The Angband Ladder: Inigo Montoya 8, Spanish Dashing Hussa by ewan

  [Steamband 0.4.1 Character Dump]

 Name   Inigo Montoya 8                          Self  abcdefghijkl@   Best
 Sex    Male           Age            31  MUS:    700  *.......**..5   999
 Race   Spanish        Height         69  AGI:    700  .5.....8.*.15   999
 Class  Dashing Hussar Weight        196  VIG:    700  *......**....   999
 Title  ***WINNER***   Status         25  Sch:    728  ..8..8.......   733
 WP     147/172        MaxDepth  Lev   1  Ego:    720  ....*.6......   723
 SP     505/784        Preserve        Y  Chr:    550  .............   554

 Level           50       Armor    [19,+156]     Saving Throw       Champion
 Cur Exp   16668470       Blows    11+1/turn     Stealth             Abyssal
 Max Exp   16668470       Shots       3/turn     Fighting      Legendary[5+]
 Adv Exp   ********       Infra        80 ft     Shooting      Legendary[5+]
                                                 Disarming         Excellent
          Stat     Skill     Equip.    Total     Magic Device           Good
 Melee (+30,+24) (+20,+20) (+82,+98)(+132,+142)  Perception    Legendary[5+]
 Shoot  (+30,+0)   (+0,+0) (+93,+33)(+123,+33)   Searching     Legendary[5+]

     You are the only son of a great sword maker. You are a
     beloved child.  You have brown eyes, shoulder-length wavy
     brown hair, and a scar on each cheek.

  [Resists & Abilities]

   Critical:.............   Fthr Fall:.............   Hvy Curse:.............
   Vampiric:.............   Telepathy:.............    Mutation:.+...........
      Throw:+............   See Invis:.+..+.++....+    No Magic:.............
     Vorpal:.............    Free Act:....+..+.....   No Teleprt.......+.....
     Return:.............   Wraithfrm:.............    Drain SP:.............
  Frce Brnd:.............   Hold Life:....+........    Drain HP:.............
  Fire Brnd:.............     Reflect:.............     Disrupt:.......+.....
  Elec Brnd:.............   Invisible:.............   Drn Items:.............
  Ice Brand:.............   Res Confu:......++.....   Drn   Exp:.............
  Acid Brnd:.............   Res Blind:............+    Teleport:.............
  Psn. Brnd:.............    Res Fear:......++.+..+   Aggravate:.............
  Fire :35% .+......+..-..  Acid :50% .+......+..+..  Light:100%............+.
  Erth :20% .+..+.........  Poisn:20% .+......+.....  Dark :130%......+.....+.
  Air  :10% .+............  Time :90% ..+...+.+.....  Mind :10% ....+.........
  Water:-10%.+..+...-.....  Ether:30% ..+...+.-.....  Force:-30%....-.........
  Elec :20% .+.........+..  Sound:30% ..+...........  Sprt :10% ....+.........
  Ice  :-10%.+......-..+..  Nethr:60% ..+.-.+.+.....
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
            /}=="~(([]]]              /}=="~(([]]]              /}=="~(([]]]


   Disarming Traps 10
           Stealth  1
         Searching  1
    Pain Tolerance  1
   Neophyte Combat 20
   Standard Combat 20
   Advanced Combat 20
     Master Combat 20
   Critical Strike 20
   Accurate Strike 20
    Vicious Strike 20
        Swift Blow 20
    Weapon Finesse 20
      Martial Arts  5
 Neophyte Firearms 20
 Standard Firearms  3
            Rifles  1
        Swift Shot  3
          Throwing  1
          Polearms 20
        Acrobatics 20
 Combat Techniques 20
   Elite Maneuvers 20
         Latin {*}  1
   Occult Lore {O}  1
  Ritual Magic {O}  1
  Spirituality {S}  1
 Tempered Will {*}  1
     Using Devices 15
  Advanced Devices  1
  Device Power Amp  1
         Toughness 20
    Dragon's Heart 20
         Athletics 20

  [Steamware & Mutations]

 You can evade monsters more effectively for a time. 
 You can move to anywhere you can see. 
 You can move in quick bursts of speed. 
 You have delta level spurs (stun+slow, 15d30).
 You have delta level enhanced eyesight (60'infra, 3*search, +res + see invis).
 You have delta level wired reflexes (+5 speed, +100 Agi).
 You have delta level dermal plating (+70 ac).
 You have delta level core furnace (+20 Health).

