      (Dungeon level:  72) - level 47
  Cthugha, the Living Flame                (Dungeon level:  74) - level 47
  Ithaqua the Windwalker                   (Dungeon level:  76) - level 47
  The Tarrasque                            (Dungeon level:  78) - level 47
  Ymir the Ice Giant                       (Dungeon level:  80) - level 47
  Shuma-Gorath                             (Dungeon level:  82) - level 47
  Azathoth, Seething Nuclear Chaos         (Dungeon level:  88) - level 48
  Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods  (Dungeon level:  92) - level 48
  Cerberus, Guardian of Hades              (Dungeon level:  94) - level 48
  Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One              (Dungeon level:  96) - level 49
  Gothmog, the High Captain of Balrogs     (Dungeon level:  98) - level 49
  Oberon                                   (Danger  level:  99) - level 50
  Serpent of Chaos                         (Danger  level: 100) - level 50

< Failed Quest >
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 25
  The Vault                                (Danger  level:  30) - level 25
  Utgard-Loke                              (Dungeon level:  38) - level 34
  The Destroyer                            (Dungeon level:  84) - level 48
  Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss          (Dungeon level:  86) - level 48
  Hera, Queen of the Gods                  (Dungeon level:  90) - level 48

 Arena: 20 Victories

  [Defeated Monsters]

You have defeated 14937 enemies including 210 unique monsters in total.

< Unique monsters top 10 >
  The Serpent of Chaos                     (level 100)
  Oberon, King of Amber                    (level  99)
  Gothmog, the High Captain of Balrogs     (level  95)
  Cerberus, Guardian of Hades              (level  94)
  Azathoth, Seething Nuclear Chaos         (level  93)
  Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos         (level  93)
  Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst           (level  92)
  Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods  (level  91)
  Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One              (level  90)
  Fenris Wolf                              (level  90)


Your alighnment : Evil

You are an arch-enemy of Honour.
You are the living embodiment of Knowledge.
You are a bitter enemy of Mysticism.
You are a bitter enemy of Patience.
You have strayed from the path of Sacrifice.
You are a bitter enemy of Diligence.
You are very virtuous in Justice.
You are an enemy of Valour.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Blade of Chaos of Stuff the Smith (Trump) (6d5) (+20,+20) (+2 to searching)
{Di|V, .}
b) a Large Leather Shield of Stuff the Smith of Reflection [6,+20] (+5 to speed)
{cursed, Sp}
c) a Heavy Crossbow of Stuff the Smith of Extra Shots (x4) (+20,+20) (+5) {Cn}
d) a Ring of Extra Shots
e) a Ring of Speed (+9)
f) an Amulet of Telepathy
g) a Feanorian Lamp of Illumination
h) Ribbed Plate Armour of Stuff the Smith (Dwarven) (-3) [33,+20] (+3) {Cn;Cf}
i) a Pair of Dragon Wings of Stuff the Smith [4,+20] (+5 to speed) {Sp;DkShBl}
j) a Steel Helm of Stuff the Smith of Infravision [6,+20] (+8) {Sp}
k) a Set of Leather Gloves of Stuff the Smith of Power (+9,+12) [1,+20] (+2)
l) a Pair of Dragon Boots of Stuff the Smith [5,+20] (+5) {cursed,

  [Character Inventory]

a) 31 Mushrooms of Restoring {!E}
b) 8 Rations of Food
c) 26 Potions of Speed {!k!q}
d) 58 Potions of Healing {!k!q}
e) 23 Potions of *Healing* {!k!q}
f) 10 Potions of Life {!k!q}
g) 3 Potions of Restore Life Levels {75% off}
h) 41 Potions of Resistance {!k!q}
i) 38 Scrolls of Teleportation {25% off}
j) 14 Scrolls of *Destruction* {!*}
k) 16 Scrolls of Genocide {!*}
l) 2 Rods of Recall {@zr!s!d!k!!}
m) 6 Rods of Enlightenment (1 charging) {@zm!s!d!k!!}
n) 8 Rods of Detection {@z3!s!d!k}
o) 6 Rods of Teleport Other (1 charging) {@zt!s!d!k}
p) 15 Rods of Stone to Mud (1 charging) {@z9!s!d!k}
q) a Ring of Speed and Blizzard (+12)
r) a Ring of Speed (+9)
s) 40 Seeker Bolts (6d5) (+20,+20) (290/652) {@f1=g}

