The Angband Ladder: Combat Splatterer, Shadow-Fairy Mauler by chris

  [Chengband 0.0.97 Character Dump]

                          Name  : Combat Splatterer

 Sex      : Male             Age               263   STR :  18/117
 Race     : Shadow-Fairy     Height             73   Int :       7     11
 Class    : Mauler           Weight             82   Wis :      10     13
                             Social Class       91   DEX :  18/102
                             Align            Evil   CON :   18/50
                                                     CHR :      18

 Two hands       (+59,+55)   Hit point    420/ 420   Fighting   : Legendary[5]
                             SP (Mana)      0/   0   Bows/Throw : Heroic
 Blows/Round           3+0                           SavingThrow: Superb
 AverageDmg/Rnd      187+0   Level              31   Stealth    : Superb
                             Experience     242775   Perception : Excellent
 Shooting      (+25,+0+16)   Max Exp        242775   Searching  : Superb
 Multiplier          x0.00   Exp to Adv     264000   Disarming  : Superb
 Shots/Round          0.00   Gold           250885   MagicDevice: Superb
                                                     SpellPower : +0%
 AC               [33,+72]   Time     Day 28 13:12   DevicePower: +10%
 Speed                (+3)   Play time    04:26:56   Infravision: 40 feet

                         (Character Background)
          You are the first child of a Shadow-Fairy Lady.  You have
          black eyes, straight grey hair that forms a shining
          waterfall from head to foot, and a pale complexion.

          ...Now, you are in the quest 'The Cloning Pits'.

 Sex   : Male          Stat    BaseRacClaPerMod ActualCurrent  abcdefghijkl@
 Race  : Shadow-Fairy  STR :  18/47 -2  6  1  2 18/117         .......2.....
 Class : Mauler        Int :      9  2  1 -1  0     11      7  .............
 Level : 31            Wis :     13  2  0 -2  0     13     10  .............
 Hits  : 420/420       DEX :  18/62  1 -4  2  5 18/102         .......22.1..
 Mana  : 0/0           CON :  18/30 -1  3  0  0  18/50         .............
                       CHR :     16  0  0  1  1     18         ......s...1..
                    ]                        ]                            ]
         abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@                abcdefghijkl@
 Acid  : .......+...+.    Sound : .......+.....    Speed     : ........+.+..
 Elec  : *......+.....    Nether: .............    FreeAction: ....+........
 Fire  : .......+.....    Nexus : .............    SeeInvisi.: .........+...
 Cold  : .......+.....    Chaos : .......+.....    Hold Life : .............
 Poison: ...........+.    Disnch: .............    Warning   : .............
 Light : .............v   Fear  : ............#    SlowDigest: .............
 Dark  : .............    Reflct: .............    Regene.   : .............
 Shard : ......+......    AuFire: .............    Levitation: ............+
 Blind : .........+...    AuElec: ............+    Perm Lite : .............
 Conf  : .......+.....    AuCold: .............    Cursed    : .............

                                           ]                              ]
             ab@                abcdefghijkl@                  abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Evil : ...    Telepathy : .............    Add Blows   : .............
 Slay Und. : ...    ESP Evil  : .............    Add Tunnel  : .............
 Slay Demon: ...    ESP Noliv.: .............    Add Infra   : .............
 Slay Drag.: *..    ESP Good  : .............    Add Device  : .....+.......
 Slay Human: ...    ESP Undead: .............    Add Stealth : ........+....
 Slay Anim.: ...    ESP Demon : .............    Add Search  : .........+...
 Slay Orc  : ...    ESP Dragon: .............
 Slay Troll: ...    ESP Human : .............    Riding      : .............
 Slay Giant: ...    ESP Animal: .............    Throw       : .............
 Acid Brand: ...    ESP Orc   : .............    Blessed     : .............
 Elec Brand: +..    ESP Troll : .............    No Teleport : .............
 Fire Brand: ...    ESP Giant : .............    Anti Magic  : .............
 Cold Brand: ...                                 Econom. Mana: .............
 Poison Brd: ...    Sust Str  : .............
 Sharpness : ...    Sust Int  : .............    Drain Exp   : .............
 Quake     : ...    Sust Wis  : .............    Rnd.Teleport: .............
 Vampiric  : ...    Sust Dex  : .............    Aggravate   : .............
 Chaotic   : ...    Sust Con  : .............    TY Curse    : .............
 Force Wep.: ...    Sust Chr  : ......+......