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Harpoon of Ned Land (8d3|2) (+15,+20) <+10> (charging)
b) The 10 Gauge Shotgun of the Marquis de la Tour (x4) (+20,+20) <+5, +2>
c) The Ring of Edison <+8>
d) a Tiger Eye Ring of Slaying (+21,+21)
e) The Mystical Amulet of John Dee <+10, +6, +2>
f) The Pocket Lantern of Sherlock Holmes [4] <+8, +4> (charging)
g) The Heavy Jacket of John Bell (-1) [10,+14] <+6>
h) The Cloak of Captain Nemo (+10,+10) [1,+18] <+12, +8, +2>
i) The Bull's Tail of the Pharoahs (+5,+10) [5,+6] <+12, +4, +1>
j) The Mask 'Le Loup Blanc' [0,+4] <+12, +5, +1> (charging)
k) a Set of Leather Gloves of Slaying (+8,+7) [2,+8]
l) a Pair of Laced Shoes of the Nautilus [1,+1] <+1>
n) 3 Steel shotgun slugs of Flash (8d22|0) (+6,+13) (+750/2250)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 67 "Dr. Beard's Alterative" Tonics of Cure Critical Wounds {90% off}
b) 2 "Dr. Brooks' Antimalarial" Tonics of Cure Mortal Wounds
c) 4 "Mickey's Magical Brew" Tonics of Healing {!*}
d) 6 "Owbridge's Lung" Tonics of *Healing*
e) 15 "Vin-O-Sula Cuban" Tonics of Restore Life Levels {90% off}
f) 7 Steel-Plated Hydrograph Mechanisms of Etheric Travel
g) 3 Chromium Astrophonic Mechanisms of Returning {25% off}
h) 56 Copper-Plated Anemograph Mechanisms of Object Analysis {50% off}
i) 5 Mithril Aetherphone Mechanisms of Detailed Object Analysis {25% off}
j) 12 Gold-Plated Macropan Mechanisms of Power Cell
k) an Intricate Tool of Object Analysis (21 charges)
l) The Ring of Tesla <+25> {uncursed}
m) The Ring of Field Generation <+6, +10> {uncursed}
n) The Electric Lamp of Edison [3]
o) The Pick of Guy Fawkes (2d4|2) (+13,+13) <+10, +1>
p) 11 Steel shotgun slugs of Flash (8d22|0) (+6,+13) (+750/2250)

  [Home Inventory]

2 "Primley's Iron & Wahoo" Tonics of Restore Muscle {10% off}
an Obsidian Ring of Damage (+18)
The Ring of Dr. Materialismus <+8, +5>
an Oak Amulet of Muscle <+10> {75% off}
The Fluorescent Photic Illuminator of Tesla [5] <+5, +18, -10> {cursed}
The Tweed Suit of Freud [16,+9] <+8>
The Leather Waistcoat of Gideon Barr [20,+25] <+2>
The Leather Harness of Carrion Caves [6,+15] <+4>
The Cloak "Immunity" of Ignaz Semmelweis [1,+18]
The Cloak of Aleriel [5,+15]
The Fur Cloak of the Hearth [4,+6] <+2>
The Pair of Trousers of Harry Hardwigg [2,+3] <+3>
The Set of Petticoats of Rosa Coote [5,+13] <+16, +12>
The Bowler of Sexton Blake (+5) [6,+10] <+2, +5>
The Green-tinted Glasses of Auguste Dupin [8,+1] <+8>
The Crown of Isis [0,+9] <+8, +5, +1>
The Eye of Ra [0,+8] <+4>
The Battle Axe of the Great Ak (3d8|5) (+25,+30) <+5, +1>
a Great Axe of Power (4d4|14) (+18,+29) [-10] <+10, +2> {cursed}
The Mace of Ramses (3d6|4) (+15,+25) <+8, +6, +3>
The .25 Derringer of High Fashion (x2) (-33,-25) <+12>
3 Shotgun slugs of Hurt Animal (8d11|0) (+13,+19) (+522/1566)
39 Shotgun slugs of Hurt Automata (8d11|0) (+15,+17) (+510/1530)
44 Rifle bullets of Hurt Evil (4d11|0) (+11,+5)


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 29.5.2012 21:42
Last updated on 31.5.2012 23:53

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On 29.5.2012 21:42 ewan wrote:
Been really grinding this guy, both for xp and to get $$ for steamware. Trying to take it very slowly given where diving got me!

Mostly comfortable w/ enemies currently. BUT one very weird bug has just started: there's some form of ammo that the game generates (both on the floor and as a drop) but then cannot handle. If I try to look at it (whatever it is), or a monster crushes it or interacts in any way, game hangs. So I have turned on autosave, and this must therefore have a big *asterisk* - anyone else having this issue? Probably a Mac thing :(.