  [Home Inventory]

 ( page 1 )
a) 34 Rations of Food
b) 16 Potions of Resist Heat {!k!q}
c) 27 Potions of Resist Cold {!k!q}
d) 99 Potions of Heroism
e) 99 Potions of Heroism {25% off}
f) 99 Potions of Heroism {25% off}
g) 75 Potions of Heroism {25% off}
h) 99 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
i) 99 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
j) 99 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
k) 90 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
l) a Potion of Restore Mana

 ( page 2 )
a) 57 Potions of Restore Life Levels {75% off}
b) 3 Potions of Restore Strength
c) 4 Potions of Dexterity {!k}
d) a Potion of Constitution {!k}
e) 27 Potions of Enlightenment
f) 2 Potions of Self Knowledge {!q!k}
g) 2 Potions of Curing
h) a Potion of Invulnerability
i) 99 Scrolls of Phase Door {25% off}
j) 99 Scrolls of Phase Door {25% off}
k) 99 Scrolls of Phase Door {25% off}
l) 41 Scrolls of Phase Door {25% off}

 ( page 3 )
a) 99 Scrolls of Teleportation {25% off}
b) 2 Scrolls of Teleportation {25% off}
c) 99 Scrolls of Remove Curse {25% off}
d) 10 Scrolls of Remove Curse {25% off}
e) 16 Scrolls of *Remove Curse* {50% off}
f) 3 Scrolls of Protection from Evil
g) a Scroll of Madness
h) 8 Rods of Trap Location {@z1!s!d!k}
i) 2 Rods of Perception {@zi!s!d!k!!}
j) 10 Rods of Recall {@zr!s!d!k!!}
k) 14 Rods of Illumination {@z5!s!d!k}
l) 3 Rods of Curing {@zc!s!d!k!!}

 ( page 4 )
a) a Rod of Speed {@zs!s!d!k!!}
b) 9 Rods of Teleport Other {@zt!s!d!k}
c) 9 Rods of Disarming {@zd!s!d!k}
d) a Rod of Drain Life {@zd!s!d!k}
e) 6 Wands of Teleport Other (68 charges)
f) 5 Wands of Stone to Mud (56 charges) {@a1!s!d!k}
g) 9 Wands of Drain Life (63 charges) {@ad!s!d!k}
h) 8 Wands of Disintegrate (31 charges)
i) 3 Wands of Dragon's Frost (12 charges) {75% off}
j) a Wand of Dragon's Breath (5 charges) {@ad!s!d!k}
k) a Wand of Rockets (4 charges) {@ar!s!d!k}
l) a Staff of Perception (21 charges) {@u1!s!d!k}

 ( page 5 )
a) a Staff of Remove Curse (5 charges)
b) 2 Staffs of Enlightenment (2x 11 charges) {@um!s!d!k}
c) a Staff of Trap Location (12 charges) {@u1!s!d!k}
d) a Staff of Curing (8 charges)
e) a Staff of Curing (4 charges)
f) 4 Staffs of Healing (4x 4 charges) {@uh!s!d!k}
g) 22 Staffs of Speed (22x 8 charges) {@us!s!d!k}
h) a Staff of Genocide (4 charges)
i) 5 Staffs of *Destruction* (5x 5 charges) {@ud!s!d!k}
j) a Staff of Mana Storm (5 charges)
k) a Ring of Acid [+11] {!!}
l) a Ring of Acid and Accuracy (+5,+0) [+19]

 ( page 6 )
a) a Ring of Flames [+10] {!s!d!k!!}
b) 2 Rings of Lightning [+11]
c) a Ring of Lightning and Light [+11] {!!}
d) a Ring of Dexterity (+3)
e) a Ring of Constitution (+3)
f) 2 Rings of Damage (+15)
g) a Ring of Damage (+14)
h) a Ring of Speed (+9)
i) a Ring of Speed (+7)
j) 2 Rings of Speed (+6)
k) a Ring of Speed and Acid ball (+8)
l) a Ring of Speed and Damage (+0,+2) (+6)

