The Angband Ladder: Desdemona, Human Spellsword by buzzkill

  [Halls of Mist 1.3.1 Character Dump]

 Name   Desdemona     Level        29/29           CB  Base  RB  EB  Stat
 Sex    Female        Cur Exp     272016     STR: (+2)  16   +0  +0   16
 Race   Human         Max Exp     272016     MEM: (+1)  11   +0  +2   13
 Class  Spellsword    Cur Depth       37     WIS: (-3)   9   +0  +7   16
 Title  Knight-Mage   Min Depth       36     DEX: (+0)  13   +0  +0   13
 Deity  None          Gold          3367     CON: (+0)  17   +0  +0   17
                                             PRE: (+1)   4   +1  +4    9
 Wounds Vigor & Wit   Infra    0 squares
 Hits    -455 / 325   Spells   7 squares
 Mana     339 / 480
 identify   2 /   2   Burden   108.4/114                Fighting       33 (+10)
 recover    2 /   2   Armor     [13,+43]                Shooting       30 (+19)
                      Blows       2/turn                Throwing       25 (+7)
                      Melee Damage   3d7                Magic Device       51%
                      Shots       1/turn                Saving Throw       43%
                      Thrown Damage   2*
                                                        Stealth            Bad
 You are one of several children of a Serf.  You are a  Perception         62%
 credit to the family.  You have blue-gray eyes,        Jumping            47%
 straight black hair, and a dark complexion.            Alchemy            37%
                                                        Navigation         47%

  [Resists & Abilities]

  No  Blind:..............  Telepathy:..............      Speed:..............
  Free Actn:..+...........  See Invis:..............       Mana:..............
  Hold Life:........+.....  Invisible:..............     Health:..............
    Bravery:.......+......       Luck:..............   Spl. Dur:..............
  No Dsease:..............    Stealth:..............   Spl. Dam:..............
    No Stun:..............    Jumping:..............   Spl. Inf:..............
  No Poison:..............   Percptn.:...+..........      Taint:..............
     No Cut:..............  Infra-vsn:..............    Disrupt:..............
    No Conf:.......+.+....     Ambush:..............  Drn Items:..............
      Regen:..............      Blows:..............    Drn Exp:..............
  Fthr Fall:..............  Msl Range:..............   Teleport:..............
      Light:.....*........  Mgt Throw:..............  Aggravate:..............

  Acid :46% ......+.....+.  Dises:17% ............+.  Nethr:7%  ............+.
  Elec :15% ............+.  Light:8%  ............+.  Chaos:8%  ............+.
  Fire :50% ............++  Dark :8%  ............+.  Disen:20% ........+.....
  Cold :41% ............++  Sound:8%  ............+.  Time :25% .......+......
  Water:33% ........+...+.  Shard:8%  ............+.
  Poisn:17% ............+.  Nexus:7%  ............+.
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
            \}=="~(()]]               \}=="~(()]]               \}=="~(()]]

  [Last Messages]

> It blinks away.
> You feel righteous!
> You feel safe from evil!
> You feel more resistant to fire!
> You feel more resistant to cold!
> You have 8 charges remaining.
> It magically creates natural creatures out of the mist.
> The Light hound breathes light.
> You are blind!
> It blinks away.
> It breathes.
> You are hit by poison!
> You suffer a nasty internal wound!
> You die.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Three-Piece-Staff (+6, 3d7)
   It was dropped by Golfimbul, the hill orc chief on dungeon level 13.
b) a Long Bow of Distance (+12, x5, 15)
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 20.
c) a Ring of Free Action
d) a Ring of Perception (+4)
e) an Amulet of Memory (+2)
f) a Torch of Wisdom <2477> (+3 wis)
g) Soft Leather Armor of Resist Acid [4,+4]
   It was dropped by a Highborn illusionist on dungeon level 22.
h) a Cloak of Kings [1,+14] (+1)
   It increases resistances: +25% time.  
   It was found in a closet on dungeon level 29.
i) a Large Metal Shield of Preservation [5,+9]
   It increases resistances: +25% water.  
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 31.
j) The Metal Cap of Thengel [2,+7] (+3)
   It was dropped by a Young green dragon on dungeon level 28.
k) a Set of Leather Gloves of Accuracy [1,+3] (+3)
   It was bought in a store.
l) (nothing)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Esoteric Energies] {50% off}
b) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Sorcerous Adjurations] {10% off}
c) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Blaze of Thaumaturgy] {40% off}
d) a Book of Magic Spells [Evocations of Power] {50% off}
e) a Book of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes]
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 37.
f) 9 Mushrooms of Clear Mind
g) 6 Powder vials of Transforming {10% off}
h) 2 Powder vials of Burning
i) 10 Powder vials of Freezing
j) 2 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {10% off}
k) a Potion of Restore Mana
l) 12 Scrolls of Phase Door {10% off}
m) 3 Scrolls of Teleport Level
n) a Rod of Detection (charging)
o) 2 Talismans of Frost Bolts
p) a Wand of Slow Monster (1 charge)
q) a Wand of Transference (16 charges)
r) a Staff of Eden (8 charges)
s) a Staff of Teleportation (2 charges)
t) a Ring of Resist Fire and Cold
u) an Amulet of Fortune
v) a Torch of Wisdom <4000> (+3 wis)
w) 8 Tough Arrows of Slay Faery (+10, 1d5, -2)
   They were found in a closet on dungeon level 34.