On 29.5.2012 21:45 ewan wrote:
Still going the 'all combat, all the time' route; invested in Acrobatics to get the evasion ability BUT never use it because it hoses combat :(. Some enemies are now significantly faster than me, so speed will be needed; had a nasty moment when I switched out cloaks and lost FI just before Dracula arrived (!) but thankfully he paralyzed me from far enough away that I recovered before he got to me.

Unconvinced that this harpoon is endgame worthy, hence no investment in weapon type yet; might be an error.

On 29.5.2012 21:54 Roch wrote:
Yep, I didn't commit to firearms or throwing, and still haven't. But with a good gun I can still hit stuff even with no skill point investment. What is the +12 on your derringer?

On 29.5.2012 22:00 ewan wrote:
Charm, which is irrelevant but it also offers 10% rAll which is very welcome given my poor resistance levels (the petticoats are great for health but very negative for resistance; encourages greater paranoia which I think is a good trait).

On 29.5.2012 22:45 ewan wrote:
Hmm. Whatever it is, apparently the gun shop now stocks it! Trying to enter that now crashes also.

This is vexing :(

On 29.5.2012 22:47 ewan wrote:
I've cleaned out all of the .raw files, and run from the .dmg download, so it doesn't seem to be something that's become corrupted...

On 29.5.2012 22:59 ewan wrote:
OK, the blunt-hammer approach of *deleting* all ammo from object.txt works!

I guess I will just delete one at a time and see whether I can fix that way with a little less crudity..

On 29.5.2012 23:03 ewan wrote:
Apparently it's pistol bullets. Fine: I'll just play without. Wasn't shooting anything anyway :-)

On 30.5.2012 04:06 ewan wrote:
Hmm. Didn't completely fix the issue - getting more and more crashes. Well, maybe I'll die soon anyway.

On 30.5.2012 09:30 Roch wrote:
Man, that's no good. If it makes you feel any better, I just had a crash after reaching clevel 34 including two long slogs through dinosaur pits. Somehow my only save was back at clevel 29, which means that in addition to the time and effort I lost a really nice artifact cloak with +75% regen.

On 30.5.2012 16:15 ewan wrote:
Yeah, I've turned on autosave :). Sorry about your cloak.

Dinosaurs have been excellent prey for Inigo here - no ranged attacks means easy meat. I'm almost regretting having sold off Madame le Forge's locket w/ aggravation to make enemies come to me around corners at this point. This guy hits *really* hard and just found two new melee weapons (I need to update), so even some serious enemies like the Ripper went down without too much fuss; but he's still very nervous about any time he does not have very tight quarters to fight in. One close call from a Walker not dying fast enough and blasting the area open.

Still trying to work out what to do w/ exces skill points, but maybe the new shotgun is worth investing in.

On 30.5.2012 16:16 ewan wrote:
Oh, and I finally found a damage ring! :) But boy this takes a long time - many many hours of grinding to get the cash for steamware and enough decent kit items.

On 30.5.2012 19:57 ewan wrote:
Churning through vaults and awgwa pits - boy those rock agwa are tough - for xp..

On 30.5.2012 21:17 ewan wrote:
There does not appear to be an option for hafted-skill; moreover, it looks as though the two big villians are vulnerable to piercing weapons, so I guess I will be going back to the harpoon unless something better comes along.

So I've maxed 'Polearms,' and I guess all that is left is firearms.

On 30.5.2012 21:45 Roch wrote:
You found my cloak! Looking good.

On 30.5.2012 23:58 ewan wrote:
That cloak is key for poison-breather quests. There have been a couple - one was for ghosts of Indian girl children or something - that would have been utterly fatal otherwise!

On 31.5.2012 11:07 myshkin wrote:
Odd, your chardump doesn't indicate that you've raised polearms...

There is a hafted skill, but choosing any of the weaponmastery skills disables all the others.

On 31.5.2012 11:17 myshkin wrote:
For what it's worth, I can't reproduce your crash on a Mac by creating pistol bullets. If you get a chance, I'd be happy to look at a savefile.

On 31.5.2012 14:44 ewan wrote:
I'll update the dump; I realise that weapon skills mutually occlude, but hafted was not an option - only pole, swords, and daggers. I know that I *should* use swords to be in character - sorry, Inigo :).

And I'll happily send over a savefile - it was not a problem for most of the game, so I really have no clue what changed; all very odd :)

On 31.5.2012 14:45 ewan wrote:
Grind grind grind. Poleamrs invested but no obvious effect, actually :(.

