The Angband Ladder: Lady Pez, Imp Warrior by Roch

  [Hellband 0.8.7 Character Dump]

 Name   : Lady Lady Pez                                      STR:   32         
 Race   : Imp                   Age                 14       INT:   27         
 Sign   : Free                  Height              64       WIS:   27         
 Class  : Warrior               Weight             116       DEX:   34         
                                Social Class        35       CON:   35         
                                                             CHA:   28         
 + To Hit           61      Level             50    Max Hit Points      1003   
 + To Damage       112      Experience  19576052    Cur Hit Points      1003   
 + To AC           166      Max Exp     19576052    Max SP (Mana)          0   
   Base AC          52      Exp to Adv.    *****    Cur SP (Mana)          0   
                            Exp Factor       110    Gold            12739740   
 Fighting    : Godlike [57] Perception  : Fair         Blows/Round:  14        
 Bows/Throw  : Godlike [57] Searching   : Fair         Shots/Round:  3         
 Saving Throw: Supernatural Disarming   : Superb       Wpn.dmg/Rnd:  126d6+1568
 Stealth     : Superb       Magic Device: Superb       Infra-Vision: 30 feet   
     You sire was a mindless demonic spawn.You have a slimy green skin,        
     claws, and glowing red eyes.Your mother was a succubus. You have coal     
     black eyes, no hair at all, and vestigial wings.                          

 Fire : .+....+++...* Shard    : .............    Aura of Elec : ......+...... 
 Cold : ......+++*... Sound    : ..........+..    Aura of Fire : ............. 
 Light: ......+...... Nether   : ......+......    Reflection   : ............. 
 Dark : ............. Nexus    : ...........+.    Hold Life    : .....++.+.... 
 Poisn: .....++..+... Chaos    : .............    Slow Digest  : .........+... 
 Elec : ......+.+..*. Disnch   : .........+...    Regeneration : ............. 
 Acid : ......++++... See Invis: .....++..+..+    Levitation   : ............. 
 Blind: .......+..+.. Telepathy: ......+......    Perm Lite    : ............. 
 Conf : ....+...+.... Speed    : .+..++.+...+.    Stealth      : .......+..+.. 
 Fear : .........+..+ Shots    : .............    Infra        : ............. 
 Hold : .+.......+... Blows    : ...++........    Search       : .........++.. 
  [Miscellaneous information]

 Ironman Shops:     OFF
 Maximize Mode:      ON
 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           ON
 Small Levels:       ON
 Arena Levels:       ON
 Recall Depth:       Level 100 (5000')


 You have defeated 5290 enemies.

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Glaive of Pain (9d6) (+0,+30)
    Level 30, Rarity 25, 19.0 lbs, 50000 Gold

b) The Crossbow of Death (x4) (+10,+14)
    +10 to Speed
    Resist Fire
    Free Action
    Activates for fire branding of bolts every 999 turns
    Level 50, Rarity 25, 11.0 lbs, 50000 Gold

c) an Umbrian Ring of Damage (+22)
d) a Wizard's Ring of Extra Attacks (+3 to attack speed)
e) The Amulet of Michael
    +3 to DEX, CON, Attacks, Speed
    Resist Confusion
    Activates for dispel evil (x5) and protection from evil every 450+d450
    Level 65, Rarity 30, 0.3 lbs, 90000 Gold

f) The Gem of Eos
    +2 to Speed
    Resist Poison
    Hold Life; See Invisible; Permanent Light(3)
    Activates for magic mapping and light every 20+d20 turns, draining you
    Level 30, Rarity 25, 0.5 lbs, 50000 Gold

g) The Robe of Saint Raphael (-1) [28,+45]
    +2 to INT, WIS, CHA
    Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light, Nether
    Hold Life; Fiery Aura; See Invisible; ESP
    Level 40, Rarity 3, 2.0 lbs, 333000 Gold

h) The Shadow Cloak of Life [6,+20]
    +2 to INT, WIS, CHA, Stealth, Speed
    Resist Acid, Fire, Cold, Blindness
    Activates for restore life levels every 450 turns
    Level 40, Rarity 40, 0.5 lbs, 55000 Gold

