The Angband Ladder: Rinaldo, Human Spellsword by ewan

  [Halls of Mist 1.3.1 Character Dump]

 Name   Rinaldo       Level        45/45           CB  Base  RB  EB  Stat
 Sex    Male          Cur Exp   18001408     STR: (+2)  12   +0  +2   14
 Race   Human         Max Exp   18001408     MEM! (+1)  20   +0  +2   22
 Class  Spellsword    Cur Depth       48     WIS: (-3)  16   +1  +3   20
 Title  ***WINNER***  Min Depth       30     DEX: (+0)  15   +0  +0   15
 Deity  Eostre        Gold          7498     CON: (+0)  12   +3  +5   20
                                             PRE: (+1)  16   +4 +12   32
 Wounds        None   Infra    0 squares
 Hits     534 / 669   Spells   19 squares
 Mana     808 /1178
 identify   2 /   2   Burden   161.8/114   Discordia    Fighting       47 (+16)
 recover    4 /   4   Armor     [34,+38]   Rng++ WIS+   Shooting       40 (+22)
 escape     5 /   6   Blows       2/turn   Eostre       Throwing       29 (+3)
                      Melee Damage  3d16   CON+++PRE+++ Magic Device       90%
                      Shots       2/turn                Saving Throw       63%
                      Thrown Damage   2*
                                                        Stealth           Fair
 You are one of several children of a Serf.  You are    Perception         54%
 the black sheep of the family.  You have brown eyes,   Jumping            72%
 wavy black hair, and a dark complexion.                Alchemy            64%
                                                        Navigation         70%

  [Resists & Abilities]

  No  Blind:..............  Telepathy:.....+........      Speed:.............+
  Free Actn:..............  See Invis:..............       Mana:...+......+...
  Hold Life:..............  Invisible:..............     Health:........+.....
    Bravery:..............       Luck:..............   Spl. Dur:..............
  No Dsease:..............    Stealth:.......+......   Spl. Dam:..............
    No Stun:..............    Jumping:...........+..   Spl. Inf:..............
  No Poison:..............   Percptn.:..............      Taint:..............
     No Cut:..............  Infra-vsn:..............    Disrupt:..............
    No Conf:..............     Ambush:..............  Drn Items:..............
      Regen:..............      Blows:..............    Drn Exp:..............
  Fthr Fall:..............  Msl Range:..............   Teleport:..............
      Light:.....*........  Mgt Throw:..............  Aggravate:..............

  Acid :39% ......+.....+.  Dises:53% ........+...+.  Nethr:12% ............+.
  Elec :44% ......+.....+.  Light:39% ...........++.  Chaos:14% ............+.
  Fire :48% ......+.....+.  Dark :14% ............+.  Disen:1%  ..............
  Cold :34% ......+.....+.  Sound:14% ............+.  Time :1%  ..............
  Water:14% ............+.  Shard:34% ......+.....+.  Mana :1%  ..............
  Poisn:53% ........+...+.  Nexus:32% ......+.....+.
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
            \}=="~[()]]]              \}=="~[()]]]              \}=="~[()]]]

  [Character Equipment]

a) an Emerald War Hammer of Slay Animal (+15, 3d16) (+2 mem)
   It was dropped by Lorgan, chief of the Easterlings on dungeon level 32.
b) a Hunting Bow of the Haradrim (+19, x4, 10) (+1 shot)
   It was dropped by a Spirit drake on dungeon level 44.
c) a Ruby Ring of Constitution (+5)
d) a Tortoise Shell Ring of Mana (+2)
e) a Ruby Amulet of Presence (+3)
f) a Cedar Torch of Telepathy <3432>
g) The Chain Mail of Arvedui [15,+10] (+2)
   It was dropped by a Stone troll on dungeon level 25.
h) an Elven Cloak of Stealth [3,+4] (+3)
   It was found in a closet on dungeon level 33.
i) a Kite Shield of Perfect Health [7,+6] (+2)
   It was dropped by a Lesser balrog on dungeon level 44.
j) The Metal Cap of Thengel [2,+7] (+3)
   It was dropped by a Human beastmaster on dungeon level 48.
k) The Set of Silk Gloves of Raal [5,+5] (+4 mana)
   It was dropped by The Thin White Duke on dungeon level 48.
l) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of the Fay [2,+4] (+4)
   It increases resistances: +25% light.  
   It was dropped by Whiskers the Rebel on dungeon level 6.

