The Angband Ladder: clouded, Noldor Finarfin no-class by clouded

  [Sil 1.1.0 Character Dump]

 Name   clouded       Age    3,971       Str   0
 Sex    Female        Height    6'       Dex   4
 Race   Noldor        Weight   151       Con   4 =  3  +1
 House  Finarfin                         Gra   7 =  6  +1

 Game Turn    5,860   Melee   (+2,1d1)   Melee        2 =  0  +4  -2
 Exp Pool     2,283   Bows    (+3,0d0)   Archery      3 =  0  +4  -2  +1
 Total Exp   32,683   Armor  [+13,2-9]   Evasion     13 =  7  +4  +2
 Burden        45.6                      Stealth     18 = 14  +4
 Max Burden   100.0   Health     -4:41   Perception  17 =  8  +7  +1  +1
 Depth         750'   Voice      71:71   Will         7 =  0  +7
 Min Depth     300'                      Smithing     7 =  0  +7
 Light Radius     0                      Song        17 = 10  +7

 You are one of two children of a warrior from the house of Finarfin.
 You have light grey eyes, straight golden hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> You see a Clear Potion of Miruvor.
> You have 2 Clear Potions of Miruvor (f).
> You see a Flask of oil.
> You have picked the lock.
> The Cat warrior goes up the stairs.
> The Cat warrior goes down the stairs. <3x>
> There is a wall in the way!
> Your vision clouds for a moment.
> You have no more Sparkling Blue Potions of Blindness (q).
> You were holding a Feanorian Lamp of True Sight (r).
> You were wielding a Broken Sword of Nargothrond (-2,1d5) (s).
> It claws you!
> It claws you.
> It claws you!
> You die.




a) (nothing)
b) (nothing)
c) a Ruby Ring of Evasion [+1]
d) a Bloodstone Ring of Perception <+1>
   It improves your perception by 1.  
e) a Crystal Amulet of Grace <+1>
   It increases your grace by 1.  It sustains your grace.  
f) (nothing)
g) The Robe of Idril Celebrindal
   It grants you great speed.  It cannot be harmed by the
h) a Cloak [+1]
i) The Kite Shield of Fingolfin (-2) [+0,1d8] <+1>
   It increases your constitution by 1.  It provides resistance
   to fear.  It sustains your constitution.  It cannot be harmed
   by the elements.  
j) (nothing)
k) (nothing)
l) a Pair of Boots of Softest Tread [+0,1d1] <+1>
   It improves your stealth by 1.  
m) (nothing)
n) (nothing)


a) 4 Pale Herbs of Rage
b) 2 Mottled Herbs of Sustenance
c) a Thorny Herb of Terror
d) a Piece of Dark Bread
e) 3 Fragments of Lembas
f) 2 Clear Potions of Miruvor
g) 3 Murky Brown Potions of Orcish Liquor
h) 3 Dark Potions of Healing
i) 2 Dark Green Potions of Voice
j) 3 Yellow Potions of True Sight
k) 2 Green Potions of Slow Poison
l) 3 Grey Potions of Quickness
m) a Smoky Potion of Elemental Resistance
n) 3 Crimson Potions of Strength
o) a Shimmering Potion of Dexterity
p) 4 Sky Blue Potions of Grace
q) a Brass Trumpet of Blasting
r) a Feanorian Lamp of True Sight
   It provides resistance to blindness and hallucination.  It
   grants you the ability to see invisible creatures.  
s) a Broken Sword of Nargothrond (-2,1d5) 1.6 lb
   It slays dragons and raukar.  
t) a Shovel (-3,2d2) <+1> 6.6 lb
   It improves your tunneling by 1.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  
u) The Longbow 'Belthronding' (+1,1d11) [-1] <+1> 3.0 lb
   It improves your perception by 1.  It cannot be harmed by the
   elements.  It can shoot arrows 16 squares (with your current


clouded of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 13 Oct 2012

    Turn     Depth    Note

       6    100 ft    (Keen Senses)
       6    100 ft    (Listen)
     435    250 ft    (Disguise)
   1,924    500 ft    (Dodging)
   1,924    500 ft    (Sprinting)
   2,787    550 ft    (Exchange Places)
   3,155    600 ft    (Lore-Keeper)
   3,155    600 ft    (Lore-Master)
   3,255    700 ft    (Song of Silence)
   3,530    750 ft    Found The Longbow 'Belthronding'
   4,118    750 ft    Found The Robe of Idril Celebrindal
   5,001    850 ft    Found The Kite Shield of Fingolfin
   5,259    800 ft    (Vanish)

   5,860    750 ft    Slain by a Grotesque.
   5,860    750 ft    Died on 13 October 2012.

  ['Score' 015094140]

Posted on 13.10.2012 16:37

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On 13.10.2012 16:37 clouded wrote:
Bit of fun. (What I assume is) The first Grotesque death!

On 13.10.2012 18:19 Psi wrote:
Eh?! How did you manage that? Were you hallucinating or do they attack if you can't see them etc

On 13.10.2012 18:19 debo wrote:
And here I thought I was the only person who ever got bitten by one :)

On 13.10.2012 19:24 Scatha wrote:
They move and attack only when you can't see them.

Inspiration taken from the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who.

On 13.10.2012 22:27 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
I didn't know that Grotesque actually DO attack. Now, I know. :)

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