 ( page 7 )
a) 4 Rings of Light and Darkness Resistance
b) a Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance
c) 2 Rings of Nether Resistance
d) 3 Rings of Nexus Resistance
e) 2 Rings of Shard Resistance
f) 2 Rings of Extra Attacks (+2 attacks)
g) a Ring of Extra Attacks and Blizzard (+1 attack)
h) 5 Rings of Extra Shots
i) an Amulet of Brilliance (+4)
j) an Amulet of the Magi [+5] (+4 to searching)
k) an Amulet of the Magi [+6] (+8 to searching)
l) an Amulet of the Magi [+3] (+5 to searching)

 ( page 8 )
a) an Amulet of the Magi [+8] (+3 to searching)
b) an Amulet of the Magi [+3] (+3 to searching)
c) an Amulet of the Magi [+3] (+3 to searching)
d) an Amulet of the Magi [+3] (+4 to searching)
e) an Amulet of the Magi of High Rank [+9] (+10 to searching) {~oZ, $}
f) an Amulet of the Magi of High Rank [+8] (+10 to searching) {~P, $}
g) an Amulet of Reflection
h) an Amulet of Anti-Magic
i) an Amulet of Resistance
j) an Amulet of Telepathy
k) a Feanorian Lamp of Infravision (+1 to infravision)
l) Black Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+14]

 ( page 9 )
a) White Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+13]
b) White Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+10]
c) 2 Multi-Hued Dragon Scale Mails (-2) [40,+10]
d) Multi-Hued Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+10] (charging)
e) Pseudo Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+19]
f) Bronze Dragon Scale Mail of Stuff the Smith (-2) [40,+22] (+5) {St}
g) Bronze Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+13]
h) Bronze Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+10]
i) Gold Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+20]
j) Gold Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+15]
k) Gold Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+10]
l) Chaos Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+23]

 ( page 10 )
a) a Robe of Permanence [2,+17] {Nt}
b) Black Clothes [4,+12] (+4 to stealth)
c) Sexy Swimsuit [0,+0]
d) an Elven Cloak [4,+4] (+4 to stealth)
e) an Elven Cloak of Stealth [4,+21] (+6 to stealth)
f) a Shadow Cloak of Freezing [6,+15]
g) a Pair of Dragon Wings [4,+14] {Nt}
h) a Large Leather Shield of Reflection [6,+11]
i) a Dragon Shield [8,+3] {PoDk}
j) a Dragon Shield of Stuff the Smith of Resist Fire [8,+20] (+4) {Cn;AcCaDi}
k) a Mirror Shield [10,+17]
l) an Iron Crown of Stuff the Smith of Telepathy [0,+18] (+5) {St~Tele~Z}

 ( page 11 )
a) an Iron Crown of Telepathy [0,+9] {~Tele~U}
b) an Iron Crown of the Magi [0,+10] (+2) {Cf~p}
c) an Iron Crown of Regeneration [0,+2]
d) an Iron Crown of Seeing [0,+6] (+6 to searching)
e) a Golden Crown of Telepathy [0,+12] {~Evil~p}
f) a Jewel Encrusted Crown of Stuff the Smith of Telepathy [0,+16] (+5 to
stealth) {Sl~Nolv~DoTPUZ}
g) a Jewel Encrusted Crown of Stuff the Smith of Might [0,+17] (+1) {DkBl}
h) a Metal Cap of Infravision [3,+14] (+3)
i) a Dragon Helm [8,+16] {ElPoBlNt}
j) a Dragon Helm [8,+18] {Dk}
k) a Dragon Helm [8,+14] {Nx}
l) a Dragon Helm [8,+7] {DkFe}

 ( page 12 )
a) a Set of Leather Gloves of Stuff the Smith of Genji (+10,+5) [1,+18] (+2) {
b) a Set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1,+12]
c) a Set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1,+11]
d) a Set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1,+2]
e) a Set of Gauntlets of Stuff the Smith of Free Action (+6,+7) [2,+8]
f) a Set of Gauntlets of Stuff the Smith of Slaying (+9,+6) [2,+15]
g) a Set of Dragon Gloves of Stuff the Smith (+4,+7) [4,+17] {Sh}
h) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+16] {FiSo}
i) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+20] {Cf}
j) 2 Sets of Dragon Gloves [4,+14] {El}
k) a Set of Cesti of Stuff the Smith of Agility (+5,+7) [5,+16] (+3)
l) a Set of Cesti of Stuff the Smith of Slaying (+11,+17) [5,+11]

