The Angband Ladder: Gilma, Noldor Feanor no-class by Jungle_Boy

  [Sil 1.0.2 Character Dump]

 Name   Gilma         Age    3,077       Str   4 =  3          +1
 Sex    Female        Height   6'1       Dex   9 =  4  +2      +3
 Race   Noldor        Weight   144       Con  11 =  4  +2      +5
 House  Feanor                           Gra   3 =  3  +1      -1

 Game Turn   26,015   Melee  (+23,2d8)   Melee       23 = 13  +9      +1
 Exp Pool       321          (+26,1d5)   Archery     10 =  0  +9      +1
 Total Exp   69,821   Bows   (+10,1d8)   Evasion     30 = 15  +9  +6
 Burden       120.8   Armor [+30,5-14]   Stealth     16 = 13  +9  +2  -8
 Max Burden   207.3                      Perception  10 =  7  +3
 Depth         1000'  Health     0:148   Will        18 = 12  +3  +3
 Min Depth     1000'  Voice      17:34   Smithing    14 =  7  +3  +3  +1
 Light Radius     5   Song    Elbereth   Song         7 =  4  +3

 You are one of several children of a bard from the house of Feanor.
 You have light blue eyes, wavy golden hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> You are enveloped in flames!
> You strike out at everything around you!
> You hit Ancalagon the Black...
> You hit the Vampire lord.
> The Vampire lord misses you.
> Ancalagon the Black misses you.
> You riposte!
> You hit Ancalagon the Black!
> The Vampire lord misses you.
> Ancalagon the Black misses you.
> You begin a song to the Queen of the Stars.
> The Vampire lord misses you.
> Ancalagon the Black claws you!
> You die.




a) The Longsword 'Narsil' (+0,2d6) [+2] 2.5 lb
   It provides resistance to cold and fire.  It lights the
   dungeon around you.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
b) a Shortbow (+0,1d7) 1.4 lb
   It can shoot arrows 12 squares (with your current strength).
c) a Chalcedony Ring of Evasion [+2]
d) a Bloodstone Ring of Free Action
   It grants you freedom of movement.  
e) a Silver Amulet of Constitution <+1>
   It increases your constitution by 1.  It sustains your 
f) a Feanorian Lamp of Brightness
   It burns brightly, increasing your light radius by an
   additional square.  
g) The Mail Corslet of Fingon [-3,2d4] <+1>
   It increases your constitution and grace by 1.  It provides
   resistance to fear.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
h) a Shadow Cloak of Stealth [+4] <+5>
   It improves your stealth by 5.  It creates an unnatural
i) The Dagger of Nargil (+5,1d5) 0.5 lb
   It cuts easily through armour.  It can be thrown effectively
   (16 squares).  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
j) The Jewelled Crown of Feanor [+0,1d1] <+3>
   It improves your will and smithing by 3.  It provides
   resistance to fire.  It lights the dungeon around you.  It
   grants you the ability to see invisible creatures, but it
   also enrages nearby creatures.  It cannot be harmed by the
k) a Set of Leather Gloves of Dexterity <+1>
   It increases your dexterity by 1.  
l) The Pair of Steel Greaves of Orodreth [-1,1d2] <+1>
   It increases your dexterity by 1.  It provides resistance to 
   fire.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
m) 80 Arrows (+3)
   They can be shot 12 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 8 Arrows (Poisoned)
   They are branded with venom.  They can be shot 12 squares
   (with your current strength and bow).


a) 5 Dark Green Herbs of Rage
b) 5 Russet Herbs of Sustenance
c) 13 Murky Brown Potions of Orcish Liquor
d) 5 Sparkling Potions of Clarity
e) 8 Golden Potions of Healing
f) 8 Azure Potions of Quickness
g) a Brown Potion of Elemental Resistance
h) 4 Dark Green Potions of Strength
i) a Brilliant Blue Potion of Dexterity
j) a Green Potion of Constitution
k) 2 Pale Green Potions of Grace
l) an Ashen Staff of Understanding (1 charge)
m) an Ivory Staff of Revelations (5 charges)
n) 2 Beryl Rings of Damage <+1>
   It improves your damage sides by 1.  
o) a Lesser Jewel of Grace <+1>
   It increases your grace by 1.  
p) The Filthy Rag of Dungalef [+1] <+1>
   It improves your stealth by 1.  It cannot be harmed by the
   elements.  It grants you the abilities: Disguise and Vanish.  
q) a Helm of Defiance [+0,1d2] <+1>
   It improves your will by 1.  It provides resistance to fear.  
r) a Set of Gauntlets of the Forge [+0,1d1] <+2>
   It improves your smithing by 2.  
s) a Pair of Leather Boots of Speed [+1,1d1]
   It grants you the ability: Sprinting.  
t) The Greatsword 'Glend' (-1,3d6) [+1] <+1> 12.0 lb
   It increases your strength by 1.  It sustains your strength.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  It requires both hands
   to wield it properly.  
u) a Mattock of Belegost (-5,5d2) <+3> 11.9 lb
   It improves your tunneling by 3.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  
v) 49 Pieces of Mithril