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Books of Magic Spells [Esoteric Energies] {90% off}
b) 3 Books of Magic Spells [Sorcerous Adjurations] {10% off}
c) 3 Books of Magic Spells [Blaze of Thaumaturgy]
d) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Evocations of Power] {25% off}
e) a Book of Magic Spells [Resistance of Scarabtarices]
f) a Book of Magic Spells [Mordenkainen's Escapes]
   It was dropped by Golfimbul, the hill orc chief on dungeon level 22.
g) 12 Viscous Pink Potions of Heroism {25% off}
h) an Azure Potion of Cure Critical Wounds {50% off}
i) 8 Coagulated Crimson Potions of Restore Life Levels {75% off}
j) a Scroll titled "sanorn batrog" of Recharging
k) 2 Mithril-Plated Rods of Detection
   They were dropped by Angamaite of Umbar on dungeon level 28.
l) 2 Iron Rods of Healing
   They were dropped by a Demilich on dungeon level 47.
m) a Bear Talisman of Force Bolts
n) a Dogwood Staff of the Magi (3 charges)
   It was found in a closet on dungeon level 47.
o) a Banyan Staff of Speed (6 charges)
p) 3 Teak Torches of Brightness <4000>
q) 2 Cedar Torches of Telepathy <4000>
r) The Steel Helm of Hammerhand [4,+10] (+3)
   It was found in a rack on dungeon level 32.
s) a Ball-and-Chain of Slay Undead (+11, 3d11) (+1 wis)
   It was dropped by The Queen Ant on dungeon level 28.
t) 20 Flight Arrows of Slay Evil (+8, 1d4, +6)
   They were dropped by Smaug the Golden on dungeon level 47.
u) 6 Silver-Tipped Arrows of Slay Undead (+9, 1d7, +0)
   They were dropped by Ulwarth, son of Ulfang on dungeon level 34.
v) 7 Silver-Tipped Arrows of Slay Dragon (+9, 1d7, +0)
   They were dropped by an Ancient gold dragon on dungeon level 45.
w) 2 Iron-Tipped Arrows of Frost (+9, 1d7, +0)
   They were dropped by a Brassclaw orc on dungeon level 34.

  [Home Inventory]

a) a Book of Magic Spells [The Lore of the Hunter]
b) an Ancient tome
   It was dropped by a Lesser balrog on dungeon level 44.
c) a Scroll titled "wah tox soum o" of *Identify*
d) a Bronze Amulet of Power (+2)
   It was dropped by Ugluk, the legionnaire on dungeon level 28.
e) a Volgue of Freezing (+10, 5d10)
   It was found in a rack on dungeon level 45.

  [Discarded/Sold Artifacts]

No artifacts have been discarded or sold


Elnora                               has been killed on level 47 
Brodda, the Easterling               has been killed on level 3 
Whiskers the Rebel                   has been killed on level 6 
Golfimbul, the hill orc chief        has been killed on level 22 
Ocypete                              has been killed on level 22 
Ufthak of Cirith Ungol               has been killed on level 16 
Nod, the goblin assassin             has been killed on level 45 
Gorbag, the Orc Captain              has been killed on level 19 
Ugluk, the legionnaire               has been killed on level 28 
Bolg, son of Azog                    has been killed on level 34 
Lugdush, the legionnaire             has been killed on level 30 
Jenny Greenteeth                     has been killed on level 22 
Sangahyando of Umbar                 has been killed on level 39 
Angamaite of Umbar                   has been killed on level 28 
Tiktik, Sister of Frit               has been killed on level 39 
Ulwarth, son of Ulfang               has been killed on level 34 
Beorn, the Shape-Changer             has been killed on level 32 
Uldor the Accursed                   has been killed on level 39 
Scuttle                              has been killed on level 45 
The Ghoul King                       has been killed on level 28 
Shelob, Spider of Darkness           has been killed on level 33 
Ulfang the Black                     has been killed on level 33 
Bill the stone troll                 has been killed on level 33 
Lorgan, chief of the Easterlings     has been killed on level 32 
The Queen Ant                        has been killed on level 28 
Uvatha the Horseman                  has been killed on level 36 
Medusa, the Gorgon                   has been killed on level 44 
Adunaphel the Quiet                  has been killed on level 47 
Akhorahil the Blind                  has been killed on level 45 
Smaug the Golden                     has been killed on level 47 
The Thin White Duke                  has been killed on level 48 
Total: 31 uniques killed