 ( page 13 )
a) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+14] {AcFiCoPoBlNx}
b) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+20] {CoSo}
c) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+18] {Di}
d) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+16] {Po}
e) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+16] {Nx}
f) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+12] {Po}
g) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+16] {Ac}
h) 15 Blades of Chaos (6d5) (+18,+18)
i) a Blade of Chaos (6d5) (+8,+9)
j) a Blade of Chaos (6d5) (+7,+8)
k) a Blade of Chaos (6d5) (+9,+7)
l) a Blade of Chaos of Slaying (7d6) (+18,+18)

 ( page 14 )
a) a Diamond Edge (7d5) (+20,+20) (+4)
b) 2 Poison Needles (1d1) (+0,+0)
c) a Fauchard of Extra Attacks (1d10) (+19,+19) (+3 attacks)
d) a Fauchard (Wild) (1d10) (+9,+12) {CoDi;Rg}
e) a Lajatang of Stuff the Smith (Wild) (1d14) (+15,+15) {PoFe;Sd|Ca}
f) a Great Axe of Extra Attacks (4d4) (+20,+20) (+3 attacks)
g) a Great Axe (Wild) (1d16) (+15,+15) {CaFe;Lv}
h) a Trifurcate Spear of Extra Attacks (2d9) (+17,+17) (+2 attacks)
i) a Heavy Lance (4d8) (+0,+0)
j) a Scythe of Slicing (8d4) (+17,+17)
k) 2 Scythes of Slicing (8d4) (+0,+0)
l) 2 Maces of Disruption (5d8) (+0,+0)

 ( page 15 )
a) a Shovel (1d2) (+0,+0) (+1)
b) a Heavy Crossbow (x4) (+15,+15) {25% off}
c) a Heavy Crossbow (x4) (+6,+4)
d) a Heavy Crossbow (x4) (+0,+0)
e) a Heavy Crossbow of Extra Shots (x4) (+11,+13)
f) 11 Steel Bolts of Stuff the Smith (3d5) (+20,+20) (247/555) {/XU, @f1=g}
g) 99 Steel Bolts (3d5) (+20,+20) (247/555) {@f1=g}
h) 99 Steel Bolts (3d5) (+20,+20) (247/555) {@f1=g}
i) 99 Steel Bolts (3d5) (+20,+20) (247/555) {@f1=g}
j) 99 Steel Bolts (3d5) (+20,+20) (247/555) {@f1=g}
k) 90 Steel Bolts (3d5) (+20,+20) (247/555) {@f1=g}
l) 21 Seeker Bolts (6d5) (+20,+20) (290/652) {@f2=g}


 ( page 1 )
a) a Ring of Weakness (-2) {cursed}
b) a Ring of Teleportation {cursed}

  [Check Sum: "070605fe52c3ce25ec"]

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On 7.1.2012 22:05 chris wrote:
[CL11:Wargs] 00:09
The only class truly designed for artifactless play. The only downside is fewer cool essences ...

On 7.1.2012 22:21 dzhang wrote:
I can understand that you want RBase+Pois from Draconian so balance DSM covers the rest, but I'm surprised that you're not going for Merchant's Friend.

On 7.1.2012 22:32 chris wrote:
Its tempting, but I don't find the shop restocking code too bad. But that might just be since I know how it works :D

[CL13:DL10] 00:29
OK, time to stop the early quest dive and level up in the Sewer. I managed a Pattern weapon, but only a dagger. So, I'm primarily shooting, but it is disconcerting to get triple moved after launching a bolt!

On 8.1.2012 00:05 chris wrote:
[CL25:Mimics] 01:38
I still can't melee worth a damn ... Even if monsters are next to me, and even factoring in the slow shooting mechanics, I am waaaay more effective shooting at the moment. I tried to rectify this by jumping in the Mimic's Q, but all I ended up achieving is using up 4 potions of speed as the mimics went bonkers summoning. Of course, as soon as they summon once, you are blocked from shooting them, so things get out of control quickly.

I'm so weak, I needed !Speed and 10 !CCW for Grishnak :(

On 8.1.2012 00:55 dzhang wrote:
BTW, what happens when you turn on NoEgos but not NoArtifacts? Do you end up getting tons of early artifacts from Quest Rewards?