i) The Large Metal Shield of the Ages [5,+45]
    Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Confusion
    Sustain All stats
    Hold Life
    Level 40, Rarity 9, 12.0 lbs, 160000 Gold

j) The Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' (+25,+25) [5,+10]
    -2 to INT, WIS, Searching
    Immunity to Cold
    Resist Acid, Cold, Poison, Fear, Disenchantment
    Free Action; Anti-Magic; See Invisible; Slow Digestion
    Activates for rays of fear in every direction
    Level 20, Rarity 5, 7.5 lbs, 0 Gold

k) The Set of Cesti of Maenia (+7,+15) [5,+17] (+4 to stealth) {special}
l) The Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Furcifer [3,+18]
    +15 to Speed
    Immunity to Lightning
    Resist Nexus
    Activates for haste self (50 turns) every 200 turns
    Level 40, Rarity 120, 4.0 lbs, 300000 Gold

m) a Scroll titled "marcomp" of Teleportation {25% off}
n) a Gold Potion of Wisdom
o) a Scroll titled "binjo monite" of *Destruction*
p) (nothing)
q) (nothing)
r) (nothing)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 36 White Potions of Healing
b) 2 Gloopy Green Potions of *Healing* {25% off}
c) 66 Scrolls titled "marcomp" of Teleportation {25% off}
d) 25 Scrolls titled "sneip jo ox" of Teleport Level
e) 7 Scrolls titled "binjo monite" of *Destruction*
f) a Scroll titled "alabjor bitski" of Genocide
g) a Scroll titled "viv snoski" of Mass Genocide
h) 3 Short Rods of Recall
i) 2 Lead-Plated Rods of Detection
j) The Double Chain Mail of Ares the Warrior God (-2) [16,+19] (+3)
k) The Plate Armour of Naberius the Demon (+15,+15) [25,+25]
    +1 to CON
    Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Confusion, Sound, Nexus
    Level 30, Rarity 3, 30.0 lbs, 50000 Gold

l) The Robe of Saint Michael (-1) [28,+45]
    +4 to STR, DEX, CON, Speed
    Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Fear, Dark
    Fiery Aura; See Invisible
    Activates for heal (777), curing and heroism every 300 turns
    Level 40, Rarity 3, 2.0 lbs, 135000 Gold

m) The Cloak of Draebor [1,+12]
    +2 to INT, WIS, Stealth
    Resist Acid, Dark
    Activates for confusion ball (200) radius 5 and blink
    Level 5, Rarity 45, 1.0 lbs, 13000 Gold

n) The Shield of Saint Michael [3,+25]
    +4 to STR, CON
    Immunity to Acid
    Resist Sound, Nexus, Chaos
    Free Action
    Level 30, Rarity 6, 6.5 lbs, 60000 Gold

o) The Lead Crown of the Seventh Day [0,+0]
    +125 to All stats, Infravision
    Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light, Dark, Confusion, 
    See Invisible; ESP; Permanent Light(1); Permanently Cursed
    Level 100, Rarity 1, 2.0 lbs, 10000000 Gold

p) The Scimitar 'Soulsword' (2d5) (+9,+11)
    +2 to INT, WIS, Attacks
    Slay Animal, Evil, Undead, Demon, Dragon
    Resist Nether, Nexus, Chaos, Disenchantment
    Hold Life; See Invisible; Slow Digestion; Blessed Blade
    Level 20, Rarity 8, 13.0 lbs, 111111 Gold

q) The Bastard Sword of the Wailing Tree (5d4) (-20,+20)
    +5 to CON
    Slay Evil, Demon, XAngel, Xdragon
    Resist Disenchantment
    Aggravates; Heavily Cursed
    Level 30, Rarity 15, 14.0 lbs, 100000 Gold

r) The Executioner's Sword of Uriel (4d5) (+18,+19)
    Slay Evil, Undead, Demon, XAngel, Giant, Dragon
    Poisoned; Very sharp
    Fiery Aura; See Invisible
    Level 40, Rarity 15, 26.0 lbs, 111000 Gold

s) The Mighty Hammer of Abaddon, Destroyer of the Apocalypse (9d9) (+5,+25)
    Slay Animal, Evil, Undead, Demon, Xdragon
    Earthquake impact on hit
    Resist Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold
    Anti-Magic; See Invisible; ESP; Aggravates
    Level 100, Rarity 1, 100.0 lbs, 500000 Gold

t) The Assassin's Bow (x4) (+20,+22)
    +3 to DEX, Stealth
    Resist Light, Disenchantment
    +1 Extra Shot
    Level 40, Rarity 20, 4.0 lbs, 35000 Gold

u) 33 Arrows of Holy Fire (2d4) (+5,+7)
v) 15 Seeker Arrows of Hurt Evil (4d4) (+19,+9)
w) 17 Seeker Arrows of Holy Fire (5d4) (+12,+8)