  [Option Settings]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Small Levels:       OFF
 Arena Levels:       OFF

  [Recall Depth]

    Angband         : level  34
    Yeek cave       : level   5
    Dragon's lair   : level  60
    Mountain        : level  26

  [Quest Information]

< Completed Quest >
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level  4
  Warg problem                             (Danger  level:   5) - level 11
  Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman             (Dungeon level:   2) - level 12
  Dailai Dongzhu, Captain of Southerings   (Dungeon level:   4) - level 12
  Orfax, Son of Boldor                     (Dungeon level:   6) - level 13
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 22
  The Variant Maintainer                   (Dungeon level:   8) - level 23
  King Mulu, the Chief of Southerings      (Dungeon level:  10) - level 23
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 23
  Ufthak of Cirith Ungol                   (Dungeon level:  12) - level 24
  The Ghost 'Q'                            (Dungeon level:  14) - level 24
  Meng Huo, the King of Southerings        (Dungeon level:  16) - level 24
  Bolg, Son of Azog                        (Dungeon level:  18) - level 24
  Hagen, Son of Alberich                   (Dungeon level:  20) - level 24
  It                                       (Dungeon level:  22) - level 24
  Kharis the Powerslave                    (Dungeon level:  24) - level 28
  The Mimic's Treasure                     (Danger  level:  25) - level 28
  Gachapin                                 (Dungeon level:  26) - level 28
  Ulfang the Black                         (Dungeon level:  28) - level 28
  The Barrow Downs                         (Danger  level:  35) - level 28
  Bill the Stone Troll                     (Dungeon level:  30) - level 29
  Botei-Building, the Emperor              (Dungeon level:  32) - level 29
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 30
  Dark Elven Lords Quest                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 30
  M. Bison                                 (Dungeon level:  34) - level 30

< Failed Quest >
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 26
  The Vault                                (Danger  level:  30) - level 26

 Arena: 20 Victories

  [Defeated Monsters]

You have defeated 4153 enemies including 52 unique monsters in total.

< Unique monsters top 10 >
  Judge Fear                               (level  43)
  M. Bison                                 (level  40)
  Botei-Building, the Emperor              (level  36)
  King Koopa                               (level  34)
  Ulfang the Black                         (level  34)
  Ishikawa Goemon                          (level  33)
  Tom the Stone Troll                      (level  33)
  Bill the Stone Troll                     (level  33)
  Bokrug                                   (level  33)
  Rich, the Thief                          (level  29)


Your alighnment : Evil

You have strayed from the path of Valour.
You are the polar opposite of Honour.
You are an enemy of Mysticism.
You are the polar opposite of Compassion.
You have strayed from the path of Patience.
You are somewhat virtuous in Sacrifice.
You are virtuous in Justice.
You are the living embodiment of Temperance.


Electricity is running through your veins.

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Mace 'Taratol' (3d4) (+12,+12) (charging) {!!}
b) (wielding with two-hands)
c) (nothing)
d) a Ring of Damage (+15)
e) a Ring of Free Action
f) an Amulet of Magic Device Mastery (+2) <+10%> {!*}
g) The Phial of the Trapped Genie {Sh(Ch}
h) The Metal Brigandine Armour of the Rohirrim [19,+15] (+2) {Ca, Bill}
i) a Fur Cloak of Thievery [3,+6] (+2 to speed)
j) an Iron Helm of Seeing [5,+6] (+6 to searching)
k) The Set of Leather Gloves of Pippin (+1,+1) [1,+9] (+1)
l) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+10] {AcPo}

  [Character Inventory]

a) 16 Rations of Food
b) 4 Potions of Speed {!k!q}
c) 17 Potions of Heroism
d) 30 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {75% off}
e) 7 Potions of Healing {!k!q}
f) 8 Potions of Restore Life Levels {75% off}
g) 70 Scrolls of Teleportation {25% off}
h) 3 Scrolls of Word of Recall {90% off}
i) 4 Rods of Trap Location {@z1!s!d!k}
j) a Rod of Detection (charging) {@z3!s!d!k!!}
k) 4 Wands of Teleport Other (48 charges) {@at!s!d!k}
l) a Wand of Dragon's Flame (5 charges) {@af!s!d!k}
m) a Wand of Rockets (4 charges) {@ar!s!d!k}
n) 2 Staffs of Perception (2x 21 charges) {@u1}
o) a Staff of Holiness (5 charges)