  [Cheat Options]

Peek into object creation                    : no  (cheat_peek)
Peek into monster creation                   : no  (cheat_hear)
Peek into dungeon creation                   : no  (cheat_room)
Know complete monster info                   : no  (cheat_know)
Allow player to avoid death                  : no  (cheat_live)
No automatic saves upon death                : no  (cheat_no_save)
Allow access to debug mode                   : no  (cheat_debug)
Activate wizard mode                         : no  (cheat_wizard)

Posted on 2.11.2012 16:18
Last updated on 2.11.2012 22:33

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On 2.11.2012 16:18 ewan wrote:
Going the more spell-based /device-based (although not much of that really) route. Also trying to see how fast one can actually dive. I have two sources of SI right now, but still none of FA despite constant searching; requires very, very close attention to make sure that there's as little risk of paralysis as possible. Lots of teleporting away and trying to hit potential dangers very hard, very fast. So that is what's going to kill me, I think. Offensive power is just fine; I honestly think that I could kill the TWD now, and it might be worth it to try just for the score modifier! :-P

On 2.11.2012 20:45 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
So it's not just luck? Going for a hat trick, are you?

The multiplier is BIG.

On 2.11.2012 20:53 ewan wrote:
Well, a fair amount of luck, I suspect. Also use of spoilers to see where paralysis danger exists.

I'm at dlvl47; I think I'll run through it a couple of times (assuming staircases exist) and then give up and go hunting even without FA.

On 2.11.2012 20:53 ewan wrote:
And no, probably not a third; too much of the same thing.

On 2.11.2012 21:24 ewan wrote:
Incidentally, even with PRE up to 26, fail rate on e.g. a rod of healing is still 85%..

On 2.11.2012 22:33 ewan wrote:
OK, I think there may be some balance issues here. Honestly, i don't think that I *should* have been able to win like this: never finding FA, eventually giving up and just teleporting away any monster that might paralyze, and relying on (i) Absorb Hit, (ii) Mana Ray for tough enemies, and (iii) a Staff of the Magi for effectively unlimited mana at the end.

I killed the TWD at clvl 35 or 36, and he's apparently worth a zillion xp so i gained 9 or 10 levels from that kill; he's just not tough. Even with foreknowlesge and building a char specifically designed to take him down.. I dunno, it seems wrong.

Other than the gloves dropped by the TWD, I found I think just 4 artifacts: Arvedui early on, and 3 hats (Hammerhand, Holhenneth, Thengel) towards the end. Never did find a decent melee weapon that I could wield; but didn't seem to be an issue.

So anyway: a second comp winner, but I don't think it proves much other than (i) I can retain focus sufficiently not to die of paralysis during a game, and (ii) the end boss is a pushover. [We fought in an area I'd just earthquaked, so no summoning; then he fled, I caught him and lured him into a second earthquake area, finito.

On 3.11.2012 02:19 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
Congrats again!!! :)

Exp = Score in Mist. That's why you got a zillion xp. Your multiplier for fast win got turned into XP.

Balance problems are to be expected at this stage. But I think it's more a problem with Spellswords than the game as a whole. People have mostly been playing non-spellcasters before the comp, and they are quite difficult, requiring lots of luck to win.

Absorb Hit clearly needs to go. And I hadn't considered Staff of Magi with Ironband mana at all, so that's another thing that will get seriously nerfed...

Is Earthquake a fun spell? Maybe it should be removed, too. It's an exception in Mist, where battleground manipulation is otherwise almost nonexistant.