Gilma of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 22 May 2012

    Turn     Depth    Note

      30     50 ft    (Charge)
   1,248    100 ft    (Armoursmith)
   1,248    100 ft    (Enchantment)
   2,491    200 ft    Found The Longsword 'Narsil' (from 150 ft)
   5,254    250 ft    Slew Gorgol, the Butcher
   5,455    250 ft    (Jeweller)
   5,982    300 ft    Slew Boldog, the Merciless
   9,269    350 ft    Found The Mail Corslet of Fingon
  11,484    400 ft    (Artistry)
  12,015    500 ft    Found The Dagger of Nargil
  12,020    500 ft    (Finesse)
  12,541    500 ft    Slew Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
  12,544    500 ft    Found The Spear of Boldog (from 300 ft)
  12,636    500 ft    (Keen Senses)
  12,636    500 ft    (Two Weapon Fighting)
  12,636    500 ft    (Parry)
  12,940    500 ft    Slew Uldor, the Accursed
  13,318    500 ft    Slew Othrond, the Orc Lord
  13,985    550 ft    Slew Orcobal, Champion of the Orcs
  14,076    550 ft    (Follow-Through)
  14,076    550 ft    (Opportunist)
  15,938    600 ft    Slew Nan, the Giant
  16,033    600 ft    Found The Greatsword 'Glend'
  16,448    650 ft    (Hardiness)
  16,586    650 ft    (Poison Resistance)
  16,866    750 ft    (Riposte)
  17,152    750 ft    (Dodging)
  18,539    750 ft    (Dexterity)
  18,545    750 ft    Found The Filthy Rag of Dungalef
  19,160    850 ft    (Assassination)
  19,211    850 ft    Found The Halberd 'Celebrist'
  19,270    850 ft    (Song of Silence)
  22,270    750 ft    (Weaponsmith)
  23,356    850 ft    Slew Tevildo, Prince of Cats
  23,358    850 ft    Slew Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo
  23,887    850 ft    (Constitution)
  24,356    900 ft    Entered Cat Fortress
  24,465    950 ft    (Cruel Blow)
  24,811    950 ft    Found The Pair of Steel Greaves of Orodreth (from 900 
  25,757    950 ft    Left without entering Chambers of Thu
  25,758  1,000 ft    Entered Morgoth's throne room
  25,827  1,000 ft    Found The Jewelled Crown of Feanor
  26,014  1,000 ft    (Song of Elbereth)

  26,015  1,000 ft    Slain by Ancalagon the Black.
  26,015  1,000 ft    Died on 04 June 2012.

  ['Score' 020073985]

Posted on 5.6.2012 05:21

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On 5.6.2012 05:21 Jungle_Boy wrote:
My first character to make it to 1000ft thanks to a magically appearing shovel at 750ft when I was trapped by grotesque rubble. Stealthy attacks was great but it only worked to a certain point. I may have been better served spending a little more time before entering the throne room and raising my melee/evasion

On 5.6.2012 12:16 half wrote:
That could be right. 30 Evasion is certainly impressive, but with such a low amount of Protection, you really needed to not get hit. It is quite possible that the Filthy Rag of Dungalef would have served you better than the Corslet, as you would have had 34 Evasion and more Stealth, especially gaining Vanish and Disguise. Great work though. With the knowledge gained it should become much easier to get down there to try again.

On 5.6.2012 13:04 Jungle_Boy wrote:
Yea, I usually wore the rag. I did not change to the corselet and crown until after I had woken several monsters and was being backed into a corner.

On 6.6.2012 02:05 debo wrote:
I think the emphasis on evasion really hurt you here. You have some insane stealth equipment already (+5 shadow cloak?!), by putting a few more points into it, you could have been almost invisible to the throne room monsters.

Assassination really only works well with high stealth (20+) and Vanish, IMO. You want to get to the point where you can cherry-pick and backstab a cat warrior in the middle of a pack, and not have any of the others wake up.

I'm guessing you put the crown of Feanor on right at the very end, but just in case you didn't... wrath is basically asking for death with a stealth/stab character. Alternately, scaling back evasion and buying Critical Resistance would probably given you more bang-for-buck.

It may have been better to switch to Nargil-only, right at the end... you can usually get a 3x critical quite easily with it, and you may have been able to confuse/stun enough enemies to wade through the gaps they leave while bumping around.

Finally, this may be counterintuitive, but it's often good to charge through a group of monsters when you have vanish, especially if the alternative is being chased into a corner :) With high enough stealth and a potion of quickness, you can survive some surprisingly ridiculous-looking situations.

On 6.6.2012 02:07 debo wrote:
That "Alternatively, scaling back..." line should have been placed at the end of my first paragraph :) Pav, I need a bigger textbox here!!! :D

On 6.6.2012 13:18 half wrote:
I think debo and I might both be right: if you had less evasion and more stealth, you might have been fine, and similarly if you had less stealth and more evasion.

On 6.6.2012 14:11 Jungle_Boy wrote:
I think the bigger problem is that stealth really doesn't fit my playstyle. I don't use stealth to pick my battles, just to get the opening shot. I just went with the stealth because that was the equipment I got.

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