  [Home Inventory]

 ( page 1 )
a) 3 Mushrooms of Restoring {!E}
b) 2 Potions of Detect Invisible
c) 14 Potions of Resist Heat {!k!q}
d) 10 Potions of Resist Cold {!k!q}
e) 98 Potions of Heroism
f) 8 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds {50% off}
g) 99 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
h) 11 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
i) 17 Potions of Restore Life Levels {75% off}
j) 3 Potions of Restore Strength
k) a Potion of Restore Dexterity
l) a Potion of Restore Constitution

 ( page 2 )
a) 3 Potions of Enlightenment
b) a Potion of Self Knowledge
c) 4 Potions of Resistance {!k!q}
d) 2 Potions of Curing
e) 2 Potions of New Life {!*!*}
f) 3 Scrolls of Identify
g) 20 Scrolls of Remove Curse
h) a Scroll of Enchant Armor {90% off}
i) 17 Scrolls of Blessing
j) a Scroll of Monster Confusion
k) a Rod of Door/Stair Location {@z2!s!d!k!!}
l) 9 Rods of Illumination {@z5!s!d!k}

 ( page 3 )
a) a Rod of Curing
b) a Wand of Drain Life (6 charges) {@ad!s!d!k}
c) 7 Staffs of Perception (7x 0 charges) {@u1}
d) a Staff of Enlightenment (6 charges) {@um}
e) a Staff of Enlightenment
f) a Staff of Treasure Location (12 charges)
g) a Staff of Object Location (14 charges) {@uo}
h) a Staff of Object Location (13 charges) {@uo}
i) a Staff of Detect Invisible (16 charges)
j) a Staff of Detect Evil (14 charges) {@u2}
k) a Staff of *Destruction* (4 charges) {!u!s!d!k}
l) a Ring of Ice [+12]

 ( page 4 )
a) a Ring of Poison Resistance
b) 2 Rings of Nexus Resistance
c) 2 Rings of Confusion Resistance
d) a Ring of Shard Resistance
e) The Phial of Galadriel (+1 to searching)
f) Rusty Chain Mail of Elvenkind (-5) [14,+4] (+3 to stealth) {Fe, BM}
g) Augmented Chain Mail (Dwarven) (-2) [21,+21] (+2)
h) Augmented Chain Mail of Resist Cold (-2) [16,+12]
i) The Cloak of Merry (+1,+1) [1,+7] (+1)
j) an Elven Cloak [4,+9] (+4 to stealth)
k) an Elven Cloak [4,+4] (+4 to stealth)
l) The Hard Leather Cap of Sam (+1,+1) [2,+7] (+1)

 ( page 5 )
a) a Metal Cap of Darkness [3,+11]
b) The Katana 'Zantetsuken' (8d4) (+17,+21) (+2)
c) The Battle Axe of Balli Stonehand (3d8) (+8,+11) [+5] (+3)
d) a Ball-and-Chain (Order) (8d1) (+7,+8)
e) a Two-Handed Flail (3d6) (+5,+9)
f) a Light Crossbow (x4) (+2,+6)
g) 99 Bolts (1d5) (+0,+0) {@f1=g}
h) 99 Bolts (1d5) (+0,+0) {@f1=g}
i) 54 Bolts (1d5) (+0,+0) {@f1=g}
j) 24 Bolts of Prism (1d5) (+4,+9)
k) The Corpse of Robin Hood, the Outlaw {Wanted!k!k!k}
l) The Corpse of Brodda, the Easterling {Wanted!k!k!k}

 ( page 6 )
a) The Corpse of Lady Zhurong, the Avater of Flame Spirit {Wanted!k!k!k}
b) The Corpse of Rich, the Thief {Wanted!k!k!k}

  [Check Sum: "074e6dbb0fc3f1dcec"]

Posted on 11.5.2012 20:40
Last updated on 12.5.2012 03:29

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320. for this player (out of 384)


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On 11.5.2012 20:43 chris wrote:
OK, I'll go first! Victor, I think this is a class you would thorougly enjoy, so put down your Unicorn vendetta!