The power I gained from maxing Acrobatics looks as though it will be very useful, though.

On 31.5.2012 14:45 ewan wrote:
biggest single issue right now is Fire. Have not found a decent resist item, and the ^*%#*% fire ants are everywhere, also dragon Awgwas. Very careful play needed..

On 31.5.2012 14:47 ewan wrote:
The shotgun claims to cause mutations, but nothing so far that I can tell..

On 31.5.2012 14:52 ewan wrote:
And yeah, BUG?: *no* change in the to-hit w/ this harpoon after raising Polearms to 20! :-(. Definitely fits the polearm category, right?

On 31.5.2012 14:57 ewan wrote:
Any suggestions for the remaining skill points are most welcome. I just don't see myself ever using firearms as a primary tactic, but there may be nothing better; do any of the other skills offer something like rBlind of useful powers?

On 31.5.2012 15:04 ewan wrote:
Maybe no bug - the other skill effects also don't appear to be reflcted in the dump, otherwise my + to-hit would be enormous. Hmm.

On 31.5.2012 15:11 ewan wrote:
Sorry for the comment deluge: in fact even the stats from equipment are not showing correctly. For instance, the Slaying ring & gloves + harppon should be (+44, +48) rather than +43, +48, no? Minor maybe.. :)

On 31.5.2012 18:48 ewan wrote:
This is 'pose 1' - I am conflicted as to what pants to wear :). This pose has lower health/vigor, and it costs me 250 hp / 38 wp; but the resistances are better (notably fire). Pose 2 wears the petticoats: superb health and vigor but at the cost of impaired resistances (so that even with resistant pose and cloak activation, rFire is only at 18% and others not much better).

My *guess* is that the hp/wp are more important, and so that's what I'll do, but it's not clear (to me, anyway); don't know how many elemental hits I am going to be taking in the final push.

I've ground out the time and cash for steamware max, so just need to et the last xp and work out what to do with skill points, then try to run to the surface..

On 31.5.2012 19:45 myshkin wrote:
Very odd. Harpoons are indeed polearms, and the code does seem to give a bonus for the skill in both melee calculations and character display.

Perhaps consider opening up spirituality to get to Healing of the Body?

On 31.5.2012 20:03 ewan wrote:
Picking up a random spear also didn't give any bonus; and there's been no effect on my actual melee, so it looks to be a bug.

There's no Healing listed in the skills spoilers...?

On 31.5.2012 20:06 myshkin wrote:

Some of the Spirituality spells will heal you; the second one heals one wound point. Possibly that is not enough to matter.

On 31.5.2012 20:08 ewan wrote:
Yeah, my regeneration does more than that :).

On 31.5.2012 23:34 ewan wrote:
Going up to 2. No idea whether it will work, and still vaguely irked by the polearms missing to-hit :), but nothing else to do now..

On 31.5.2012 23:35 ewan wrote:
Here's the buffed pose, btw.

On 31.5.2012 23:53 ewan wrote:
Huh. That was anticlimactic, honestly. Moreau only got one move, ditto Fu Manchu, and neither did anything interesting - manchu drained stats but I had sustains on the physical ones so no big deal.

I had meant to switch in Tesla and maybe the Field Gen rings for the final two fights, but in both cases the enemy appeared close enough that I just charged in and bingo.

Definitely the case that the final two baddies were nowehere near as hard as many of the denizens. Still, getting to the endgame is damn tough!

On 1.6.2012 00:37 ewan wrote:
How many levels does the lab have? Is there a limit??

On 1.6.2012 03:08 myshkin wrote:
Congratulations! I do expect that some of the non-uniques with rockets are much more likely to kill an advanced character than the two quest opponents.

The lab should top out at Lab Lv 76, if I'm reading the code correctly.

On 1.6.2012 03:18 ewan wrote:
Thanks. I'm glad that I found the Harpoon (and very early on, in fact): no other decent piercing weapons all game, and I think that trying to take down the bad guys with a weapon they resisted would have been orders of magnitude more difficult (because more turns for them to pick a dangerous-to-me action).

Even non-rocket enemies that resist are scary, especially if they hit hard. So the Steam Dragon thing was annoying but rarely fatal; Strigoi, though, were cause to flee. I never saw panther tanks, which I recall dimly were major lethal; Martian Walkers I made very sure to fight only in confined 1-1 situations.

Triple-strike got by far the most use of any class power. Charge got some significant use towards the end, but very expensive in sp.

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