On 8.1.2012 03:01 chris wrote:
Actually, I'm not sure. I think you might get some artifacts, but not more than usual.

[CL29:Acquirements] 02:58
I missed the Sting Acq, of course. The 2 Barrow Downs acquirements I read in the quest, and picked up some *heavy* armor, but that's OK for a weaponsmith. The Downs was tough!!

For the Lords acq, I doubled up with the arena, headed to the lair, and the stairs played their trick with me. But I was able to recall without stuff waking up. I got a digger and a nice dagger :)

Finally, I think my AC is high enough to end the early game, brutal beat down! We'll see ...

On 8.1.2012 03:18 chris wrote:
Scratch that ... Now I *know* I have enough AC to end the beat down! At least I better ... Thanks to Meng Huo for some nice Bronze DSM. And has anybody noticed the activations are now extremely useful?

On 8.1.2012 03:31 dzhang wrote:
*looks at SI and FA, and envies*

On 8.1.2012 16:19 chris wrote:
[CL30:DL32] 03:53
AC160! Also, I now have 40 essences of speed (20 absorbed, 20 in play). Thievery is sooooo nice for Weaponsmiths :)

Another change, long overdue. It'll be obvious once you play 0.0.84!

On 8.1.2012 18:47 chris wrote:
[CL33:DL35] 05:21
The first truly wild weapon to ever exist!

a Lajatang of Stuff the Smith (Wild) (1d14) (+14,+14) {PoFe;Sd|Ca}

On 8.1.2012 19:35 dzhang wrote:
Er... why's it truly Wild?

On 8.1.2012 20:49 chris wrote:
Wild weapons are too predictable, so I added a chaos brand to spice things up!

On 9.1.2012 00:51 Djabanete wrote:
I did notice the new randart activations :)

On 9.1.2012 16:43 chris wrote:
Hmmm ... Those aren't me, I swear!

[CL34:DL34] 06:13
I'm not sure how to proceed at the moment. I really want some form of telepathy so I can detect monsters coming. Maybe I will try mutation scumming, but that never works out well for me :(

Body Building was a tough draw, but I managed him fine without shards resists. I think things would have gone smoother had I rememebered about my Bronze DSM since he confuses nicely. But activation is still iffy, and two shard attacks kill me, so maybe I was fine as is. I used passwall to escape once during the battle, only to discover my stone to mud is sitting at home. Fortunately, an umber hulk helped me out, and I was spared a teleport.

0.0.84 fixes the Merchant's Friend bug, but be warned: You will no longer be able to farm quartz veins/granite walls/magma intrusions for gold.

On 9.1.2012 17:20 chris wrote:
[CL34:DL36] 06:35
I mutation scummed limber and horns, and decided not to push my luck. I really wanted telepathy/resistance/smell monsters, but limber means +1 attack for me (as does horns!), so I was satisfied. But, back in Angband, a weird fume caught me again with unresisted chaos, and gave Smell Monsters!! Awesome, that's what I wanted :D

Super vault with a Mace of Disruption inside, but I left it alone ...

On 9.1.2012 17:23 chris wrote:
Wild weapons are way too OP ...

On 9.1.2012 18:26 dzhang wrote:
Yeah, I think they're plenty strong without Chaos brand, which is now one of the more powerful brands.

Maybe we should remove their 2 random resists and give them 2 random brands instead?

On 9.1.2012 19:16 chris wrote:
Well, they don't normally have a chaos brand. That was a gift from my smithing talents! They are OP for me since I normally can't get any buffs, so no matter what random buff the wild brand picks, I get a boost!

I tweaked the "rarity" in e_info.txt for 85. It was 100 and is now 250.

On 9.1.2012 20:21 chris wrote:
[CL35:DL38] 07:17
Stalled out again ... Utgard was way out of my league, so that's it for quests for a bit. And no ready means to handle dragons, so I'm not sure what to do at the moment.

I'd like to make my weapon vampiric, but lack the essences. So, I guess I'll just grind where I am for a while, hoping for stat potions.

On 9.1.2012 20:24 dzhang wrote:
Chris, how do you feel about giving Hermes an aura of Darkness (e.g. like the Shadow Drake, so it's surround by radius 1 unlight) and the Darkness Storm ability, and special summon Magic Mushrooms?