  [Last Ten Messages]

You have The Plate Armour of Naberius the Demon (+15,+15) [25,+25] (+1)
{special} (j).
You were wearing The Robe of Saint Raphael (-1) [28,+45] (+2) {special} (j).
You are wearing The Plate Armour of Naberius the Demon (+15,+15) [25,+25] (+1)
{special} (g).
You were wearing The Plate Armour of Naberius the Demon (+15,+15) [25,+25] (+1)
{special} (j).
You are wearing The Robe of Saint Raphael (-1) [28,+45] (+2) {special} (g).
You have The Double Chain Mail of Ares the Warrior God (-2) [16,+19] (+3) (j).
You have The Robe of Saint Michael (-1) [28,+45] (+4 to movement speed)
(charging) {un} (l).
You have The Shield of Saint Michael [3,+25] (+4) {special} (n).
You cannot carry that many different items.
Character dump successful.

Posted on 20.8.2012 19:13
Last updated on 28.8.2012 09:38

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On 20.8.2012 19:13 Roch wrote:
Found a nice +3 attack sword and a damage ring, so melee goes well. Does it pay to track down all the uniques on the early levels, or is it o.k. to skip many of them? Also, when if ever does the home open up?

On 20.8.2012 19:26 myshkin wrote:
It doesn't hurt to skip the early uniques, although many of them have DROP_GREAT, and drops get much stingier in the midgame.

The home opens up when you have a little over 30k gold to give to one of the + stores on the left side of the town map.

On 23.8.2012 07:20 Roch wrote:
Big boots drop, luck with damage rings, and a good fallen angel bane swap are keeping me in the game, though not worrying about kill count.

On 23.8.2012 15:22 debo wrote:
lol artifacts in this game are so OP -- I looked at the artifacts file and was like O_O

On 23.8.2012 18:16 Roch wrote:
Yes, but I have a feeling the late game is going to make up for it.

On 24.8.2012 09:07 Roch wrote:
Not sure about the shield trade of reflection for acid immunity, but we'll see how it goes.

On 26.8.2012 11:07 Roch wrote:
Found an interesting mace of disruption +3 attacks, but I'm not strong enough to wield it :-(
The Glaive of Pain gives 108d6 + 1124 but Uriel has nice slays and protects against Lucifer's curse, so that's what I'm using.

On 26.8.2012 22:14 myshkin wrote:
Your equipment is so much better than mine...granted, you've killed nearly 2.5x as many enemies. :)

On 27.8.2012 09:05 Roch wrote:
Beelzebub down, speed up to +36 unhasted.

On 27.8.2012 16:40 ewan wrote:
15 blows; ouch.

On 27.8.2012 19:51 myshkin wrote:
Well, he is wielding Pain, Death, and Terror.

On 27.8.2012 19:51 myshkin wrote:
Er, she.

On 28.8.2012 04:18 ewan wrote:
Yes - apparently I 'found' Terror Mask sometime early on, but I must have been fleeing because I don't recall ever seeing it. Nor did I see a single Attacks ring :).

On 28.8.2012 09:28 Roch wrote:
Lilith wasn't bad, but Lucifer was the real deal. My first attempt without sustains and while full was going nowhere so I bailed. I changed to the shield of Ages for sustains, burned of the hunger counter, and went back to try again. Hasted to +41, I wasn't steadily wearing him down, ignoring summons and quaffing when needed. It seemed like he got extra hits in when I quaffed while adjacent, so I took phase doors to gain a little room to heal, then back at it. I had plenty of consumables, so in the end I prevailed.

On 28.8.2012 09:30 Roch wrote:
Should be ". . . *was* steadily wearing him down"

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