The Angband Ladder: Edaneluth, Noldor Fingolfin no-class by taptap

  [Sil 1.1.1 Character Dump]

 Name   Edaneluth     Age    2,217       Str   2
 Sex    Male          Height  6'10       Dex   6 =  4  +1      +1
 Race   Noldor        Weight   168       Con   4
 House  Fingolfin                        Gra   5 =  4  +1

 Game Turn   23,442   Melee  (+25,2d7)   Melee       25 = 17  +6  +1  +1
 Exp Pool     3,045   Bows   (+10,1d8)   Archery     10 =  3  +6      +1
 Total Exp   67,045   Armor [+26,6-17]   Evasion     26 = 14  +6  +6
 Burden        93.5                      Stealth     20 = 11  +6  +3
 Max Burden   144.0   Health      0:41   Perception  21 = 10  +5  +6
 Depth         900'   Voice      49:49   Will        15 =  7  +5  +2  +1
 Min Depth     850'                      Smithing    13 =  8  +5
 Light Radius     5                      Song        13 =  6  +5  +2

 You are the only child of a bard from the house of Fingolfin. You have
 light grey eyes, straight brown hair, and a fair complexion.

  [Last Messages]

> Tevildo, Prince of Cats cowers.
> You have 4 charges remaining.
> Tevildo, Prince of Cats misses you.
> Tevildo, Prince of Cats cowers.
> You have 3 charges remaining.
> Tevildo, Prince of Cats flees in terror!
> Tevildo, Prince of Cats moves away from you.
> You miss Tevildo, Prince of Cats.
> Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo claws you...
> *** LOW HITPOINT WARNING! *** <2x>
> You are too full to drink it.
> You die.




a) The Longsword 'Glamdring' (+2,2d5) [+2] <+2> 3.3 lb
   It improves your will by 2.  It slays orcs, trolls, dragons, 
   and raukar.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
b) The Shortbow 'Death's Sting' (+1,1d7) 1.0 lb
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  It grants you the
   ability: Crippling Shot.  It can shoot arrows 12 squares
   (with your current strength).
c) a Turquoise Ring of Perception <+4>
   It improves your perception by 4.  
d) a Moonstone Ring of Dexterity <+1>
   It increases your dexterity by 1.  It sustains your dexterity.
e) an Ivory Amulet of the Blessed Realm <+1>
   It increases your grace by 1.  It sustains your grace.  It 
   lights the dungeon around you.  
f) a Feanorian Lamp
g) The Leather Armour of Edaneluth [+0,1d4]
   It grants you freedom of movement.  It cannot be harmed by
   the elements.  
h) a Cloak of Stealth [+2] <+2>
   It improves your stealth by 2.  
i) a Mithril Shield (-1) [+0,1d6]
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
j) The Mithril Helm of Ecthelion (+1) [-1,1d3] <+2>
   It improves your song by 2.  It provides resistance to fire 
   and fear.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  It grants
   you the ability: Song of Staying.  
k) a Set of Gauntlets of Swordplay (-1) [+0,1d1]
   It grants you the ability: Parry.  
l) The Pair of Boots of Taur-nu-Fuin [+1,1d1] <+2>
   It improves your stealth and perception by 2.  It cannot be
   harmed by the elements.  It grants you the ability: Master
m) 85 Arrows
   They can be shot 12 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 36 Arrows (+3)
   They can be shot 12 squares (with your current strength and bow).


a) 10 Grey Herbs of Rage
b) 6 Mottled Herbs of Healing
c) a Pale Green Herb of Restoration
d) 3 Fragments of Lembas
e) a Clear Potion of Miruvor
f) 5 Dark Potions of Healing
g) 2 Vermilion Potions of Voice
h) 7 Dark Green Potions of Quickness
i) 2 Milky White Potions of Elemental Resistance
j) a Yellow Potion of Strength
k) 4 Azure Potions of Dexterity
l) 3 Golden Potions of Constitution
m) 7 Violet Potions of Grace
n) a Yew Staff of Understanding (2 charges)
o) a Willow Staff of Revelations (2 charges)
p) an Aspen Staff of Majesty (3 charges)
q) a Brass Lantern of True Sight (with 6732 turns of light)
   It provides resistance to blindness and hallucination.  It
   grants you the ability to see invisible creatures.  
r) The Cloak of Maglor [+1] <+2>
   It improves your song by 2.  It cannot be harmed by the
   elements.  It grants you the ability: Unwavering Voice.  
s) The Longsword 'Orcrist' (+2,2d5) [+2] <+2> 3.3 lb
   It improves your perception by 2.  It slays orcs and trolls.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
t) The Greatsword of Saithnar (+1,3d5) [+1] 7.0 lb
   It slays undead.  It cuts easily through armour.  It grants
   you freedom of movement and the ability to see invisible
   creatures, but it also draws wraiths to your level.  It
   cannot be harmed by the elements.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  
u) a Spear of the Vanyar (-1,1d9) <+1> 3.0 lb
   It increases your grace by 1.  It can be thrown effectively
   (5 squares) and lights the dungeon around you.  It does extra
   damage when wielded with both hands.  It counts as a type of
v) 83 Pieces of Mithril