[CL20:The Sewer] 00:36
Careful study of the Blows spoiler page revealed I only needed 18/10 dex for blow number 2, so that was my approach. Imagine my horror when my 2nd boost took me from 18 to 18/19 which only netted 18/09 after race/class/personality! Nooooooooooooo!!! :)

But boost #3 took me from 18/19 to 18/50, lifting my dex index from 2 to 4. OK, study the blows table some more. Hmmm ... I will need either 18/80 dex or 18/80 str. I guess I'll pursue str this time, and I managed by extreme luck: 18 -> 18/30 gives 18/80 after race/class/personality.

So, satiated on blows, I'll go for con next!

On 11.5.2012 21:17 dzhang wrote:
Shadow Fairy!?

On 11.5.2012 23:01 chris wrote:
[CL25:DL26] 01:48
Tough start! Quest rewards all sucked until I scored Hagen and then Aranruth. The former has needed SI and speed, the latter FA. But both severely gimp combat. And still no resistance despite 6 or 7 excellent armors. Finally, I knew it was time to stop pursuing quests when I landed It at L22. With no SI or detection of any sort, he is a *monster*. It must have taken 30 rounds of melee to kill, even when I knew where he was (he heals ... plus there is a stiff biff to combat if you can't see your opponent). And he dropped a pile of crap too including armor of resist acid, boots of levitation and a weapon of slay orc. I sunk 30 !CCW into killing him too as the level was 1x1 with a Stairway to Hell and all that that entails.

Moving to the Mountain, I finally score a Westernesse weapon of midling weight. It equals -40 damage, but I think I really must use it, at least temporarily. This will allow DQI and maybe I just need to grind a few hours in the Orc Caves (my new lucky spot!) until something useful turns up.

BM finally stocked my first speed potions, but only 3. Those are a bit too precious to use just yet, though the Mimic's Treasure is tempting. Can I do it with just 84 damage?

On 11.5.2012 23:03 dzhang wrote:
If you get FA, Barrow Downs is pretty easy, thanks to Splattering.

On 11.5.2012 23:47 chris wrote:
[CL28:Barrow Downs] 02:21
Aranruth with 145 damage thanks to a +15 BM ring of damage ... This was not enough to reliably one shot stuff especially the Emperors that usually took 3 or 4 rounds (risky at +0 speed, no nether resist). I thought my stealth would perform better but alas, after a bit of time all were awake. Also, 47hp of splatter damage just ticks the critters off inviting a barrage of curses, and I hate how monsters can splash you with curses (i.e., they don't require line of sight). I was down to 30hp at one point!

Bad news? No stat potions. No phial.
Good news? SI in a helm. FA in a ring. Taratol. "MagicDeviceMastery. -Rockets.

Upon return, I rested 4 days at the Inn to make darn sure shops would restock, then did the rounds and picked up some Rusty Chainmail, so worn and tattered that the previous adventurer must have sold it in disgust! But 85k for RBase at last was a bargain!

On 12.5.2012 00:11 dzhang wrote:
Grave Wights only have 12d10 = 66 HP. I'm surprised you couldn't one-shot them with your two-handed Flail.

On 12.5.2012 00:17 chris wrote:
Actually, I don't know what the issue was, but I even had trouble with the Kouko's with only 12d8hp? Probably, I was just missing a lot? Perhaps 1 strike was not enough to kill and only landing 1 for 3 blows was fairly common? Dunno as I don't read the messages ...

I didn't say I couldn't one shot them, just not reliably. And the splatter never killed anything, just made them angry :)

But my mace should do better ...

On 12.5.2012 00:46 chris wrote:
Actually, I do know what the issue was. 12lb weapons suck!!!! :D

[CL29:DL30] 02:40
Back in the thick of things, Splatter really shines. For some masochistic reason, I always play small levels at this point in the game, probably to mitigate the annoyance of thief questors. But the result, since nearly the same number of monsters spawn, is extremes of monster density. Usually 100 or so monsters must be slain immediately on each level, and at this stage of the game, we are talking about uber weak orcs and such.

Man, they do drop fast, though :)

Of course, during development I had an inkling of the awesomeness of this talent, and named my character accordingly.