  [Home Inventory]

a) a Mushroom of Cure Confusion
b) a Mushroom of Restore Strength
c) 10 Powder vials of Confusing
d) 6 Powder vials of Calming
e) 17 Powder vials of Ghost-Dark
f) a Powder vial of Incineration
g) 2 Potions of Disease
h) 5 Potions of Lose Life Levels
i) 2 Potions of Contemplation
j) a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
k) a Talisman of Lightning Bolts
l) a Staff of Light (13 charges)
m) a Ring of Mighty Throw
   It was dropped by Ufthak of Cirith Ungol on dungeon level 11.
n) a Ring of Resist Acid and Electricity
o) a Ring of Perception (+1)
p) an Amulet of Protection from Aether
q) an Amulet of Infravision (+3)
r) 3 Enchanted Torches <3000>
s) a Fur Cloak of Ambush [2,+3] (+3)
   It was found in a closet on dungeon level 24.
t) a Small Metal Shield of Night and Day [3,+8]
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 16.
u) a Set of Silk Gloves of Accuracy [0,+5] (+1)
   It was dropped by an Experienced highborn mage on dungeon level 34.
v) a Scythe of Shocking (+6, 3d4)
   It was dropped by an Upper-class mage on dungeon level 34.
w) a Bone Quarterstaff (+5, 1d7)

  [Discarded/Sold Artifacts]

No artifacts have been discarded or sold


Elnora                               has been killed on level 23 
Mughash the kobold lord              has been killed on level 8 
Whiskers the Rebel                   has been killed on level 5 
Golfimbul, the hill orc chief        has been killed on level 13 
Ufthak of Cirith Ungol               has been killed on level 11 
Ulfast, son of Ulfang                has been killed on level 23 
Lugdush, the legionnaire             has been killed on level 21 
Tiktik, Sister of Frit               has been killed on level 31 
The Ghoul King                       has been killed on level 36 
Total: 9 uniques killed

  [Cheat Options]

Peek into object creation                    : no  (cheat_peek)
Peek into monster creation                   : no  (cheat_hear)
Peek into dungeon creation                   : no  (cheat_room)
Know complete monster info                   : no  (cheat_know)
Allow player to avoid death                  : no  (cheat_live)
No automatic saves upon death                : no  (cheat_no_save)
Allow access to debug mode                   : no  (cheat_debug)
Activate wizard mode                         : no  (cheat_wizard)

Posted on 24.10.2012 01:16
Last updated on 30.10.2012 22:20

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On 24.10.2012 01:24 buzzkill wrote:
Whiskers couldn't withstand the wand of wonder and was good to me with his drop. Additionally, I found two decent weapons before I ever met him. The best start to a game of Mist I've ever had.

On the down side, 2 alters on DL5 and I've got nothing I'm willing to part with.

I like the whole random spell choice. Is that a spellsword thing? Anyhow, killing what I can with melee... using spells when low on HP... clearing levels with little rest/no healing and mana to spare.

On 24.10.2012 09:58 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
Very nice weapon with the Confuse Monster spell! Not so hot otherwise, maybe.

Priests and spellswords get random spells, others get to choose.

On 24.10.2012 15:25 buzzkill wrote:
Not a breeze, but not a struggle either. Plugged my third basic resist with a little help from Mughash... also a victim of the wand of wonder. Still no bow.

On 24.10.2012 20:31 buzzkill wrote:
Well now there's a bow, not that it gets much use. Upgraded the weapon a bit. I'm beginning to wonder about not having free action.

On 25.10.2012 00:00 buzzkill wrote:
Free Action!

On 25.10.2012 03:57 buzzkill wrote:
... and now a really sweet bow that makes archery worthwhile, and at extreme distance. No wounds yet, but I've had two close calls. A vampire bat that drained a level and all my remaining mana... had to use my last scroll of teleport to get away, and subsequently Azog, who I then burned through 5 of my 6 phase doors trying to get away from (and just made it to the stairs with ~40 HP left).