Spellswords have always been the most powerful class in Ey/Fay/Mist. Despite all my nerfing, like making them really bad at many skills, they're still absurdly good. They are probably even better with Ironband mana. Ironband had very similar balance problems with characters that are good at both fighting and magic: you can save all your mana for tough fights. Ironband mana is notoriously difficult to balance. (This is based on some threads on Ironband here on oook.)

The Duke is essentially a summoner. I just made all summoners much worse in 1.3.0 by making the summoned creatures mist phantasms. I think The Duke is now weaker than what he used to be.

I actually think it's a good thing that the game can be won without Free Action. I don't want filling resistance holes to be as big part of the game as in Angband.

Mist is very much in flux at the moment. Everything will change: weapons, the combat system, the magic device skill, the stats, you name it... Your findings are very valuable for future development. Don't expect the next version to be a pushover, even with Spellswords. :)

On 3.11.2012 02:56 ewan wrote:
Yes, the 'mana when you need it' approach is dead on and it's why Absorb Hit is so good (and so cheap!): it makes mob fights a nonissue so I stand on a table and just keep swinging.

Melee weapons - and most kit in general - were still an issue; another plus to having spells as the highest-damage option.

Some of the potentially-cool stuff is too obscure to ever be seen, currently. The ancient tome, for instance; but this may be fixed if *ID* is made possible. I think that the variety and danger of monsters is about right, probably.

Of the stuff that your reaction is 'has to go' - Absorb Hit should probably just be a LOT more mana-costly. Magi staff should probably be like a potion of restore mana rather than a full refill. Earthquake is OK, I think, but the Duke needs serious buffing if he's supposed to be a threat.

The resistance balance is probably also good: it's deadly in some cases to be caught out - based on what happened to me when I *did* resist e.g. drolem breath or Smaug! - but it's not an overwhelming concern in general. FA and SI are I think too rare, especially the former - SI comes on Undead weapons, of which I saw at least a couple, but I never saw a *single* source of FA and that feels too much of a burden to be normal.

On 3.11.2012 03:09 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
How about making paralysis less dangerous instead of making FA more common?

When you won last time, I suggested quintupling the mana cost of Absorb Hit. :) And yea, Magi staff should work like just like restore mana.

*ID* is possible in the current version, you just need a Circle of Knowledge and one successful Alchemy check.

I think the game is still too long at 48 dungeon levels. I'm going to try concentrating the dungeon to 30 levels.

On 3.11.2012 03:38 ewan wrote:
I know that *ID* is in theory possible; I even managed it. Once. With a spellcaster char, that seems off to me - pushes people to play w/ spoilers.

[The good powders are never sold in the town store, I assume by design; so *ID* requires having the right powder, passing the check to make a circle, then passing *another* check to get the *ID*. My Alchemy fail rate was _well_ over 50%, despite pretty high mental stats.]

On 3.11.2012 04:25 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
Powders of Burning are sold in the store, and Blinding Flash is very common and cheap. I tend to get Circles of Knowledge often and they are very helpful. Two tries at, say, 40% is 74%. I'd say *Id* is more common than in Angband but I may be wrong.

Arjen's winner got great use from dungeon book rituals and actually managed to win because of them. This particular issue may be more about your playstyle than game balance.

On 3.11.2012 04:46 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
My characters usually carry a stack of blinding powders, let's say 8; they're very common. Usually when you find a circle, you find more than one. With even a 30% in Alchemy you have a very good chance of producing one Circle of Knowledge before you run out of powders or circles on the level. "Accidentally" producing a Circle of Lifeforce in the process is often very useful, too.

Maybe you just don't carry enough powders?

On 3.11.2012 04:55 ewan wrote:
Could be, sure. I found that I needed every last ID point for regular ID for most of the game - an early Desdemona died to use-ID of Curse Equipment, and another got crippled by a deformity potion, so the risks were known to be too high to go with use-ID. By the time I might have been able to spare ID points, I didn't have inventory slots I was willing to spend on powders. Happy to believe that the problem on this one is me :).

I *did* put some effort into collecting the memory- and wisdom-ritual books and constructing one Recall circle for them, which worked fine to max MEM.

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