Edaneluth of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 9 Feb 2013

    Turn     Depth    Note

       0     50 ft    (Disguise)
   3,207    250 ft    Encountered Gorgol, the Butcher
   4,540    250 ft    (Armoursmith)
   4,615    250 ft    Made Leather Armour [-1,1d4]  4.0 lb
   4,646    250 ft    Made a Pair of Boots [+0,1d1]  1.5 lb
   4,719    250 ft    Made a Helm [-1,1d2]  3.0 lb
   7,698    400 ft    Found The Longsword 'Orcrist'
   7,901    400 ft    (Finesse)
   7,901    400 ft    (Follow-Through)
   8,920    500 ft    (Opportunist)
   9,390    500 ft    Encountered Othrod, the Orc Lord
   9,453    500 ft    Slew Othrod, the Orc Lord
  10,712    500 ft    Encountered Ulfang the Black
  10,776    500 ft    Slew Ulfang the Black
  10,866    500 ft    (Inner Light)
  10,900    500 ft    Encountered Uldor, the Accursed
  10,935    500 ft    Slew Uldor, the Accursed
  11,262    500 ft    Found The Shortbow 'Death's Sting'
  11,298    600 ft    (Precision)
  11,534    600 ft    Encountered Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
  12,520    600 ft    (Jeweller)
  12,624    600 ft    Made a Golden Ring of Venom's End  0.1 lb
  12,714    600 ft    Made a Ruby Ring of Free Action  0.1 lb
  12,974    650 ft    Found The Pair of Boots of Taur-nu-Fuin
  14,194    700 ft    Encountered Umuiyan, the Doorkeeper
  15,634    700 ft    Made a Mithril Shield (-1) [+0,1d6]  2.9 lb
  16,053    750 ft    (Blocking)
  16,141    750 ft    (Vanish)
  16,186    750 ft    Found The Longbow 'Belthronding'
  16,548    750 ft    (Dexterity)
  18,123    850 ft    (Keen Senses)
  18,123    850 ft    (Listen)
  18,230    850 ft    Found The Longsword 'Glamdring'
  18,235    850 ft    Found The Greatsword of Saithnar (from 750 ft)
  18,266    850 ft    Encountered Turkano, Balrog of the Hosts
  18,490    850 ft    Encountered The Deathblade 'Delmereth'
  19,104    900 ft    Encountered Vallach, Balrog of Sudden Flame
  19,304    900 ft    Found The Mithril Helm of Ecthelion
  20,095    900 ft    (Hardiness)
  20,095    900 ft    (Poison Resistance)
  20,902    850 ft    (Focused attack)
  20,968    850 ft    Slew Umuiyan, the Doorkeeper
  21,343    900 ft    Encountered Smaug the Golden
  22,047    950 ft    Found The Cloak of Maglor
  22,320    950 ft    Encountered Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
  22,501    950 ft    (Concentration)
  22,572    950 ft    Slew Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves
  22,577    950 ft    Found The Wolf-Hame of Draugluin
  22,661    950 ft    (Artifice)
  22,865    950 ft    (Song of Aule)
  23,038    950 ft    Made The Leather Armour of Edaneluth [+0,1d4]  5.0 lb
  23,109    950 ft    Encountered Lungorthin, Lord of Balrogs
  23,157    950 ft    Encountered Ancalagon the Black
  23,237    950 ft    Encountered Dagorhir, the Elfbane
  23,308    950 ft    Slew Dagorhir, the Elfbane
  23,419    900 ft    Encountered Tevildo, Prince of Cats
  23,420    900 ft    Encountered Oikeroi, Guard of Tevildo

  23,441    900 ft    Slain by a fatal wound.
  23,441    900 ft    Died on 10 February 2013.

  ['Score' 018076558]

Posted on 9.2.2013 22:21
Last updated on 10.2.2013 20:31

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On 9.2.2013 22:21 taptap wrote:
Armoursmith was unplanned, but I had about no armour but a very heavy mail corslet at that point that I didn't want to wear. Wonder whether I can make it useful later when I find some gloves etc. even if this doesn't become a real smithing char.

On 10.2.2013 01:26 jdh wrote:
This is looking quite good (winnable), as long as you don't get stuck in fights you can't win.

On 10.2.2013 02:05 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Try to get Crowd Fighting AND Critical Resistance, and maybe Majesty. This way, you have reassurance you won't get stuck in fights.

On 10.2.2013 02:39 debo wrote:
If you're putting any emphasis on stealth at all, I'd disagree with you there Hugo :) Especially now that he has those boots, I'd be canning Will and going Perception all the way!