On 9.1.2012 22:32 chris wrote:
[CL36:DL40] 08:28
Hmm ... I just now noticed the Weaponsmith option 'Remove Essence'. Unlike 'Extract Essence,' it only removes whatever you added yourself. So I get to keep the Extra Shots on my heavy crossbow, for example. But the essences so removed are lost ... Neat, and I am mildly embarrassed never to have noticed that one before!

Sleipnir was ridiculously tough. 2 shots then a round of combat. Take 300 or so damage (despite my 157 AC) and teleport. Of course, stuck at +2 speed is not helping matters ...

On 10.1.2012 00:44 chris wrote:
[CL37:DL41] 09:39
Still extremely challenged at L40ish. A Greater Titan, several Spectral Ts, and even Glaurung made a showing, none of which I could hope to handle just yet. I tried Glaurung, but he got 400hp off me before I could attack once!

Well, after a 6 hour hiatus, I found 2 more items of thievery, including my first dungeon acquisition. So, my elven cloak gains speed at last! And a super lucky rod of speed is the best find all game, by far :)

Geez, I'm pushing 10k kills already?

On 10.1.2012 00:55 dzhang wrote:
What, +5 Speed already? Sheesh, I haven't found a single Speed item yet...

On 10.1.2012 01:02 chris wrote:
Only 92 more essences and I get a +8 speed hat! Then, I will taunt big time :D

On 10.1.2012 03:26 chris wrote:
[CL38:Old Castle] 10:44
Finally, I gathered the courage, and handled the quests fairly easily. The Old Castle had a hairy start as nearly everything woke up immediately on the left side, and wall monsters tore up the place. That took some healing to recover. Also, Beld was a random monster, and apparently he could care less about a 191 AC. I'd hate to see what he would do to a normally clad character! Wow! Also, 191 AC is not quite enough for a Greater Titan either. I managed one, but it was very close. For the second, I used Protection from Evil, and that worked splendidly. (If you are curious, you will take about 60% more damage in Chengband vs the above named foes than you would have in Hengband. So gear up!!)

Both quest rewards were not so good. The Cloning Pits was expected to stiff me, but I had a shot at something nice for the Old Castle. Pity ...

On 10.1.2012 04:45 chris wrote:
[CL39:DL50] 11:36
Oh, my. Look at all that power!!

Dave is so far behind now, I doubt he can ever catch up :D

On 10.1.2012 05:39 dzhang wrote:
OK, fine, you've tempted me into Cloning Pits. Either I'll die, or I'll be level 50 when I come out.

On 10.1.2012 19:36 chris wrote:
[CL42:DL60] 14:10
Well, I couldn't resist the Dragon's Lair after all. Dragon armor (boots, gloves, helm, shield, wings) are all native to L60, and I was getting it handed to me in Angband L52. So, I built a dragon slayer kit, with a 5*6d5 blade of chaos at first, but now, just a plain old vampiric trump weapon. With double resistance (all but poison), I can hang out until I score decent dragon armor.

On 11.1.2012 01:48 chris wrote:
[CL45:DL60] 17:17
OK, the game wants me to shoot, so I shall shoot. Kill Demon bolts work fine on the Demogorgon (684 per bolt, or 1539 per round). But all Pinky did was mind blast me down to +3 base speed with a charging rod of speed. That, and heal quite a bit.

I've never had a character find so much excellent crap before, but, then again, I've never had a character identify every single piece of gear (at least those susceptible to judgment). Wow! Ego items definitely need a boost :D

On 11.1.2012 02:33 chris wrote:
[CL46:DL68] 17:46
Oh, my. Even Uriel fell to my bolts of destruction. Too bad he is immune to every slay, but still, not too difficult thanks to my _Healing.

The take? Nothing better than Slay Troll, Shocking and Resist Acid armor I am afraid. Still, nobody can turn crap like that into useful stuff like the Weaponsmith!

On 11.1.2012 04:08 dzhang wrote:
Remember there's the Spawning Pits, for that reward you missed on the Old Castle!

On 11.1.2012 04:17 chris wrote:
[CL47:DL70] 18:09

Finally, I can don my nifty hat of speed.

On 11.1.2012 04:23 chris wrote:
I'll skip the Spawning Pits. My shooting range is only 15, while Q's can summon from 18.

