The Angband Ladder: Numen, Noldor Feanor no-class by bio_hazard

  [Sil 1.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Numen         Age      283       Str   2
 Sex    Male          Height   8'1       Dex   5
 Race   Noldor        Weight   155       Con   4
 House  Feanor                           Gra   3

 Game Turn    8,476   Melee   (+5,3d6)   Melee        5 =  6  +5  -6
 Exp Pool     2,793   Bows   (+6,1d11)   Archery      6 =  3  +5  -3  +1
 Total Exp   12,693   Armor  [+8,5-17]   Evasion      8 =  6  +5  -3
 Burden       144.7                      Stealth      5 =  3  +5  -3
 Max Burden   144.0   Health     -5:41   Perception   6 =  3  +3
 Depth         350'   Voice      34:34   Will         5 =  2  +3
 Min Depth     400'                      Smithing     8 =  4  +3      +1
 Light Radius     2                      Song         4 =  1  +3

 You are one of several children of a warrior from the house of Feanor.
 You have light grey eyes, straight brown hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> You have a Flask of oil (e).
> The Orc champion misses you.
> The Mountain troll misses you.
> The Orc champion misses you.
> The Mountain troll misses you.
> The Orc champion hits you.
> Low hitpoint warning!
> The Orc champion misses you.
> The Mountain troll hits you.
> The Easterling archer fires an arrow.
> The Mountain troll hits you.
> You die.
> Illegal command for target mode!

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Battle Axe of Orc Slaying (-3,3d4)
   It slays orcs.  It does extra damage when wielded with both
b) a Longbow (+0,1d9) [-1]
   It can shoot arrows 16 squares (with your current strength).
c) a Jet Ring of Sustenance
   It reduces your need for food.  
d) an Adamant Ring of Evasion [+1]
e) (nothing)
f) a Wooden Torch (with 405 turns of light)
g) Studded Leather [-2,1d6]
h) a Cloak [+1]
i) a Kite Shield (-2) [+0,1d6]
j) a Helm [-1,1d2]
k) a Set of Gauntlets (-1) [+0,1d1]
l) a Pair of Steel Greaves [-1,1d2]
m) 91 Arrows
   They can be shot 16 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) (nothing)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 2 Pale Herbs of Sustenance
b) a Wrinkled Herb of Terror
c) 2 Black Herbs of Healing
d) a Fragment of Lembas
e) a Flask of oil
f) 2 Murky Brown Potions of Orcish Liquor
g) 4 Sky Blue Potions of Slow Poison
h) 3 Crimson Potions of Quickness
i) a Grey Potion of Constitution
j) a Green Potion of Slowness
k) a Birch Staff of Imprisonment (5 charges)
l) a Birch Staff of Imprisonment (5 charges)
m) 2 Wooden Torches (with 2000 turns of light)
n) a Brass Lantern (with 764 turns of light)
o) a Mail Corslet of Protection (-1) [-3,2d5]
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
p) a Set of Gauntlets (-1) [+0,1d1]
q) a Pair of Leather Boots [+0,1d1]
r) a Dagger (Poisoned) (+0,1d5)
   It is branded with venom.  It can be thrown effectively (10
s) a Longsword (+0,2d5) [+1]
t) a Bastard Sword (-2,3d4) [+1]
   It does extra damage when wielded with both hands.  
u) 3 Spears (-1,1d9)
   It can be thrown effectively (5 squares).  It does extra
   damage when wielded with both hands.  It counts as a type of
v) a Mattock (-7,6d2) <+2>
   It improves your tunneling by 2.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  


Numen of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 01/14/2012 at 01:47 PM

    Turn     Depth    Note

   1,371    100 ft    (Weaponsmith)
   3,180    150 ft    (Charge)
   3,180    150 ft    (Careful Shot)
   3,180    150 ft    (Disguise)
   4,968    200 ft    (Crowd Fighting)
   5,674    250 ft    (Focused attack)
   6,981    250 ft    (Jeweller)
   8,080    350 ft    Slew Gorgol, the Butcher

   8,476    350 ft    Slain by a Mountain troll.
   8,476    350 ft    Died on 15 January 2012 at 12:48 PM.

Posted on 15.1.2012 00:55
Last updated on 15.1.2012 21:51

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2130. on the Sil Ladder (of 2150)


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On 15.1.2012 04:21 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
It's all up to you, Numen, you're the only one left alive on the ladder!

On 15.1.2012 06:10 bio_hazard wrote:
Well, we're in trouble then!

On 15.1.2012 21:51 bio_hazard wrote:
Died on the same DLevel- ran into my first trolls, orc captains, orc champions, etc.

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