On 10.2.2013 02:41 debo wrote:
Good to see you're getting some mileage out of the minimal investment in smithing. Seems like this guy wanted to be a Feanorian!

On 10.2.2013 02:43 debo wrote:
FYI you might want to put a teeny bit more into stealth, or consider diving past the next 200' or so. Greater Werewolves and cats are likely going to cause you some problems, if they haven't already.

On 10.2.2013 02:53 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
I guess my above advice works for those who fight (as opposed to sneak) their way out.

At this time, it would be helpful to get Poison Resistance from Will or find a Ring or Armour source....because Poison attacks from Greater Werewolves, Ancient Spiders, and Ancient Emerald Serpents are very nasty...if you do get caught!

On 10.2.2013 13:48 taptap wrote:
I start to worry about lack of diggers so far... This grace+1 crown looks beautiful but I will leave it here most likely. Orcrist probably doesn't have enough damage output for the deeper floors and against high protection enemies, there is a special greatsword on this level that might be Saithnar I try to collect it next.

On 10.2.2013 14:02 taptap wrote:
I have no perception ability yet. Listen? And are there useful songs without big investment? Silence? Slaying? Sharpness (well might be too expensive).

On 10.2.2013 14:38 debo wrote:
Sharpness is pretty critical for killing V if that's what you're going for. Concentration is probably the best ability from the Perception tree for fighting him as well. Listen is indeed very handy as well for stealthy characters, but I've never found it to be more than a nice-to-have, personally.

I suspect you're hurting your prospects by not taking loremaster. At the deeper floors you can rack up a lot of experience in a hurry just by walking around and getting items in your LOS, which is why a lot of people say the ability "pays for itself". If you really love the ID game, though, I'm not going to stop you :)

This guy is looking good -- one thing I would do is dive to 950' more or less immediately and start using _Treasures to scum the dungeon. It's a bit scary, but very profitable :) You can do that at shallower depths as well, but even with high perception I find that I often fall victim to false floors :(

If you want a low-investment song to use, Silence is amazing for stealth characters, and it gives you something to do with your Voice (of which you have an awful lot of).

On 10.2.2013 15:17 Scatha wrote:
debo: Do you mean you think optimal play involves taking Loremaster? That's certainly not our intention. I find you can generally identify pretty much everything by the late game, though, with a combination of by-use and staves of understanding.

I think Listen is pretty powerful, both in letting you plan further, and also dealing well with dark-creating foes.

On 10.2.2013 16:19 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Listen is definitely good. Always useful, especially with your high perception. It can save your life if you are fighting dark creatures that your light source can't find.

Loremaster is a wonderful luxury though. I can't weigh in on the optimal play side.

For me, I would take focused attack for a free +9 to attack if I simply waited a turn. It works for both melee and archery. If I had fights that last more than 3 rounds or so, I'd tack on concentration as well.

On 10.2.2013 19:39 jdh wrote:
A mattock or trumpet of blasting would be a high priority for me at this point. You don't really have a good way to deal with Kemenrauko or Grotesques other than avoiding them right now (Listen is good for this, especially with your high perception score; Sharpness can help you kill them), unless you get lucky with earthquakes.

Almost all the songs are useful in some situation; it depends on what problem you're having. Silence and Lorien can be very useful for stealthy characters; Song of Slaying helps you ramp up your damage output; Song of Freedom can remove rubble and traps (and unlock chests and doors, but with your perception you shouldn't be having a problem with those); Song of Trees can save your life in the dark. Woven Themes with Song of Silence and something else is a great way for stealthy characters to sing quietly.

If you don't plan to take any other perception abilities, I'd probably go ahead and get Listen; it's a no-brainer for what it costs, given your perception score (unless you are in the school of killing everything anyway).

On 10.2.2013 20:31 taptap wrote:
I was purposeless hanging around 900ft. should have gone downstairs instead. I stupidly gorged myself and even more stupidly attacked the cat uniques... the combination killed me. I should be more careful.

On 10.2.2013 20:33 taptap wrote:
Couldn't resist smithing... :)

On 10.2.2013 20:39 taptap wrote:
Lone grotesques were no big problem with Saithnar, killed several of them. The smithing was a big distraction though, I should have spent the experience into something more evidently useful (or just weaponsmithing a mattock!) - but the idea to hang around 900ft. was dumb. Without the latest song and smithing investments (put free action on the armor) I could have been ready to go down and grab a shiny... but I didn't dare going down and died at 900ft instead.

On 10.2.2013 21:09 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Gotta watch for Tevildo, he is very aggressive and his hits are nasty.

On 10.2.2013 21:17 taptap wrote:
If I were not gorged I could have taken them out or at least survive... but why oh why was I waiting. It seems I am really scared of the throne room and prefer dying elsewhere :(

On 11.2.2013 06:42 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
That Mithril Helm of Ecthelion is very rare...*nice* find!

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