So, Gachapin at L26 was a bad draw, but I knew he would be coming sooner or later. (I'm boldly diving hoping for Thranduil but my strategy failed!) Lacking Poison (or so I thought) and Chaos, and lacking any detection save a single (lucky!) slowly recharging rod, I would normally fail. Except that Taratol gives +10 speed (Love It!) and I had a nice wand of rockets in my pack (*LOVE* It!!). In the end, it turns out I had poison resist after all, as is dying Toxic Breath revealed. He never tried Chaos, just died to a couple rockets after some initial melee peppering.

Bill on L30 had Rohirrim, so now I resist Chaos too. I really, really ... *really* wanted Thranduil though. Ah well, my dragon lair dreams will need to wait!

On 12.5.2012 02:07 chris wrote:
[CL30:DL34] 03:39
Selling out desperately for Thranduil ... And don't think for one minute that Body Building is not life threatening! I lacked Shards and Blindness at the time and command to return, hit to blind (if not knock out insta-kill) is a popular passtime for that super buff nasty. But, he lacks shard resist (Oh yea, he breathes shards for 200 + 100hp/round cut drain). But he does not resist shards ;)

Then, the much easier M. Bison. Mana bolts pale in comparison to the deadliness/death-potential of Body Building. Except that M. Bison spawned inside a pack of 20+ Nexus hounds, and I had to endure 10 or so breaths to kill the guy! But no stat scramble ... Phew!

And he dropped a special Hard Leather Cap!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Grrrr ... It was Sam!

On 12.5.2012 03:29 chris wrote:
[CL31:Cloning Pits] 04:26
My luck vs. Dave's luck continues ... Judge Fear spawns in the Cloning Pits and summons ... A Dracolich. Breathes unresisted nether for 467 and I only have 410hp? Crap! Breathes single resisted Cold for 311? OK, at least I don't just die ...

I killed him with 6 !Healing and Awesome Blow, backed up against the walls next to the Dagons. Now I only have 6 !Healing left for the rest of the quest ... Can I do it? Its earlier than I would normally try but I figured if Dave could do it, so could I!

On 12.5.2012 03:33 chris wrote:
And you will notice my unused staff of holiness ... Protection from Evil really only provokes monsters into breathing. When you are massively outclassed versus a Dracolich, better to suck up their relatively weak melee.

On 12.5.2012 03:36 chris wrote:
Good grief, a Planetar? Need to wait for 700+ hp and +15 base speed next time. Missed the dump, but that took the remainder of my healing, and finally, dished out 400+ in a single move.

Actually, a Planetar rivals Jack of Shadows in the quest.

On 12.5.2012 03:42 chris wrote:
Planetar: +20 speed and 2200hp. Dispel Magic instantly to keep one at +3 base speed. Psychospear for d250 + 100 (225 avg) or Mana Bolt for d175 +50 (137 avg). Also casts Invulnerability, and summons like the day of Judgment has come!

+20 speed vs +3 speed is 30 energy vs 12. Expect triple moves!

On 12.5.2012 03:51 dzhang wrote:
Ouch, that sucks. I got a Nightwalker, but managed to kill him with my incredible speed. But it's true that lately my Cloning Pits random spawns have been pretty tame.

On 12.5.2012 04:16 kingvictory2003 wrote:
Alright Chris, you got me tempted with this class...UnicornHater is progressing along nicely, and I think we know what will happen to the Unicorn :) I'll download the most recent version and give one a go.

On 12.5.2012 04:34 chris wrote:
Actually, a Nightwalker might be worse than a Planetar even though I could fight it at +13 speed rather than +3.

On 12.5.2012 06:20 dzhang wrote:
You know, whenever we play two characters simultaneously, I always lose motivation to play if you die... do you want to start over with the Mauler? I was missing my Demigod special abilities anyway!

On 12.5.2012 14:09 chris wrote:
OK, but I'll need a pretty good start. Call it a handicap!

On 12.5.2012 16:47 chris wrote:
>My luck vs. Dave's luck continues

To clarify, I was referring to Dave's Ringil find 1 hour in (which is the fastest I've ever heard of), combined with his having 3 sources of usable non ring FA at that point. In 7 hours of Mauler play, I have yet to manage a single non ring source of FA and have only found 1 ring of FA.

My next Mauler will just be patient, so don't expect the Cloning Pits before 7 to 10 hours, depending on how long the FA stymie takes to resolve.

On 14.5.2012 04:45 chem wrote:
I just read this dump; Angels in general can be pretty troublesome. Taratol looked like a good early weapon though!

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