On 25.10.2012 04:00 buzzkill wrote:
Incidentally, that bow came from one of Azog's treasure room. I returned after he abandoned his lair in pursuit of me. I had to hill all his cronies of course. It was kind of a PITA, glad it was worth it.

On 25.10.2012 22:59 buzzkill wrote:
... and of course now that I have ego items I have no need of, altars have become scarce. AC is getting up there and I found some grreeeeat arrows at the BM.

I've only seen one fountain this whole game, and it smelled of disease.

On 25.10.2012 23:07 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
1.3.1 does even out room styles somewhat. You'll find altars eventually.

Fountains are very rare on purpose. Shapeshifting would get old if it happened all the time, now it feels special.

On 26.10.2012 19:42 buzzkill wrote:
Arghh. I descended with great confidence but ended up with a wound. Immediately detected Azog and friends and avoided them. Later killed Elonra and Ulfast, but was KO'd by a small group of water hounds (a minor threat, or so I thought) who all breathed in unison, then picked me apart. I recovered with a severely diminished MEM which cost me knowledge of nearly all my spells. Nearly TL'd, but cooler heads prevailed, and instead stuck it out, cast top level fire bolts as never before. Eventually succeeded in clearing most of the level (except for Azog's space) after finding a potion of Restore Wit. Recalled to town and therein found my first potions of speed.

On 27.10.2012 02:13 buzzkill wrote:
I was a bit apprehensive at first (about the loss of speed), but this whole being a statue thing kicks ass... and I can pile on the shield spell if I really need to be invulnerable. I am a tank!

On 27.10.2012 07:56 buzzkill wrote:
Found my first artifact on DL28. Now I just need to *ID* it.

On 27.10.2012 10:27 buzzkill wrote:
Went toe to toe with Shelob. Found her at the end of the level and my mana was low. Her summons are annoying. Ended up brawling her on a dead end staircase. I would have beaten her too but she healed too often and I ran out of speed and mana.

On 28.10.2012 00:43 ewan wrote:
Being a statue? What am I missing? :)

On 28.10.2012 00:51 ewan wrote:
OK, just converted to Discordia, planning to convert again to Eostre and stay there.

On 28.10.2012 01:06 buzzkill wrote:
Another level cleared and nothing to show for it.

@ ewan : Statue form gives you a big boost to AC and resists at the expense of speed. If you already have a reasonably high AC it make you pretty much untouchable (though hurled curses become a problem).

On 28.10.2012 02:40 ewan wrote:
How does one adopt statue form?

Also, apologies for the misplaced comment on my religious activity :-)).

On 28.10.2012 09:32 Arjen wrote:
You drink from wells or find an active rune of change. (Those red ! in the wall)

On 28.10.2012 11:15 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
There's an awful bug when transforming into a form without some equipment slots. If there's an artifact in a slot, it gets dropped on the ground and becomes an ordinary item. Be careful!

Internal help on Your Character -> Shapeshifting gives away the different species and their abilities.

On 28.10.2012 11:21 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
Hey, my Rinaldo is wielding a Three-Piece-Staff too. Your staff is +4, mine is +3. I got my staff on DL 4 as a lucky drop, you had to wait until DL 13. :)

On 28.10.2012 16:47 buzzkill wrote:
I had to enchant mine up from +0. It's still getting the job done thanks to the confuse monster being so cheap on mana.

On 28.10.2012 21:22 buzzkill wrote:
Lost my staff of speed to recharging and my ring of accuracy (+8) to a plasma vortex on 32 (and nearly killed by a five headed hydra of some sort). Other than that it was a very boring level... had some plants, but no tables or altars or features of any kind.

On 30.10.2012 04:14 ewan wrote:
Equipment in general is pretty rare to find anything decent, I found.

Got significantly better after dlvl 42 or so, but then the monsters get tough also. I was wearing a FA ring almost to the final battle.

On 30.10.2012 22:28 buzzkill wrote:
Oh man, I forgot about that drolem being nearby... and was temporarily blinded. Oh well, I was in over my head anyhow, just teleporting about looking for scraps, hoping to just survive.

Invisible things are a huge pain in the butt without see invisible.

In the end I was going to return to town and transition into a stealth archer... but I never made it back to town. It's not that I didn't start on an up staircase almost every level, it's just that once I left that staircase, I could never get back to it.

On 31.10.2012 03:49 ewan wrote:
No SI? Yikes. I'm amazed you survived that long - that's a tough lack.

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