On 11.1.2012 16:42 chris wrote:
[CL47:DL78] 18:56
I killed the Tarrasque somehow. Putting slay evil on a bolt costs a whopping 15 essences, and only gives 1.5x damage. I really should save those essences!

On 11.1.2012 18:05 chris wrote:
[CL48:DL88] 19:49
The Destroyer is a no-go. I will need at least 30 healing and 300 bolts for that guy, and I only had 8 healing and 99 bolts at the time. Next was Nodens, and he is forever off limits!

Finally, I drew Azathoth, and made a quick meal of him with my Kill Demon bolts. Funny that I haven't seen a single extra might xbow all game ... I could really use one!

Its getting really tedious down here, and I am starting to lose motivation. Even killing Caldarm required 10+ healing, but only because I am low on slay human essences, and saving them for Oberon.

On 11.1.2012 20:18 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL98] 21:27
Melee is not my best option, but I am so damn sick of shooting! The mechanics suck, and summoners completely shut you down. Plus, every monster summons.

Still a long grind ahead of me as I need another 10 speed to be safe, and essences are really low. I'm out of demon and human essences, but still have Sauron, Oberon, Mephistopheles, Oremorj to go.

On 12.1.2012 01:52 chris wrote:
It is a bug, IMO, that you can't make bolts with your essences unless you have enough to make a weapon. For example, a bolt may cost 5 essences, and a weapon 60. But if you have 55 essences, you are stuck. This was the case for about 3 hours ... I had 97 essences of slay evil (need 100) and 52 of slay human (need 60) and grinded forever in quest of something ... anything ... to get over the hump. In the end, I gave up as I was on the verge of suiciding this guy it was so freaking annoying. This class is a grind class, make no mistakes, and extremely frustrating to play. Or, maybe that is just the lack of artifacts talking. Its hard to be sure ;)

Anywho, Oberon dropped to my 10 kill human bolts and about as many holy mights. His curse gave The Unicorn, The Plain Gold Ring, Hera, 5 Cyberdemons, and enough other monsters to bring the total to 50 or so, filling my line of sight! No statue, though, and that is all that counts!

For the Serpent, I had 50 slay evil, 24 holy might and 99 plain old bolts. It was enough, but I really could have used 40 to 50 more slay evils. I managed a little pickup, but not much as the Serpent, when he wasn't summoning The Destroyer, Olympians, Morgoth, Sauron and the Plain Gold Ring, or Great Cthulhu, was busy resurrecting dead foes to, including Shuma Gorath and Gerard. This was definitely a hairy final battle, and shooting seems to lead to many more summons than melee, but its been a while since I've won with melee, so perhaps I have forgotten. This guy was supposed to win with melee, but, alas, I never got powerful enough. Plus, without any sustains and an 18/110 dex, it would be folly.

Thats is definitely *it* for me on the artifactless challenges.

Very annoying!

On 12.1.2012 02:42 kingvictory2003 wrote:
Congrats Chris!

It's funny about the not enough melee power part--all my weaponsmiths to date have had a hard time getting good melee power even with artifacts, always averaging around what you have for melee damage. It may just be bad luck. Maybe with the new Olympian stuff, it would be easier...I'll have to give one a go to see.

BTW, is the map 'M' command borked in the recent versions? It seems that if you have a desired wand or staff of a specific type in your inventory, the map autopicker doesn't show it, although you will automatically pick up the desired wand/staff. It's making it pretty difficult to get a stash of staffs of *destruction* and wands of rocket/disintegrate.

On 12.1.2012 03:11 chris wrote:
"(collecting items" is probably being processed first. '(' means hey, I want it, but don't list it in map mode. 'collecting' now works for wands and staves.

Just type 'rockets' or whatever above the line '(collecting items' and you should be good to go. If not, let me know and I will fix :)

On 12.1.2012 05:38 dzhang wrote:
Goodness, you won already? The current Serpent is insane against my poor 260 damage/round Warlock, and the out of control summoning doesn't help either...

Congrats! So, are you going to play a Draconian Monk on NoArtifact NoEgo now?

On 12.1.2012 15:58 chris wrote:
My intention with raising enchants to +20 was to make melee more of an option for this class, but I only ended up making shooting too strong. If I ever play another one, I'll probably limit ammo enchants to just +10 to even out.

I don't see how no arts and egos could even be possible!

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